Shifting frog Boost-Immunity-KWA:


The pelvis is tucked under the spine knees out so you feel your weight on the outside of feet heels flat- and Knee never goes past the toes. Bend upper torso from below the navel never bend at the solar plexus head is always suspended from above.

INHALE as shifting weight EXHALE on either side. INHALE EXHALE INHALE EXHALE.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

 Riding Wild Horse:

INHALE EXHALE INHALE going up and EXHALE while going down. Wider INHALE EXHALE going down.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Opening the “Kwaâ€-Hip socket:

Lower Back- Nesting Foundation for the TAN TIEN-SEA of CHI.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.


What of the Breath?

We are always told to breathe Long, Deep Small and Smooth into the Tan Tien below the navel.

How does our breath regulate the Chi?

How does our breath help us to navigate the Tao leading us to oneness with the universe?

Each inhale provides the potential to receive the entire universe within our consciousness housed in the body.

Each exhale provides the potential to empty ourselves of any residue that obscures the vitality of body mind and spirit.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

When stress pervades and there a distortion in the balance between inhaling / receiving and exhale / letting go.

When the Tao pervades, and our breath, without logic-automatically operating our every action like a finely tuned instrument and played by a master musician

Which is easier for you in this moment~and  Inhale or receiving or exhale or letting go?

There is an ultimate Tao/ Path/Way or One Universal Truth that may apply to all beings and phenomena. Some of the phrases and writings in this text may be universal truths. When it comes to an individual, there are many personal ways to find the One Universal truth. Example (to consider):

“Sound Health is the most important tool necessary for creating a happy life.â€Â  Many, maybe even all, would consider this a TRUTH/ (Universal Tao).

And EACH PERSON will find his/her personal way to create Sound health. One person attributes Yoga as her Path/ Tao to achieve Sound Health- another, Nutrition.

The phrase, “One Truth Many Paths†from Swami Satchidananda refers to the One Truth as Enlightenment and there are many Paths / personal Tao’s to get there.


The Tao:

There are but two primal forces

They generate infinite qualities

described as many names they are the source of the 10,000 things:

Expansion / Contraction, Passive /Active, Hot / Cold, Soft / Hard, Pain/ Pleasure, Bright /Dark, Inspiration / Fear.

Can words ever truly depict how they feel to each of us?

In any moment we may be aware of one or the other as we respond to the different colors of the rainbow that emerge from the dance of these complementary opposites.

Each soul loves in a unique way because she has experienced a fear of separation from love-  feelings so close to her heart that only she could know

He cries with a depth of sadness when his soul remembers how he loves to revel in laughter.  How could anyone else sense his world?

Exposed to the same opposite forces, infinite textures are generated, reflected by and affect each soul differently


The Tao is like the river, lake or ocean between these opposite shores.

The Tao, like the river, embraces both sides of the shore through all time, weather and seasons.

The river both feeds and cleanses all that it touches and embraces all with gratitude- the most intense storm and the calmest of days.

Tao emerges with every raindrop, every rock, every scent, ray of sunshine and both sings and hears the song of all nature’s creatures
in their infinite experiences.

The Tao is both receiver and provider and as such is inexhaustible…eternal







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