The Autumn/early Fall represents our natural tendency to Ground the inspirations of Summer, fire-like behavior, and to one step at time persevere and start centering our passions into long-lasting nurturing relationships.

The grounding energy is associated with carrying through our passions, daily -early afternoon, and annually- early fall. The soothing beauty experienced in early fall when multicolored leaves drift to the ground, summons the human desire for sweet, nourishing, bonding and connection. Imbalances in this movement commonly manifest in excess moisture or dampness, “neediness,†and an overall heavy feeling. Recommendations for this movement focus on maintaining a “down to earth†endurance while avoiding a weighted-down feeling. The Chinese cosmology puts Autumn / grounding relationships as the Center of Life. Any passionate inspiration goes through others before it becomes reality.

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IMMUNITY at its best represents our ability to resolve a wide variety of different substances and integrate any foreign influence into an enriching internal well-nourished body. Resolving differences with other people deepens our personal experience and we become healthier than ever before before. Killing foreign substances, as it is often referred to in Western Medicine removes any opportunity to grow and develop both our immune systems and consciousness. People with healthy immune systems like everybody. When there is a challenge based on differences and even judgements like cruelty or harming others, people with healthy immune systems sense /feel the big picture, realizing there are no victims- only strong souls who attract big challenges in order to reap great benefits for themselves or others who care for them and even for society’s evolution.


Recognizing Autumn- Grounding Connecting Nurturing, Earth- Like Immunity Challenges:
~ A worry-some voice that ends on a lower pitch while making excuses for life’s difficulty
~ People who talk behind others’ backs with partial or false information hoping to get energy from others who might agree with their judgments (gossip)
~ Discoloration on the bridge of the nose(pancreas) Blood sugar regulation

2nd toe longer than the first( Parents also had blood sugar regulation challenges Right foot- mother, Left foot -father)
~ Walk with a side to side movement instead of straight forward
~Hunching at the solar plexus
~Orangish skin hue
~Tends to build weight below the waist(butt and upper thighs)
-Left eye distortions
– Gum dis-ease
~Digestive sensitivities to foods that are otherwise considered healthy (grains, nuts, seeds, gluten). Do their reactions to these foods keep them from connecting with others or do their challenges in relationships create digestive sensitivities?

A woman in black shirt with hands together.
Discolored nose and left eye contracted (both pancreas challenge indicators)

Grounding Movement: Behavior Recommendations
1) Receiving: Giving ourselves permission to enjoy the sweet gifts of life, such as relaxation, friendship, and time away from work, ideally in natural settings with clean air and food empties the stresses of over-thinking and worry which compromise the grounding movement.
2) Touch: The grounding movement is nourished through the sense of touch. Massage/ bodywork can harmonize the condition of the stomach/spleen/pancreas through the nourishing experience of safe touch. Wear soft nurturing fabrics like silk, cashmere, velvet, brushed cotton etc.
3) Singing: In the shower, choir, driving to work, formal lessons, or just for fun and enjoyment, the power of our voice nourishes the grounding movement.
4) Feeling Safe: As mentioned extensively above, being a victim of external circumstances is a common imbalance expressed by someone with a grounding energy imbalance. Providing ourselves with (or recommending others choose) a safe environment to be heard and accepted is essential as a first step in accepting personal accountability for every situation in one’s life. Support that empowers one to see his/her own response ability combined with acknowledgement of worth from friends, family, or professional counseling can provide the motivation to learn from the circumstances one attracts.
Blaming an “other†for one’s feelings is a common way many use to escape from the accompanying a worse delusional feeling- “something is “wrong” with me.†Blaming another, while doing nothing for self is perhaps wrong when compared to transforming/improving. Growing through such challenges helps our journey to feeling righter and righter, step by step, breath by breath. Being gentle, kind, and accepting of other peoples’ personal life challenges is the first step in taking “response ability†for developing consciousness. The other person is a mirror for something inside one’s self that is calling for attention. The other is like the postman who merely delivers the message. Does it make sense to bark at or bite the messenger? Kindness and compassion for others will reflect to self when the shoe is on the other foot.

NOTE:The greatest atrocities are born from long time issues that would only be changed by extreme acts of cruelty which eventually produces greater compassion than ever for self and others.
An examples is Hitler’s extermination agenda of Jew’s Blacks, Homosexuals etc . His atrocious cruelty and the people who bought into it made an impact on the world and there hasn’t been a world war since.
AND, we still as a society only got the message partially. People belittle others behind their backs or continue to torture them directly because many of us still feel strongly that it is better to eradicate foreign influences than to resolve differences with them.
Anytime people blame someone else for an injustice it is a mirror of the injustice that lives within the blamer. Others reflect parts of ourselves we either like or dislike. If you like someone it is because he/she mirrors something inside yourself you appreciate and often would like to have more of.
If you dis-like someone it is because they remind you of something inside yourself that bothers you and is seeking resolution.

Running away, putting that person in jail or killing them makes no impact on the part of you that requires change as long as you cry victim for your self or others. Any form of revenge just continues the fear that continues to grow more deeply within. Does the receiver of the punishment get some benefit providing they decide to change? Interesting maybe, and… why spend your time on them? Change yourself and let others do the same.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

If someone says that “John Doe abused his power in having sex with that less powerful woman”. Consider: both people, the man and the woman are BOTH reflecting a lack of power that lives within them. They are perfect mirrors for each other. A weak man uses sex with a beautiful woman as a way to boost his lack of power. A weak beautiful woman agrees to have sex with this so called powerful man in an effort to gain a power that is greater than beauty- a double-edged sword that hurts both until they get they are both response able for his/her own contribution to the scenario.
Even in the horrific instance of violent rape resulting in permanent injury-psychological, physical or even death, there is a higher consciousness message, a ripple that has a deeper purpose than the two people’s learning who signed up for it. Extremes happen to send a message to self and others.
People who resolve these circumstances within, appreciate and LIVE a deep level of closeness, safety, love and intimacy that many of us could only imagine.
From Hitler to the Catholic priests abusing children, these Dark Angels are a catalyst for Light and will continue to show up until we get the various lessons that they invite us to embody. This lesson includes the energy of the Autumn movement-close nurturing, long-lasting sweet love and Gratitude= Grace Full Attitude. Believing “bad things happen to good people” only proliferates the behavior that has gone on for sooo long. Choosing Blame or Gratitude represents the center of our personal & Global immunity.

People with healthy immune systems take response-ability for their actions instead of blaming or shaming others. They sense the challenge within and utilizing compassion for self and others, devote themselves to transformation. They spend their time supporting change instead of name-calling. They look for opportunities to empower themselves and others through spreading forgiveness, compassion, and accountability.
As Byron Katie says: “Life Happens FOR us.” I say, Use Life lest it uses us.

Grounding Movement: Food Recommendations
1) Include Crisp Vegetable Preparations: When ground vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are blanched or lightly cooked, the crisp quality cuts through or breaks up stagnation in and around the organs associated with the grounding movement (stomach spleen, pancreas). Raw food preparations can have similar effects especially in warmer climates and with those people whose body temperature tends to be warm.
2) Include Beneficial Grains: Millet is the harmonizing grain for the grounding movement. It provides enduring strength, alkalizes the blood, and is very easy to digest.
3) Include Ground Vegetables: Squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, and other ground vegetables help the body become focused and centered.
4) Include Naturally Sweet-tasting Foods: Incorporate the natural sweetness of vegetable ingredients such as squash, onions, carrots, corn, parsnips, and beets to create sweet soups, vegetable, and grain dishes. The regular consumption of these delicious foods can prevent sweet cravings, support vital health, and stimulate an enduring sweet disposition.

5) Include Astragalus: The bark of this Chinese plant is saturated with slow-burning complex sugars (poly.saccharides), which regulate blood sugar and stabilize energy. Gently boil six roots with five cups of water for twenty minutes or until water turns yellow making a sweet tea, or cook astragalus with soups, beans, or grain dishes. People will question how you get your food to taste so sweet.
6) Avoid Excess Compacting/Heavy Foods: Overindulgence in chicken, turkey, and salty cheeses indicates a desire for stability. Vegetable quality foods (tofu, tempeh, and beans) can satisfy the desire for substance and heartiness without the heaviness and stagnation created by excess animal foods.
7) Avoid Simple Refined Sugars: Simple sugars such as refined sugar, flour, fruit juice, honey, and milk are absorbed into the bloodstream at a rate that may be too fast for the body to maintain an even energy level. To balance the quick influx of these concentrated sugars, the pancreas may secrete too much insulin. The overall result is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia,) fatigue, and cravings. Ingesting complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables and whole grains, keeps energy/mood levels consistent.

Refined Sugar and Health
The secretions of the pancreas regulate refined sugar’s rapid influx into the In Let Food Be Thy Medicine, by Alex Jack, he cites research linking the following illnesses/conditions/symptoms to refined sugar and a body’s compromised pancreas function:
acidic blood diabetes hypoglycemia mineral/calcium depletion bone weakness/osteoporosis impairment of the villi in the small intestine affecting absorption fat accumulation (excess sugar is stored as fat) obesity high blood pressure hyperactivity irritability and aggression in children (sugar elevates adrenaline levels—the “fight or “flight†hormone) schizophrenia lung cancer ulcerative colitis diverticular disease irritable bowel syndrome (refined sugars reduce fecal bulk, which may initiate intense muscle spasms) premenstrual syndrome tooth decay stomach cancer memory and concentration loss disturbed sleep

Traditional Home Remedy for Enhancing the Grounding Movement
Sweet Vegetable Drink: Cut equal proportions of squash, carrots, cabbage, onions, and parsnip. Add four parts water to one-part vegetables. Boil until two parts water remains. This tasty broth stabilizes blood sugar levels when taken on a regular basis. It softens the pancreas and relaxes the whole body creating a feeling/attitude of “centered sweetness.â€
8) Maintain a Balance of Sauces: Healthy sauces, gravies, thick soups, and puddings can all be made with ingredients that are health-promoting and still satisfy our sensorial desire for nurturing. (Remember our first experience of nourishment was mother’s sweet milk.) Overindulgence in thick sauces can create a sinking, heavy feeling. Tofu can be used as a healthy alternative to mucus-forming, fattening dairy ingredients, to create delicious, healthy sauces.

Tofu Recipes / Dairy Substitutes
6 oz. tofu (steam for 10 minutes), 1/2 cup Tahini, 2-3 cloves garlic (pressed and chopped finely), 2 Tbs. Tamari, Pinch or so of: Mint, Oregano, & Basil. 1 Tbs. umeboshi paste, 1/2 cup water.
Creamy: Crumble tofu after steaming and place all ingredients in blender – mix until smooth.
Crumbly: Crumble tofu after steaming, placing all ingredients in mixing bowl. Mix well with a wooden spoon.
For the best taste, make this up early so it can marinate for 2-3 hours.
Sour Cream Tofu
1 lb. Tofu (usually 1 pkg) cooked for 5 minutes in boiling water. Drain and save water to add in a blender if too thick. 1/2 cup rice vinegar or 5 tsp. umeboshi vinegar and 1 tsp. salt (optional). 1 small onion or scallion, 1/2 cup water.
Place all ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth. This is best left to set for a while so the flavor marinates.

Touch and texture
shape the quality of our love
In the arms of safety
we feel the courage to grow
participate, contribute
it takes at least two;
to pull away
or be come closer
give gifts that are truly free
no one ever faults alone
it takes both ~ you and me

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

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