Israeli Inspiration

The Israeli Inspiration-following is a description of Seymour Koblin’s Education  tour to Israel

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Mogen David -Star of David in similar to the Asian Tai Chi(Yin-Yang symbol) where opposite polarities join to create unity.




A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Yin yang symbol with clouds and stars










It is such an honor for me to visit the “Holy Land†that is the true original home of Macrobiotics that George Ohsawa and so many others described with an Asian(Yin/Yang) perspective. In Michio Kushi’s Spiritual Seminars in the 1980’s that reflected on the roots of Macrobiotics, the Holy Land was a common theme of discussion. The Mogen David- Star of David is the Hebrew version of the Yin/Yang symbol represented by the united complementary opposite triangles joined as one to create unity and peace.

Introduction Evening February 26th and almost all the workshops will include some often overlooked perspectives of Macrobiotics,Yin Yang and the 5 Transformations.

“The Bigger the Backâ€, which coincides with Rosh Chodesh Adar that depicts a similar theme of “all that appears to be is not what it seems†will be a common thread that weaves its way through the workshop series I am calling “The Israeli Inspirationâ€
An example–
A client Ruth T.  A vegetarian has had chronic Lung symptoms (bronchitis and asthma for 30 years). Upon working on her with Zen-Touch Shiatsu, I got the oddest picture in my awareness of a woman walking at night, as well as a feeling in the texture of her skin that reminded me a certain food which I will reveal in a moment. I usually let these perceptions go and focus on the energy field moving through the meridian and trust if any intuitive perceptions are important, I will remember them later.
I finished the bodywork session and it was time to make recommendations.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Potatoes, a nightshade plant also (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tobacco) grow at night keeping people awake when sleep is required. They have no central energetic core which often also leads to excess upward energy. Potatoes raise blood sugar quickly and contain alkaloid substance that may cause toxicity.

At first glance (the obvious Front) it would have made “sense†to make recommendations for her lung symptoms that she was inquiring about…AND her lungs, according to touch, were actually her strongest organs.
I sat quietly for a moment and reflected on the feeling during the session. The image of her walking at night came to mind
I found myself asking, how is your sleeping? She replied that she is a “sleepwalkerâ€.  She has adapted herself to this scenario and because it is not problematic for her, didn’t even mention it to me. She was more concerned with her Lungs.
I immediately asked if she ate boiled potatoes regularly as this was the food that came to mind when sensing the quality of her skin texture. She replied that is what she practically lives on.
Being a nightshade plant as well as having other challenging characteristics and most importantly that I felt it on her skin, I asked her to stop eating them for one week to see if her symptoms got better.

She called me 3 or 4 days later saying that she has for the first time in 30 years slept through the night and has not coughed once. Along with her including typical Macrobiotic style food preparation and specific Chi exercises, I heard from her only once about a month later, saying that all symptoms have subsided and that she was free to pursue her creative life.
A lot of times the simplest recommendation when it is “spot on†makes the difference. Gotta love those moments.

Israeli Inspiration

 E-motions and Healing
Feelings/ Emotions are our most powerful source of energy. While it may take 5 -20 minutes for our blood sugar to heighten vitality after eating, one “push button†comment from an “adversary†will   boost our energy immediately. Learn a simple and very powerful technique to use e-motional energy and feelings for healing.     See anger post
Learn the specific SOURCE (organs, meridians) requiring optimization and foods as well as lifestyle practices that will create harmony/healing with E-Motions-  from within.

Communication and Relationships
Now that we know how to use feelings instead of them using us, it will become easier to communicate our feelings, needs and requests in relationship without judging any one’s actions. Our interpretative judgements of others-conscious or subconscious are perceived and is perhaps the greatest source of separation within any relationship- personal or business.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Is your communication style is more Masculine or Feminine?

Learn how your most challenging relationships are also your greatest source of healing. Remember all that appears to be is not what it seems- especially when we explore masculine and feminine communication styles.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

The mirror of relationship


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Do others reflect something inside ourself seeking resolution?


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Does an other point out a quality inside me that is looking for better balance?

Learn a simple communication tool that will help you to get your needs met while getting closer (if you want to) to even the most challenging adversary. Also, learn how to say “no†in a way that empowers you and the relationship.

Israeli Inspiration

Group Consultation: Learn how the Macrobiotic 7 levels of Dis- ease, Vitality and Consciousness lay the foundation for understanding your unique health condition on a daily basis. Discover your most vulnerable organs and their respective life lessons. Specific Foods, Remedies, Lifestyle and Exercises will take your health to a new level of vitality.


Plant the seed and watch it grow-

Do we reap what we sow ?


A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Vision training from a Yin/Yang Perspective

Vision Training– our vision is commonly the first sense to become compromised when a chronic dis-ease or extreme pattern is present in the workings of our daily body-mind-spirit. “Seeing†takes 38 times more blood flow than any other body function. When there is a compromise in a more essential organ like the heart or liver, the eyes will lend that blood flow to these more important organs.




Israeli Inspiration

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Do you know the e-motional source of your visual challenges?



Each person has a unique life condition that is reflect ed in the health of her/his eyes. Learn techniques to improve your vision that are specific to YOUR individual health condition. Also, learn to see intuitively… energy, auras, and/or the deeper images that lie beneath the obvious.





Israeli Inspiration

Energy organs. meridians and life lessons according to birth month.
There are 12 months of the year and 12 major meridians/organs that are nourished in these months. We are only in the womb for 9 of these 12 months. This means that everyone comes in to this world with challenges that are based on the  monthly 5 Elemental seasons/ movements. I have found in my private practice that this birth map usually reveals people’s original life lessons that are reflected in a person’s health condition. Learn what your inherent challenges are and how to turn your them into your advantage.

  Missing Meridians from the Womb-
to find them, count 3 months after your Birthday. These 3 months or (partial months of 4 depending on which part of the month you are born in) are the missing energies and organs of your constitution
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

                  Dec. 21 – Jan. 19= Kidney                         June 21- July 21 = Small Intestine 

                  Jan. 20 – Feb.19 = Bladder                       July 22- Aug. 21= Triple Heater

                  Feb. 20 – March 20 = Liver                       Aug. 22- Sept.21 = Spleen

                March 21 – April 18 Gallbladder               Sept. 22-Oct. 22 = Stomach

                Apr. 19 – May 19 = Heart Regulator         Oct. 23 – Nov. 20 = Lung

                May 20 – June 20 = Heart                             Nov. 21 – Dec.20= Large Intestine

e.g. Someone born Jan 20th is missing,  Bladder,  Liver and Gallbladder

Someone born August 5th, is missing. some (1/2)  Triple Heater, all of Spleen, Stomach and some of (1/2 Lung). The missing months and their respective meridians /organs and associated lifestyle tendencies often represent  chronic challenges  that when resolved make a huge difference in one’s life and soul development.


Israeli Inspiration

All workshops will include: Chi Exercises, Nutrition, Intuitive Development and Hands on Body Healing Methods that will teach participants to both assess and apply therapy on self, friends and family

Private and Group Consultations include assessment of the source of one’s health challenges, and specific Exercise, Food and Lifestyle recommendations to create radiant health.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Israeli Inspiration

Other Topics may include:

 Chi Exercises for Health and Longevity- (Have a vital  sexual life at every/any age)
 Chakra Balancing for  determining your Yin/Yang condition
Five Elements/ Transformations for Health Love and Life Path
Health and Healing with Zen-Touch Shiatsu – (Bring something soft enough to  lie and CRAWL on)

Any Questions on the Israeli Inspiration program write me [email protected]

International School Of Healing Arts, is a spiritually based interfaith 501c3 non-profit public benefit organization located in both San Diego, CA USA and Prague Czech Republic. ISOHA presents the work of it’s founder, Seymour Koblin.
Since 1981 Seymour has been an international educator traveling to numerous countries Inspiring the Path of Holistic Health. He is most well known for the creation of  Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, his unique approach to Macrobiotics that integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Kabalah and other traditional Energetic Healing methods. Seymour is also  known for  his unique approach to E-Motional Healing utilizing Calm Passionate Communication, Vision Training and Intuition Development.
Since 1989, Seymour has also participated in founding several schools that are either using or have at one time used his original San Diego, CA name- “school of healing arts”.
In 2014 the 30 year established San Diego state approved “school of healing arts” changed it’s name to International College Of Holistic Studies/ICOHS. Seymour was the founder of these healing schools and others.
Seymour departed from ICOHS in 2015 and formed a new spiritually based 501c3 non-profit organization called International School of Healing Arts based in San Diego, CA and Prague Czech Republic. The Idaho New Leaf,  Manchester-UK , Kiev-Ukraine and Moscow– Russia schools also use “school of healing arts” in their name.
These schools and others are separate entities. They have no legal or educational tie to each other. Note: Owning a name that has such broad generic words in the title may lead to ambiguity for some especially on the internet in google, yahoo, bing or other search engines.
If you have any questions about any of these different schools that come up in searches please contact [email protected].


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