Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Ok- Starting with the Western  view of Immunity, it sounds like we are at war with external germs, viruses and even other people. This highly obsolete program has many people both consciously and sub-consciously invested in and committed to “Life is a Fightâ€. No wonder we still have so much conflict on our planet.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season


The immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that resists, protects against, and fights off disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy tissue. In many species, the immune system can be classified into subsystems, such as the innate immune system versus the adaptive immune system, or humoral immunity versus cell-mediated immunity. In humans, the blood–brain barrier, blood–cerebrospinal fluid barrier, and similar fluid–brain barriers separate the peripheral immune system from the neuroimmune system, which protects the brain

The adaptive immune system, also known as the acquired immune system or, more rarely, as the specific immune system, is a subsystem of the overall immune system that is composed of highly specialized, systemic cells and processes that eliminate pathogens or prevent their growth. The acquired immune system is one of the two main immunity strategies found in vertebrates (the other being the innate immune system). Acquired immunity creates immunological memory after an initial response to a specific pathogen, and leads to an enhanced response to subsequent encounters with that pathogen. This process of acquired immunity is the basis of vaccination. Like the innate system, the acquired system includes both humoral immunity components and cell-mediated immunity components.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season


Eastern practices insist that pathogens and all external challenges are essential to our well-being. Darkness, Sadness, Stress, or Pain. are essential influences that act as tuners/keys to create a healthier body/instrument represented by deeper daily experiences of  Light, Happiness, Joy, and Pleasure than we could have ever felt without them. 

Adversity is the mother of growth and creativity. A healthy, adaptable, and resilient body is the temple of our ever-evolving soul that requires challenges in order to fulfill our life assignment of merging with  Great Spirit,, the Infinite, G-D, The Unified Field, or whatever bigger picture ideal you believe in.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 The Eastern Holistic Perspective reveres germs because once we resolve the conflicts that may occur in their presence, we are stronger and healthier than ever. Symptoms like colds and pains are a source of encouragement to better tune our immune systems so we can grow more deeply into our life purpose.

Physical health challenges are but one side of a coin that represent an intimate connection with its complementary other side- emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. Heads or Tails? The traditional western medical model is more recently realizing that like a coin, they are united/married -one unified valuable couple participating in the ever-evolving circle of life. 

Our physical functions are the fundamental active creators that participate in eventually birthing an enlightened soul.  All our body systems are like sections of an orchestra harmonizing together in an improvised piece of music held within a gestating womb-like concert hall. Each member of the orchestra, whatever challenges they experience, learns to play in tune and ideally plays with heightened passion and vitality, be cause of resolved daily distrbances.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

 Keeping our immune system healthy is essential to the Life Purpose we came here to fulfill. 

 The Asian, as well as most ancient cultural models, looked at integrating our immune and all other bodily systems into a series of movements that parallels the forces of nature represented by the times of day and seasons of the year;
Fall/ GATHERING/Metal-like

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

From the Chinese Model:

 Winter and Night represent the primal resource for all  Life activity- Darkness, the sub-conscious, the 99% that controls our lives hidden below the few conscious controls we activate at any given time. In any given moment trillions of chemical reactions and bodily functions are being maintained without our conscious awareness. The energy source for our subconscious actions is stored and governed by the-FLOWING Phase/ Winter Season/Night-like experience.

Sleep is the charging phase for all our subconscious functions. It is the time in each 24- hour cycle that represents gestation in the womb. In those 6- 8(any less is usually problematic) hours of sleep, we build potential as well as work out, resolve and transform developmental challenges that create a new version of ourselves every morning…or not?

 The Yin/Yang model of complementary opposites asserts that Sleep, Rest, outer body dormancy/inactivity(Yin) is essential for all future vital activity(Yang) and vice versa. Healthy activity, physically, emotionally and spiritually creates deep regenerating sleep.

 The Olympic athlete knows the importance of deep sleep before competition and after winning a gold medal, the athlete sleeps well.

 In the Chinese model of 5 Movements/ Seasons/Elements, the Flowing winter movement is the most important in that it holds the energy reserves for all body mind spirit functions. Like a battery, almost every activity could drain our energy unless recharged by sleep and the hibernation-like quality we are best to honor in winter and at night.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

 There are no herbs, potions, exercises that will boost our immune system unless we combine them with deep sleep. AND the various physical, emotional and spiritual recommendations for this movement/phase also assist us to achieve deep sleep. 

The Flowing, Winter, Water-Like movement is firstly associated with the Reproductive system as well as the Urinary system (Kidney/Bladder organs). In reference to nature the seed is gestating underground in the Winter darkness building potential  to fulfill its purpose in the following life seasons. The reproductive system is directly responsible for creating new life and dictates it’s needs to all other bodily functions. The energy to create life is also extended to creating new cells; Blood cells, organ cells are constantly dying and it is the  Flowing Movement Chi/Energy that fuels our constantly regenerating body. This CHI ENERGY is referred to in Chinese Philosophy and Medicine as “Kidney Jing Chi”

Any practice of procedure that interferes with the natural flow of the reproductive cycle- The cycle that is powerful enough to make life, will compromise overall body immunity. E.g. BC Pills, IUD, Vasectomy, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomy, fertility medications, viagra

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 When the “Flowing†Kidney Jing Chi is compromised, the immune system will find a way to let us know that something needs to change. FATIGUE is our first signal.

 Every activity creates acids that the Kidney and Bladder filter out of the blood, eventually becoming urine.  Too much activity creates acidity which signals us with the important signal to rest/sleep. In the resting/sleep phase the blood is cleared of these acids.

Continued acidity leads to other immune responses and symptoms:

 PAIN, CLEANSING RESPONSES (excess mucous, perspiration and urination, watering eyes, skin colorations and irritation, diarrhea) EMOTIONAL STRESS, ACCUMULATIONS (cysts, fat, stones, tumors) NEUROLOGICAL IRREGULARITIES ( tremors, shaking, fits). 

 ALL OF THESE  more extreme immune response symptoms started with unresolved FATIGUE  that went to a higher level of immune response. These SIGNALS ideally get our attention, we change and are better off for them.

 Recognizing Flowing Movement/Kidney Jing Deficiency:  Dark circles under the eyes, Eye bags, Inner Cold “to the boneâ€, Lower back pain,  and, avoiding difficulty, hassles and regularly detaching from human conflict. Excess attraction to dangerous activities from scary movies to gambling where “risk†turns us on is another signal of immune deficiency or imbalance. NOTE: A more accurate use of the word balance is that the balance we strike is too extreme for one’s ability to maintain homeostasis.


A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Spell STRESSED backward. While we may achieve balance with desserts, it is important to decide if this swing from Stressed to Desserts is too extreme for one’s body to maintain overall vitality.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.
A big obvious FRONT like Alcohol leads to an equally Big BACK-Hangover. No one is too Yang or too Yin. Immune system and all health challenges come from deficiencies and excesses caused by living extremes of Yang /Yin which shorten the thread of our life existence.

Hence our first Immune System Solutions.

  1. SLEEP and/or REST when tired
  2. Avoid or Eliminate Caffeinated drinks or stimulating products(chocolate, cigarettes)

Many people use these during the day to keep up their energy instead of  relaxing, resting or sleeping. Caffeine and other common stimulants, when being eliminated from the bloodstream at night,  have the effect of stimulating us when we are best served by being immersed in a deep, …deep sleep state. Often these stimulants wake people up prematurely before they have rested completely. Thus… more Fatigue

If you think you sleep long and well  enough and still have immune function symptoms then these first solutions will help and consider that your sleeping will get even better.

3. Temperature


Especially at night when sleeping, instead of turning up the heat too high, keep your bedroom cold enough to make you snuggle with blankets

 The Winter Flowing movement gets tuned by exposure to cold i.e. just enough cold to contract when sleeping into fetal position mode. Eventually your body will acclimate ( a climate) to adjust your temperature as necessary. Central heating weakens the body’s natural ability to control temperature.

4. Do anything you can to create a better sleeping environment. 

Do you like your bed and bedroom? Is it Quiet? Dark? Do you have any storage items under the bed. If so, move them. Clutter creates Chaos.
Solid darker colors for covers and around your bed will enhance deep sleep.
Do you like who you sleep with? Do share a Life Path/ Dream together? Does your bedmate snore or move in a way that is disturbing? Do you discuss problems before sleep? If necessary do so earlier and outside of the bedroom.
5) Sexual Relations (yang) when used wisely* and paired with deep sleep (yin) are the best way to charge the Flowing -  immune system. Sexual energy is the most powerful force a human can experience ( the only force that is strong enough to create a new life) because it resonates vitality on all three levels-physical, emotional, and spiritual.

a) Physical satisfaction for both partners

b) Emotionally bonding closeness that grows over time

c) Spiritually engaging and growing=partners sense a Destiny they are fulfilling. Their created energy in the love relationship deepened by sex becomes greater than the sum of each partner’s contribution.

A) Physical Satisfaction- 
Assuming there is adequate time to sleep afterward:

Women are energized by orgasm. A minimum of one orgasm/ sexual encounter is essential for immune system enhancement.

 Men lose energy when ejaculating. It is important for men to develop the  internal orgasm without external ejaculation practice. Traditional cultures practiced this method which will be explained in more detail in another article.The exercise section below outlines this practice.

 Both Women and Men are better off to develop/practice this method that involves the same breathing and muscle activity ….and Women can have both genital and internal energy orgasms. (Maybe  a trade-off  design of extra pleasure that equalizes the  work of birth and menstruation.)

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

ABSTAIN from unprotected anal sex. Abstain from sex with people who have practiced unprotected anal sex.  E-coli and various other toxic germs found in the anal canal are extremely potent and even if neutralized and asymptomatic in an individual, he or she may be a carrier that will cause eventual serious immune system challenges. Extremely detailed testing for STD’s is necessary. Many Holistic practitioners believe the source of A,I.D.S A.uto Immune.Deficiency.Syndrome combined with unhygenic drug use is sourced to unprotected anal sex. Even with protected sex after a STD exists, consider the continued irritation in this area exacerbates the condition.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 Breathing, exercises, foods and herbs will be recommended at the end of this article.

B) E-Motional Satisfaction

A depth of communion and  heart -centered union strengthens each partner’s immune system through emotional bonding – a feeling of unity that transcends the separateness of individuality, or ego while maintaining and even deepening autonomy. The deep bonded love between parents and children, connected through blood, genetic, and destiny can be achieved with a once stranger through continual emotional evolution empowered by sex. Exchanging fluids, (saliva, genital) and breath eventually transforms the blood of partners as they become united in a chemically created sexually passionate family.-like relationship.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

C) Spiritual Satisfaction- Make love with a partner you would consider having children with. (whether you desire, are capable of  it or not or even from a philosophical perspective). Would/Could I consider this person as a potential father / mother of my children? 

Do I feel my highest destiny could be shared with this person. We share and sense our common Dream together. It’s meant to be.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

 Or Do I desire to have sexual relations for other reasons (which are important and beneficial… while acknowledging they have less of an immune benefit when compared to higher levels of relationship consciousness.

 Smaller amounts of immune energy benefits are achieved through sexual relations motivated by the below levels of consciousness:

  1. Survival Consciousness -Will life be easier because of the safety/security this person brings to my life?
  2. Sensorial Consciousness- Is my desire for sensorial arousal and satiation be stimulated by how he/she looks, the sound of her/his voice, the taste of passion we share, the sensitive and powerful touch and the scent of her/his body?
  3. Intellectual Consciousness- We have so much in common, When all the pros and cons are added up we fit so well together. He/she has almost everything on my “list†of partner requirements
  4. Emotional Consciousness- I feel my emotions charging me to the point of being ecstatically alive with inspiration when we have sex. Even the downside of our emotional conflicts disappear and even help to intensify the sexual union experience. 
  5. Social Consciousness- we mirror the same social likes and dis-likes. We have common friends and enjoy the same movies, food, music, and all social activities. Our families get along too.
  6. Philosophical Consciousness- We share the same political views and life philosophies regarding the environment, education and help each other to stay in integrity regarding our shared religious beliefs.


High consciousness motivated sex enhances the evolution of our soul and has been used as a tool for achieving enlightenment in many traditional cultures. The resulting gestating soul is empowered with an abundance of energy- enough to escape the magnetic attraction of gravity which brings less empowered souls back to the planet to complete “unfinished businessâ€- leading to greater soul growth.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 Yin/Yang perspective

 Sleep & Meditation(YIN) stills the outer body initially while creating a long term vital charge on  the Internal organs and metabolic functions.

 High Consciousness Sex (Yang) activates the outside  initially while creating a long time effect of inner peace that conducts the chi to go deeper and deeper into consciousness development. Hence, a resulting deep contentment ensues. The old stereotype practice of having a cigarette after sex is but a miniscule hint of the deep meditative state that results from partners communing in deep consciousness sexual relations.

This depth of /power when embraced prepares the body to receive and express in a way that embodies the Shakti/Shiva union.
Feeling you/me / create a new consciousness to bond is
like two gardens unified, both planting and harvesting in each other’s shared passionate bonding followed by transcendence

As two dragons born from this fertile earth.
flying within each other’s wings through all space and time. 
Breathing together both assures their survival and escalates the transformation from danger into ecstasy.
A bonding of all senses
Each environment transforming body and soul into transcendent beings
hear, see, taste, touch and breath essence into and for each other
and overflowing to all
THIS…THUS we all came to experience

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season



1) Include Warm,Cooked Foods.Foods which are cooked for long periods of time (baking, stewing, 

simmering, overnight cooking) create a warming effect which enhances the kidney’s function of filtering the blood. The overall balance of all prepared foods would have a warming effect to harmonize the flowing/winter movement.
2) Include Indigenous Foods: Foods that grow locally support the lifestyles of those who live there. Importing foods from hot tropical climates has a cooling effect on the body and may upset one’s ability to flow naturally within the home environment. NOTE: Foods that are imported from the same climate/ longitude are generally fine AND the best is food grown less than 500 miles from where one lives.
Foods from far away places e.g. Banana, Coconut (cooling) confuse the sleep /wake /cycle which compromises the natural regeneration of Flowing Chi 
Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter season

EXCESS Banana in particular for men softens erections and depletes sex drive

 With women, too many bananas can create irregularity and coldness (frigidity, difficulty with orgasm)
3) Include Soup.Soup is the energetic representation of the water environment from which all life originated. The warming and nutritive effects of soup nurture the essence of human flow and adaptability.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

4) Include Beans and legumes: This food group fulfills the complete protein needs of the body when combined with grains. Their shape is similar to the kidneys and was considered the vegetable counterpart to the kidneys in oriental folklore. Traditional folk medicine identified the azuki bean as a specific food that balances kidney functions. Eaten on a regular basis, azuki beans have helped many people to establish and maintain vital health by fortifying the kidney “chi.â€

5) Include Sea Vegetables.Especially for those who live near the ocean, sea vegetables assist kidney 

functions because of: 1) their origin in the flowing environment; and 2) their high mineral content which helps the kidneys maintain the body’s alkaline blood condition. Seaweed was also considered another traditional vegetable complement for the kidneys. Just as sea vegetables contribute to the balanced fluid environment of the ocean, they also balance our humanfluid environment—the blood.6

6) Include Beneficial Grains – Buckwheat and oats are considered the harmonizing grains for the kidneys because of their warming qualities. Traditionally these grains were used in colder areas like Russia and northern Europe. They may be too warming for temperate climates depending on one’s personal condition.  Unlike any other food sources, Whole Grains, (seeds and some nuts) are the only food that contain the complete life cycle of a plant in one form. They are both the seed and the fruit. Plant a grain of whole grain rice and  rice will grow. Eat it or plant it, the complete reproductive cycle from beginning to end is contained in this miraculous food source and as such is best used as a staple food for continuing life and creating longevity. Grains require more chewing than any other food. Chew them until they disappear into your saliva.  Chewing is the only way to physically exercise the frontal lobes(advanced consciousness center) of the brain. Hold your temples while chewing. Do  you feel movement in your skull? 

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 The teeth of the human mouth describe ideal proportions for human food consumption:

5 Parts Molars for Grains Nuts seeds

2 parts Incisors for cutting vegetables                 7 parts Vegetable(Yin) to I part Animal(Yang)

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

1 part Canine for tearing flesh

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

What happens if you feed a shark wit’s canine teeth salad and cereal?

Can a horse or cow digest meat? This was the source of Mad Cow disease when cows were fed the brains of sheep.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

6) Include Ginger.Ginger, traditionally used as a warming herb, harmonizes the flowing energy. Used as a spice in soups, vegetable dishes, or as a tea, ginger helps the body to adapt to life changes that could other- wise compromise the flowing movement. It has been used effectively for morning an motion sickness that is often caused by a compromised kidney condition
7) Small challenges: Stretching ourselves past the familiar in small steps, taking new chances, and trusting the outcome of a new activity can strengthen our flowing energy and build new- found confidence and courage. When the stakes are too high, gambling and risk-taking could drain us of monetary, emotional, and spiritual resources. Embracing and  resolving  our shadow side- using it to tap into  previously  dormant creative sources will heighten vitality.

8) Moderate Travel: Frequent travel especially through varying time zones can confuse our body clock. When our natural body rhythm is interrupted, the flowing movement is compromised. Consciously attending to rest and nutrition helps us adapt to changing time zones, cli- mates, geography, and new foods.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season


9) Cold Foods:Iced drinks, ice cream, foods fresh from the refrigerator, raw tofu, excess tropical fruits and salads, constrict the kidneys compromising their filtering functions.

10) Nightshade Vegetables.So-named because they grow at night, this odd variety of vegetables (tomato, eggplant, potato, peppers, and tobacco) may create excess acidity for many people. I worked with a client whose fifty-year habit of sleepwalking ended after removing potatoes from her diet.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

11) Stimulants. Some medications, caffeine (soft drinks, coffee, tea,)  nicotine, and stimulants of any kind over-work the adrenal glands, draining energy from the flowing movement.

12) Maintain Water/Fluid Balance. Water helps to cleanse the body of wastes. Too much can dilute essential body fluids (digestive juices, blood volume) especially for people who eat mainly vegetable foods, which already contain a high volume of water. The kidneys can become overworked from filtering fluids. Water retention and overly moist palms/feet are a signal to drink when thirsty instead of drinking because of the popular belief that everyone is supposed to drink at least eight glasses a day. I know many people who drink excessive water and complain of all the weight they have gained since adopting this practice. The signals presented in the condition chapter can be used to assess whether one’s fluid intake is excessive. Tap water often contains chlorine, fluoride, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, asbestos, benzene, nitrates, pesticides and radon which are all are highly toxic. Find a good water filter or a source of pure spring water.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

13) Maintain Salt Balance. Salt is the harmonizing taste for the flowing movement. Balanced proportions of naturally harvested sea saltcontains sodium chloride and other trace minerals like magnesium which alkalize the blood, keeping us free of dis-ease. Too much can constrict body tissues leading to symptoms like water retention, acidity, high blood pressure, and coldness. Too little salt can lead to expanded tissues and symptoms like low blood pressure, spaciness, hyperactivity, and lethargic body functions. The amount of salt we comfortably consume without experiencing health symptoms or craving sweets and fluid often indicates how well our kidneys are functioning.

14) Maintain Animal Protein Balance. A balance of animal food intake can affect the kidney’s ability to filter the large protein molecules inherent in flesh foods. In excess, flesh foods contribute to excess acidity and fat accumulation. Animal foods in appropriate proportions can provide essential amino acids and minerals. Their heavy nature can be balanced with large r proportions of vegetables and small amounts of fruit. Vegetarians can balance protein requirements with different varieties of grains, legumes, and fermented foods (pickles, tempeh, seed cheese).

15) Home Remedy for Enhancing the Flowing Movement


Grate a large handful of ginger root into a sack made of cheesecloth. Place the ginger sack into a pot of hot water. In order to enhance the stimulating effect of the ginger and to prevent scalding, make sure to keep the water temperature below the boiling point. When the water turns a greenish color, immerse a towel into the ginger solution, wring it out and place it on the back over the kidney area (last rib/12th thoracic vertebrae and down to the sacrum). The moist heat combined with the stimulating ginger will jump start and tonify the kidney organ/energy. This remedy dissolves stagnation, and stimulates blood circulation.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Avoid: when there is fever or malignant tumors in the area, as this remedy could aggravate the condition. Never apply to the head region, or on the abdomen in pregnancy or if appendicitis is suspected.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

16) Specialty Dishes to enhance the flow of “Jing Chiâ€


HijikiwithSquash: Jing Chi Tonification 

This dish was traditionally used to enhance men’s reproductive energy/organs. Wash half a cup of hijiki seaweed and soak for half an hour. Cook with two cups of peeled butternut, buttercup, or kabocha squash for thirty minutes. Sprinkle on a tablespoon of soy sauce while cooking. At the end of cooking, mix in a tablespoon of mustard powder. The hijiki provides mineralized willpower and drive. The squash imparts sweet, nurturing love. The mustard evokes a sense of spice and adventure. What more could a lover ask for? Traditional folklore considered the effects of this dish too powerful for women, and in fact, its effect on women is different. Women can use this remedy if they would like to become more sexually aggressive.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

 After ejaculation make & eat sesame miso spread(equal parts of each) spread on healthy bread or a carrot. (rejuvenates Jing fluids) or  have Sauteed onions with sesame oil or Mountain/Jinenjo potato

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

For Women

Natto / FermentedSoyBeans:BalancingReproductiveRecipefor Women

This traditional preparation of soybeans is reputed to balance women’s reproductive organs by dissolving stagnation from past dairy consumption, to facilitate lubrication, and to enhance sensitivity. Dairy comes from the reproductivesystem of cows or goats. If one has a low tolerance for dairy, then undigested wastes (fats, proteins, and minerals) may accumulate in and around the reproductive organs. Modern nutritional theory maintains that the high phytoestrogen content found in soybeans contributes to women’s reproductive health.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

17) HERBS:

Compared to foods, which are a milder form of intervention, herbs can have side effects. Other than food items below, consult with a qualified Practitioner before  using the following

Men: Ginseng,  Prepared Rehmannia. Ecumania Bark/ ( Horny goat weed), Saw Palmetto, Celery root

Women :  Chasteberry, Angelica Sinensis/( Dang Kuay) Black  Soybean tea, Natto

 Both: Azuki Tea, Oat straw, Ginger, Celery Root, Damiana

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season
18) Sound/Noise: The flowing/kidney energy is associated with our sense of hearing. Loud, abrupt, disturbing noises interrupt the flowing movement. The music we love and appealing sounds (nature sounds- especially streams or ocean waves) can support the flowing movement.
ALSO- TALK TO EVERY CELL, ORGAN, and NERVE IMPULSE with POSITIVE OUTCOME language. E.G. Dear Body Mind Soul, let’s choose in every moment, breath and step we make and take to constantly improve, resolve challenges with my _______(individual challenges) and achieve vital health. We choose vital health for self to better serve our brothers and sisters who together cooperate with each other to evolve our personal, global and universal consciousness…Aummmmm…. Let it be and so it is. ( Write and Recite out loud, in a whisper, or silently as you intuitively feel with your own affirming words especially before and after sleep. Maybe record it and let it run quietly while you sleep. If you hear or feel resistance to your choice for vital health, talk it out-always choosing your greatest outcome- Vital Health Body Mind Soul Spirit- CHOOSE, BE IT…. now and always improving, developing.

Sexual activity. In Chinese philosophy the kidney was referred to as the “Minister of Power†and the “Root of Life.†The original essence or energy reserve of all creative activity from the formation of bones, marrow, spinal cord, reproductive organs and brain to the willpower that fuels the birth of our dreams and desires is believed to be stored in the kidney organ/energy system. This essence originates from the vital quality contained in the sperm and egg provided by our parents. In comparing our life to a brand new car at birth we typically start out with a vitally charged battery. The health condition of each parent influences what is referred to as the “ Prenatal Jing Essence.†After birth, our overall activity level and specifically the quantity and quality of our sexual activity determines how we manage this vital “post- natal jing essence,†energy. Overindulgence in sexual activity and especially sex that lacks conscious attention to consequences (For example, physical or emotional abuse) can drain our battery. Also, there are differences between how men and women discharge their “jing. Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Because it is more common for men’s essence to be released (ejaculation) during sex, compared to women, they are more susceptible to losing energy through physical orgasm. Comparatively, women expend more jing through menstruation/ovulation, difficulties in childbirth, abortion, and medications that affect

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

reproductive hormones e.g: taking birth control pills. In masturbation, the missing exchange of essence between part-ners, tends to expend more Jing/Essence for both men and women.

NOTE: Interchange of Sexually Stimulated fluids in healthy partners contain an extra charge that harmonizes and enhances immunity-Saliva, Perspiration, Fluids in the breath, Vaginal and Testicular produced semen and sperm all nourish immunity. Enjoy them.

 While we often refer to “Mother Earth†Our planet’s energy essence is more male in nature Sperm is likened to the oil reserves found deep within the earth – When essence is depleted, immune system signals occur Globally and Personally. 

Global Warming/ Excess Perspiration, 

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Storms/Mucous colds and flus, 

Earthquakes / Nervous System Tremors, 

Tsunamis, Flooding /Diarrhea,Vomtting.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle can recharge the body’s life-essence energy. Cultivating our sexual energy to circulate within the body through ancient exercises that develop the experience of “internal orgasm†is anoth- er practice that is once again becoming more popular. It has been said that if all the attention we place on sexuality was directed to cultivating spirituality, our path to enlightenment would be greatly accelerated.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Sex and Vitality

Oriental tradition maintains that too much sex and specifically the discharge of sexual essence during orgasm leads to a deficiency in flowing/kidney energy. This opposes Western thought, which views ejaculation and orgasm as always healthy. Traditional Oriental philosophers and physicians believed that the fatigue experienced after ejaculation or from overindulgence in sex without adequate sleep led to health deficiencies. Balancing and enhancing vitality was maintained through the development of breathing, visualization, and physical movement practices, which cultivate sexual energy. These practices included how to withhold ejaculation/genital orgasm (for men) and circulate the resulting energy to enhance health, emotional connection, and spirituality.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

The following chart was taken from the Classic of the Simple Girl (Sui Dynasty

581-618) [Foundations of Chinese medicine] It suggests the frequency of ejaculation for men according to age and overall health condition.

15 2x/day 1x/day
20 2x/day 1x/day
30 1x/day every other day
40 every 3 days every 4 days
50 every 5 days every 10 days
60 every 10 days every 20 days
70 every 30 days none

The seven levels of dis-ease/vital health presented earlier combined with the features in the condition chapter will help you to assess if health is “vital†or “average.â€

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Some “experts†disagree with this chart and insist on complete withholding except for procreation. Others assert that “jing†is like money in the bank. If we’re careful how we spend it and if we cultivate our savings through a healthy lifestyle, we can happily spend the interest earned on the principal. I recommend people find the frequency of orgasm that is both pleasurably satisfying while still maintaining one’s energy level. For sure, have  far less if any ejaculation in winter for men over 60 years old. After ejaculation and sleep, upon waking, have another lovemaking experience without ejaculation. This time is ideal for building testosterone and sperm,

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Cold water soak: Soak testicles in  VERY cold water for 3 minutes once a month (start at one minute and work up to 3 if necessary).

 Cold stimulates sperm and testosterone production.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

18) Exercises and Breathing:

Breathing through the nose on both exhale and inhale builds heat Chi and saliva. This ancient Breath pathway has been used for 1000’s of years to cultivate and circulate CHI. . Inhale down the front and exhale up the spine. To Build Flowing Kidney Jing Immunity as well as circulate the sexual energy. While expanding the abdomen on the inhale simultaneously squeeze the pelvic floor muscles to build the Chi in the lower organs. Release/Relax on the exhale. Keep the Breath continuous ( no holding) Long smooth deep inhale until your  exhale naturally  calls. This method can be used during sexual relations to withhold / control ejaculation for Men and to circulate the actual orgasm for Woman.  This pathway knows as the micro orbit is the same path of the internal orgasm that both men and women can develop.  Women can  have genital orgasm while also experiencing the internal pathway orgasm. Men, choose one or the other.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Head suspended from above, eyes slightly opened, looking downward at a 45 degree angle without focus, tongue on the roof of the mouth, chest slightly rounded, lean forward from below the navel to accentuate abdominal breathing, pelvis tucked to take the arch out of the lower back, knees slightly out to feel the weight on the outside of both feet. Breathe slowly, quietly through the nose. Long deep smooth breaths.

When Holding Horse stance following a traditional healing sound, WAYYYY can be sounded.



 With 2 people in the position, one standing behind the other, hold your partner’s lower back while chanting WAYYYYY. Vibrate slightly to  activate Flowing Kidney Jing Energy.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Twisting the waist while keeping the hips stationary exercises the lumbar vertebrae which nourish the Flowing Kidney Jing Chi.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Immune System Enhancement-FLOWING Phase Winter Season

Recognizing Healthy Flowing-Winter-Water-Like Jing CHI

Sleeping 6-8 hours/night, being active all day until bedtime without stimulants to stay energized.

Having the ability to Sleep  deeply whenever tired

 Maintaining adaptability to new challenging changes without reactive behaviors; detachment, anger, anxiety, blaming others, blaming self

 Motivated by personal, family, social and global consciousness.

 Free of lower back or any other pain.

Teeth cavities are rare

Healthy sexual appetite motivated by soul evolution  and reverence for one’s partner

Men: experience involuntary erection every morningMaintain energy level after ejaculation to connect with partner Desiring sex on the morning  after (or before).

Women: Regular pain free  periods with moderate mood challenges

Both Genders: Healthy sexual appetite motivated by soul evolution and reverence for one’s partner.

The next post will be on Spring RISING Energy immunity- All 5 Seasonal movements will be discussed- any questions please contact [email protected]


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