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Inspiring Videos-Here are some inspiring videos to motivate your path to higher consciousness while following your Life Purpose.

Kung Fu Quotes on the Tao 1

From the book being created by Seymour Koblin with illustrations – Here is a video sample:

If you look at your life like a book with many pages of stories
you will be just that:
Story after story
Every moment, a new page, a new story
Also, Be aware of the bookmarks that serve you, lest you serve them
If you must be a book,
be the book of mirrors
Let the pages be one mirror after another
Look deeply and you never see the same you twice
Like 1000 rings in the trunk of a tree-
Be, See the new you alive and well …..healing, changing…growing
Let the pages of this book initiate your inquiry and the vision within
After reading each page of text, look in the reflection of a mirror…
Breathe…..Shhhhh, relax your eyes  Feel … Receive


DEEP RELAXATION   Create a comfortable position…Listen and Relax

DEEP SLEEP  Lie Down and Experience a deep Sleep that Nourishes your Life Dreams

Oprah-Take Response ability for YOUR lifeA woman in black shirt with hands together.



Wang De Shun- Living Your Dream at any ageA woman in black shirt with hands together.

Health Assessment & Recommendations

Inspiring Videos




Zen-Touchâ„¢ Chair Massage

Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu ~ Back

Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu ~ Neck

Zen-Touchâ„¢ Shiatsu Side/pregnancy procedure

Intuition Interview with Abby Gooch

Chu Tai Chi Chuan- Master C. K Chu- My Sifu

Our lives are charged, motivated, and molded by every breath, each morsel of food we ingest, every action, thought, each relationship and feeling we participate in- every nuance of life we experience. Ancient cultures viewed the body as a living map that contains recordings of past experiences and a blueprint outlining hints or possible choices to take on the journey ahead.
Markers and clues to a person’s natural direction, personal tendencies to efficiently embrace one’s life’s potential, are revealed in body structures, shapes, marks, and movements, birth date and even the sound resonance generated by a name.

iSOHA teaches methods for us to 1) sense (listen, see, feel, interpret) the body and 2) make recommendations to direct our destiny for the attainment of personal and planetary well-being.

Inspiring Videos

The model of health portrayed at our school depicts the body as a microcosm of the entire universe where the condition of our body/mind/spirit is intimately connected to the forces of nature: contraction/expansion, hot/cold, ascending/descending, gravity/electromagnetism, day/night, seasonal cycles, etc. These environmental forces influence all activity, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Similarly, our personal choices have an equally significant impact on our surroundings.
Every personal action creates a complementary reaction in our immediate environment and beyond. The qualities, virtues and feelings, (positive or negative) we embody act like a stone dropped in water – rippling influence everywhere.

Thought, Feeling And Action Ripples Through Me, You And ALL~ Reverence Compassion & Patience -Follow Your Call

Personal action is like a thread, weaving its way through the interconnected tapestry of life. Directing ourselves to contribute uniquely to this shared path creates an extraordinary world where people’s lives intertwine, grow, develop, and adapt within a united destiny. This depth of health and consciousness we generate within ourselves is a reflection of our ability to affect others. ISOHA asserts that the ability to transform life challenges into opportunities is dependent on one’s overall health condition- body/mind/spirit. Health vitality helps one to embrace stress, difficulties, crime, starvation, disease, hate…etc., as important learning steps in the creation of an existence characterized by calm-passion, harmony, and infinite inspiration. Our ability to manifest extraordinary goals and accomplishments is directly proportional to the quality of health we embody.
The condition of our body, mind, and spirit provides the fuel for humanity to accomplish our desires-
the vessel that will sail us across the water.

Inspiring Videos

Why have I chosen?
Why do I care and persist?
Because inside a voice whispers, sometimes screams
We’re here to shift.
Follow Love’s call.
Connect with all the rest.
for the Glory of Heart, Spirit and Soul Beckons Our Drive –
And the Glow of this light Always Persists.
Conflict! I welcome your shade for the seed is nourished by darkness ….
To transform… Metamorphis.
I revel in the fuel created by Fear’s grinding
Deeper into the abyss… to surface sublime.
Beholding the Great New World where
“Rainbows are the Shadows of a love that’s so divine.†(Leon Thomas)
Great New World we are inviting, creating. We are now. ­­SK

 International School Of Healing Arts, is a spiritually based interfaith 501c3 non-profit public benefit organization located in both San Diego, CA USA and Prague Czech Republic. ISOHA presents the work of its founder, Seymour Koblin.
Since 1981 Seymour has been an international educator traveling to numerous countries Inspiring the Path of Holistic Health.
Since 1989, Seymour has also participated in founding several schools that are either using or have at one time used his original San Diego, CA name- “school of healing artsâ€.
In 2014 the 30 years established San Diego state approved “school of healing arts†changed its name to International College Of Holistic Studies/ICOHS. Seymour was the founder of these healing schools and others.
Seymour departed from ICOHS in 2015 and formed a new spiritually based 501c3 non-profit organization called International School of Healing Arts based in San Diego, CA and Prague Czech Republic. The Idaho New Leaf,  Manchester-UK, Kiev-Ukraine, and Moscow– Russia schools also use “school of healing arts†in their name.
These schools and others are separate entities. They have no legal or educational tie to each other. Note: Owning a name that has such broad generic words in the title may lead to ambiguity for some especially on the internet in google, yahoo, bing or other search engines.
If you have any questions about any of these different schools that come up in searches please contact [email protected].


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