Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

EXCERPT from Shaping Our Destiny- by Seymour Koblin
Body Reading and Recommendations for Health Relationships and Life Path

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Different lifestyle activities and attitudes can create remarkable differences in the quality of our health. Following are some very basic recommendations that enhance the five movements.

Flowing Movement: The following lifestyle recommendations support vitality in the flowing movement by harmonizing the “kidney chi.â€

1) Sound sleep: A peaceful, deep sleep throughout the night tunes and regenerates the charge of the body, which nourishes/fuels all metabolic systems. 2) Warmth: Keeping the body warm, especially the lower back and abdomen, generates vital kidney energy by enhancing the metabolic function of filtering the blood and the energetic role of charging the body’s life force.

3) Small challenges: Stretching ourselves past the familiar in small steps, taking new chances, and trusting the outcome of a new activity can strengthen our flowing energy and build new- found confidence and courage. When the stakes are too high, gambling and risk-taking could drain us of monetary, emotional, and spiritual resources.

4) Moderate Travel: Frequent travel, especially through varying time zones, can confuse our body clock. When our natural body rhythm is interrupted, the flowing movement is compromised. Consciously attending to rest and nutrition helps us adapt to changing time zones, climates, geography, and new foods.

5) Sound/Noise: The flowing/kidney energy is associated with our sense of hearing. Loud, abrupt, disturbing noises interrupt the flowing movement. The music we love and appealing sounds (nature sounds- especially streams or ocean waves) can support the flowing movement.

6) Sexual activity. In Chinese philosophy, the kidney was referred to as the “Minister of Power†and the “Root of Life.†The original essence or energy reserve of all creative activity from the formation of cells, bones, marrow, spinal cord, reproductive organs and brain to the willpower that fuels the birth of our dreams and desires is believed to be stored in the kidney organ/energy system. This essence originates from the vital quality contained in the sperm and egg provided by our parents. In comparing our life to a brand new car, at birth we typically start out with a vitally charged battery. The health condition of each parent influences what is referred to as the “ Prenatal Jing Essence.†After birth our overall activity level and specifically the quantity and quality of our sexual activity determines how we manage this vital “post-natal jing essence,†energy.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Overindulgence in sexual activity and especially sex that lacks conscious attention to consequences (For example: physical or emotional abuse) can drain our battery. Also, there are differences between how men and women creator consume their “jing.†Because it is more common for men’s essence to be released (ejaculation) during sex, compared to women, they are more susceptible to losing energy through physical orgasm. Comparatively, women expend more jing through menstruation/ovulation, difficulties in childbirth, abortion, and taking medications that affect reproductive hormones e.g: taking birth control pills.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

In masturbation, the missing exchange of essence between partners tends to expend jing for both men and women with men still being more susceptible to energy loss through ejaculation/orgasm. Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle can recharge the body’s life-essence energy. Cultivating our sexual energy to circulate within the body through ancient exercises that develop the experience of “internal orgasm†is another practice that is once again becoming more popular. It has been said that if all the attention we place on sexuality was directed to cultivating spirituality, our path to enlightenment would be greatly accelerated.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Rising Movement:

1) Morning Activities: Early to bed early to rise gives one the opportunity to enjoy this time of the day when the sun rises, birds are singing and all plants are expanding to greet the coming day. Consistent time spent this way enhances liver chi. Walking barefoot in the morning dew-filled cool grass, sand or any natural surface will stimulate rising energy.

2) Fresh Activity: The spring season qualities associated with the liver/gallbladder rising energy respond favorably to spontaneity and life actions that are free of constraints. Any satisfying activity that is derived from breaking through obstacles stimulating new growth, balances the rising movement.
A woman in black shirt with hands together.

3) Non-competition: Activities that are free of excess structure, or extreme pressure initiate lightness, freedom, and liberation. Free-style dance and outdoor activities like hiking are examples. Note: People with liver challenges are often attracted to aggressive, competitive livelihoods or sports like weight training because the power rush that often results in these activities provides a temporary sense of liberation. While this momentary relief offers some benefit, without the balance of relaxation and stretching, these activities can exacerbate liver conditions by initiating too much contraction.

4) Eye Exercises: There are many exercises that stimulate the rising energy indirectly through the eyes which is the sense organ associated with the liver. Sit in a straight back position and slowly rotate the eyes in a circular fashion, clockwise and counterclockwise. Imagine you are tracing the hours of a clock as you focus your vision in twelve different angles. If any position seems more difficult, go back to it until you focus more comfortably there. Also move your focus from the center of the clock towards and back from each hour. Cover one eye and repeat these exercises. End by placing your palms over closed eyes to rest them. This exercise is best done before meditation. See recommended books.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Radiating Movement: 

1) Passion and Joy: Any activity that instills passion and joy while maintaining an even-burning energy level keeps the heart spirit inspired. Healing laughter is a powerful remedy that inspires the soul.

2) One Step at a Time: Hyperactivity or scattered attention referred to as “Shen†disturbance in Chinese philosophy is harmonized by following through on inspirations one step at a time.

3) Rotating hot and cold showers or baths: (ending on cold- which contracts body cells to store/consolidate warmth and circulation) Full body or even foot baths will stimulate blood circulation and exercise the heart. 4) Sweat: The natural heat of infrared sauna conditions the whole cardiovascular system. If available, a Native American sweat lodge that combines heat with prayer and traditional songs is usually an inspiring experience for one’s body, mind, and spirit. Make sure to replace minerals and fluids lost through perspiration.

5) Tongue Exercises: The tongue represents a physical branch of the heart in Chinese philosophy. Stretch it physically by sticking it out and rotating it. Exercise your tongue heart connection energetically by challenging yourself to speak your heart. For extra fun, master your use of the tongue in lovemaking.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Grounding Movement:

1) Receiving: Giving ourselves permission to enjoy the sweet gifts of life, such as relaxation, friendship, and time away from work, empties the stresses of over-thinking and worry which compromise the grounding movement.

2) Touch: The grounding movement is nourished through the sense of touch. Massage/ bodywork can directly harmonize the condition of the stomach/spleen/pancreas through the nourishing experience of safe touch. Wear soft nurturing fabrics like silk, cashmere, velvet, brushed cotton etc.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

3) Singing: In the shower, choir, driving to work, formal lessons, or just for fun and enjoyment, the power of our voice nourishes the grounding movement.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

4) Feeling Safe: Being a victim of external circumstances is a common imbalance expressed by someone with a grounding energy imbalance. Providing ourselves with (or recommending others choose) a safe environment to be heard and accepted is essential as a first step in accepting personal accountability for every situation in one’s life. Support and acknowledgement from friends, family, or professional counseling can provide the motivation to learn from the circumstances we attract. Blaming an “other†for one’s feeling is a common way many of us escape from the reality that there is something wrong with “me.†Being gentle, kind, and accepting of our personal life challenges is the first step in taking “response ability†for developing consciousness.
The other person is a mirror for something inside one’s self that is calling for attention. The other is like the postman who merely delivers the message. Does it make sense to bark at or bite the messenger?
ALSO, stop speaking negatively against people who are absent. Gossip/Backstabbing is akin to attempted spiritual murder.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Gathering Movement:

1) “Completion†and “Letting Goâ€: Achieving a balance between completing goals and knowing when and how to move on is the challenge we face in the gathering movement. Accurate assessment of the correct choice is sometimes as simple as taking a breath. Think of a situation in which you seek more clarity. Take a slow breath in and a slow breath out. Which was easier? Which involved more work?
Inhaling corresponds to gathering more energy for completion of an already started endeavor. Exhalation corresponds to letting go. For those who find inhalation is consistently easier than exhalation, ask yourself if “letting go†is an aspect of your life that requires improvement? If exhalation is easier ask yourself if “completion†is an aspect of your life that requires improvement?

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Genuine answers that fulfill our greatest life outcome resonate without reaction, anger, or fear and instead ripple through the whole body as a deep knowing. “Gathering†culminates the energy of all the previous movements into a very focused expression of intuitive decisions providing solutions that are both creative and practical. Complete Sentences- finishing every thought we start, teaches the body to complete and manifest any and every life desire.

2) Be On Time: Following through and completing tasks on time will evoke dependability to all body cells and functions.

3) Transform Guilt: Being accountable for ourselves is a wise practice. On the other hand beating ourselves up over self-disappointments can be a source of draining depression. Commit to doing better next time. 4) Scrubbing the skin: After or during a shower, bath or anytime you need some cleansing, scrub your skin; arms, shoulders, lower back, abdomen, legs and anywhere you can reach to stimulate the skin which is a physical branch of the Gathering Movement- Lung/Large Intestine meridians.

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

5) Breathe Clean Air: Regular trips to natural, unpolluted environments and/or utilizing an ionizer, ozinator or air purifier may help to enhance the breathing process which eliminates 70% of our body’s toxins. Essential oils are a key intervention for this movement that is so closely connected the breath.

6) Walk on pebbles: Find an area with soft stones to walk on or you can create a rock doormat to embody solidity every time you enter or exit your home. Crystals can also be a great catalyst for supporting the gathering movement


Assess which behaviors move you closer to your dreams and which are best altered or let go.

Tempted by bliss or incessant desire
We either awaken or numb –
focus or distract
Which is the way? Forward or back?
In the quiet center of the heart Lies a knowing
Sincerely ask Listen…….
The body recognizes the path
For sometimes the flow of a stream is still…
Quiet without reply-
These waters run deep
Mirror the quiescence
All answers come to those who with gratitude wait

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

Exercise 1) Reflect on your daily activities. Are there any of the 5 movements (Flowing, Rising, Radiating, Grounding, or Gathering) that you rarely express?

2) Notice activities, mannerisms, and behaviors of others that “turn you off†or aggravate your mood. Which of the seven natural movements (Contracting, Expanding, Flowing, Rising, Radiating, Grounding or Gathering) do they reflect? Do you acknowledge that this trait reveals something about you?

Behavior Recommendations According to 5 Movements

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