Interview: Seymour Koblin
with C. B. Bennet

Christine: I checked out your websites, and I learned that you have been practicing the healing arts for many years, and have many degrees and certificates several disciplines. How did you realize your gift for healing, and what made you decide to pursue this path?
Seymour: When I was a traveling musician in Canada, I had a near death experience with a misdiagnosed appendicitis. Shortly after, it ruptured in the middle of the night. After I was rushed to the hospital, I was recuperating in ICU (intensive care unit) when I had a near death experience. I was ascending looking down at my my body, drifting through this blissful space in the atmosphere, when I heard a voice saying; “Get back in your body! You have work to do.†I remember willfully constricting every muscle until my soul came back  to reenter my body.
I woke up in the morning with my mother there telling me that they called her in the middle of the night, saying that my vital signs were fading and that I would most likely be dead by the time she arrived.
So in an effort to take control of my health, I began studying Holistic Health (Tai Chi, Shiatsu Macrobiotics, Nutrition, etc.) and here I am today.

Christine: When you were assessing one of the people from the public, before actually touching her, you first noted her skin color and texture.
Seymour: There are many ways to assess one’s health condition. Skin color can tell us which organ or body system is overworking. All such cues speak to behaviors that also require attention.


Christine: Zen- Touchâ„¢ is a hybrid of several eastern disciplines; how did you create it?
Seymour:After a 3-year study program in Shiatsu, my teacher, Ohashi, failed me in my practical examination. He said that failing me was a compliment, because it meant I would have to improve my skills until I developed my own style. Rather than graduate me so soon, he was motivating me to develop the form of Shiatsu that is now called Zen-Touch™.

Christine: Can you describe a little about how it is used for client assessment.
Seymour: Body maps and the quality of a person’s body tone, or timbre[1], tell the source of a person’s health challenges— physical, emotional, and spiritual.  For example, placing my hands on a harder area will tell me the kind of softness a person is looking for in his/her life. Where the disharmony shows up relates to movements in nature; Flowing (Winter),  Rising (Spring), Radiating (Summer), Grounding (Autumn), and Gathering to Completion (Fall), and their corresponding internal organs.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Christine: Can you describe a little about the Hara assessment?
Seymour: Hara is the abdominal center that houses our most vulnerable organs. Empty or full areas here reveal which organs and behavior are in excess or deficient. Extremes felt in the Hara are the source of all dis-EASE or  Vital Health. The resolution of big extremes makes for a high level of Health.A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Deep in the Belly
All experience received
We are Fed, We Breath We Try? Falter?
We Succeed
Softness, vulnerability, butterflies, the pulse of emotions
l must concede
Heal the Hara –
The Mother Cries
Where All Life is Conceived


Christine: and the different meridians?
Seymour: The meridian energy lines that transport life force throughout the body correspond to the organs and life movements described by the cycles of nature.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.


Christine: I was interested as to how you knew that those characteristics had to do with her diet.
Seymour: The textures of food—hot/cold, expanded /contracted, building/breaking down, soft/ hard—all show up in a person’s body. Extremes in food consumed create lifestyle extremes, and lifestyle extremes influence our cravings for foods that may or may not be helping us. I have developed this somewhat unusual ability to detect/see which foods are affecting a person in a way that compromises health and vitality. Michio Kushi taught me these fundamentals and I teach my students and participants in my workshops how to do this as well.

Christine:What are the steps you follow when assessing a patient? Does it begin before you even touch them?
Seymour: It begins immediately. Intuitive messages surface from the many maps that act as clues to a person’s condition.


Christine: I did some research on the Macrobiotic and Traditional Chinese Medicine diet. How do these nutritional approaches work to heal people with illnesses? How do they fight cancer?
Seymour: Macrobotiotics and TCM  help to find his/her balance in health and lifestyle;
Like tuning a musical instrument. when our instrument is tuned, we can create pleasant harmonies instead of dissonance/difficulties. Illness is when an instrument needs finer tuning. If the guitar strings are too old or the neck is warped, it will take more discipline and effort to get the guitar sounding good again. Macrobiotics and TCM teach a person how to tune—and if necessary repair—their instrument. Illness disappears and is replaced by vitality.
Cancer is one of the many signs we receive that indicate we are living too far from our true life nature. By moderating the extremes, harmony is achieved and we are more deeply connected to our life purpose.
Also, change the perspective- there is no  “fight “ against any dis – ease;. If you feel it like a fight you may lose. Take it as a major life transformation sign. Our dis – ease whether its fatigue, pains, stress, cancer, aids, MS, etc. are here to guide us to follow our dreams more closely.
Dis-ease is an important  signal to get us closer/back to vital health. EVERYONE has exactly the skills necessary to heal their condition. Why fight it? Feel it. Use it instead of it using us.
When the oil light in a car appears, we make the appropriate response and the car continues to run. Why would we fight the oil light? If we live our life as a battle, then there will certainly be casualties. Live our lives as a musical instrument that is constantly being taken care of and we will experience a priceless value for ourselves and the world we influence.


Christine:Today there are many diseases and illnesses that are being linked to
genetics, diet, and lifestyle. do you think that genetic predisposition can be overcome by diet and lifestyle changes?
Seymour: Definitely—Genetics are like a code of questions or guidelines in a puzzle that we are called upon to answer during our materialized human form. This  original framework requires transformation.  Modern genetic research in the “Genome Project†has shown that DNA can be read or not and rewritten. DNA is called upon for reproduction of cells and for daily function only if the cells are undernourished.  This is why daily nutrition and lifestyle are  so important. Food and Lifestyle either nourish or drain our cells of energy. If the cell is undernourished we rely on the DNA to supply nutrition. Depending on our Genetic setup, this may help or hinder us on the journey to evolve our soul.

interview-seymourkoblin    Watch Seymour doing a Health Assessment

Christine: Can the techniques you practice and teach be used to help people with all of their problems, or are there certain issues that are difficult to treat?
Seymour:The only difficult illness is arrogance—separation from: nature and
connection to all life. The ego (the desire to be separate) and attachment to the past too often influence us to disengage from our birthright—love in a peaceful world. Fortunately, healthy food and Lifestyle change the shadows of ignorance into light. Before we can fly like a butterfly, we have to be willing to let go of living like a caterpillar.


Christine: Your website talks about your intuitive approach to healing. How do you teach students to harness their intuition, or does it come from experience?
Seymour: “Guessingâ€Â more often helps us to notice how we feel when a genuine intuitive answer is surfacing. We learn to distinguish Intuition from Interference. Some people see intuitive images; others tend to hear an intuitive voice; others kinesthetically feel when their intuition is calling; and some people recognize subtle tastes or smells as intuitive signals. We give ourselves permission to practice intuition and to develop our unique intuitive style.

Christine:What is most difficult about being a healer? An instructor?
Seymour: For me, criticism from others who are threatened by change is where I am reminded to be more patient.

Christine: What is most rewarding?
Seymour: Witnessing people find their inspiration and becoming empowered is an awesome experience—something like watching that butterfly flutter from its cocoon. While contributing to this sacred task, I feel inspiration —and that’s why I’m here.


[1] *Timbre—

  1. the quality of a speech sound that comes from its tone rather than its pitch or volume
  2. the quality or color of tone of an instrument or voice.

Also called tone color

Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation.

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Since 1981 Seymour has been an international educator traveling to numerous countries Inspiring the Path of Holistic Health.
Since 1989, Seymour has also participated in founding several schools that are either using or have at one time used his original San Diego, CA name- “school of healing artsâ€.
In 2014 the 30 year established San Diego state approved “school of healing arts†changed it’s name to International College Of Holistic Studies/ICOHS. Seymour was the founder of these healing schools and others.
Seymour departed from ICOHS in 2015 and formed a new spiritually based 501c3 non-profit organization called International School of Healing Arts based in San Diego, CA and Prague Czech Republic. The Idaho New Leaf,  Manchester-UK , Kiev-Ukraine and Moscow– Russia schools also use “school of healing arts†in their name.
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