Vibrant Relationships? : )

If you are wanting to learn how to attract THE RIGHT relationship or if you feel your current relationship needs a little work…

This event is FREE COMMUNITY COUNSELING performed in a Live hot-seat style setting with Nina Mercie.


A woman in black shirt with hands together.


Hear Nina speak at Fabulous Fridays  Sept. 1st

If you’re serious and curious, I invite you to sign up with me (via private message) to go on this one of a kind power-packed Relationship Field Trip.

You can just watch and learn or get your personal questions answered by the Master herself while in the hot-seat!

When you attend with me you receive free relationship consulting on the road trip to her event in Orange County (valued by my VIP Coaching Clients at upwards of $1000, but free of charge for you! ) so you can RAISE your awareness, feel EMPOWERED and be ready to rock your own world. In life and love! ; )

Bringing people to experience free counseling by the most trusted and highly qualified expert I’ve ever met in the field of relationships is a way of giving something back to my community that has had a strong and meaningful personal impact in my life.

Over the years dozens of friends in the community have attended and have personally received the support they needed at the time. Whether their situation was light and curious or coming from a place of total crisis.


Wherever you’re at, there is no judgment and there are resources here to help you. And you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per hour for a coach or therapist if you need the help NOW. (if you don’t mind investing the cash, of course, that’s great too!)

You could instantly learn something new, get clear on your relationships and pursue your dream of life-long happiness.

Now isn’t that wonderful? ; )

Live a life you LOVE
And have the relationship you WANT!

“If you have a gift and you don’t share it with humanity and with the people who need it, it will be taken from you.†–Pat Allen

*Some of the relevant background I have invested in to support you is thousands of hours of training as a Magna Cum Laude Psychology BA graduate, The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie, Gestalt Therapy, Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Transactional Analysis, Certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Relationship Coaching and a second year masters level graduate in Dr Pat Allen’s Cognitive-Behavioral program, that teaches healthy communication in relationships.

Happy to serve!

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