The 5 Movements represent the life-essential dynamics of the 5 seasons that are uniquely embodied by each of us.

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For example, the flowing, hibernation quality of winter (seasonal-12 month cycle) and sleep ( daily 24 hr. cycle) essential for us to maintain health in our waking life. A distortion of this flowing, water-like movement starts with or leads to sleep challenges and the ability to flow with the challenges of daily living.
Instead of being adaptable, a person who is craving harmony within this movement will seem detached and back/flow away from conflict. Reproductive, urinary, kidney, blood and bone dis-ease are also common.

Included is Seymour’s guide to SOHA  Essential oils. which explains and  how to assess which blends are best for you and how to use them effectively. The handbook explains both intuitive and Traditional Chinese medicine theoretical methods.For health assessment and essential oil applications.

Apply the energetic of Chinese medicine to make personalized essential oil and recommendation that integrate the cycle of nature into each person’s achievements vital health and soul evolution.

Kidney /Bladder Reproductive organs

WINTER SO HA harmonizes courage and adapt ability flowing.

Spring – waking with the morning sun the spring season births new (genius) action to our dreams or the opposite frustration and anger when obstruction appears? SPRING SO HA essential oil blend vibrates Harmony/ Patience within.

Liver /Gallbladder

See the power of creativity sprouting a new RISING

SUMMER – Flourishing with charisma, infinite possibilities reaching in all directions, inspiring- or burning like a fire destructively in random chaos? Summer SO HA essential oil blend but creates harmony and calm Passion.

Heart Regulator, Heart small Intestine, Triple Heater

Taste Passion Glowing RADIATING TOUCH the closeness of human bonding where passions are connected and in nourishing support but betrayed by blaming others and

AUTUMN SO HA essential oil blend nourishes and response and ability and acknowledges that life happens for us to feed our soul through adversity.

Spleen-Pancreas/ Stomach

Merging, connecting Interdependently GROUNDING

FALL- Gathering to completion: where the self grows through the culmination of all the previous seasons and movements.  We harvest Goals become real.

Fall SO HA essential oil blend harmonizes order and dedication with letting go of guilt, and integrating

and forgiveness with the resolute commitment to always create a better version of our self so we can

gather/ complete the cycle and move on to deeper dreams.

Lungs, Large Intestine

Breathe Manifestation into and out of every cell gather ring & Letting go.  Apply ENERGETIC’S vs. SYMPTOMATIC’S. Purchase includes BOOK file.


SO HA represents the sound of the inhale-SO and exhale- HA and therefore apply both the energetics or symptomatics of Essential oils. Affect people at the source/ root of any challenge reflected in surface symptoms.

Winter-hear the Ripple within of dreams come true~ fueled by the darkness of sleep or black away…

However, the Sense which seasonal oil blend you like most or least?

Consider, these extremes may be both the source of, and therefore

now the exposed secret to achieving your optimum health potential.

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Which of these Reactive Behaviors do you express Most or Least?

Running Away, Detachment

Anger Rage

Anxiety, Hyper scattered, Chaos

Blames others, Victim

Blames self, Guilt

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

By wearing these 2 corresponding oil blends, and therefore

instead of letting us our limiting reactions use and therefore

we SCENTS/ SENSE how to use our Emotional Behavior for Health and therefore Healing.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

We learnt to transform

Courage (Detachment/ a voidance)

Fun Patience Anger/ Frustration

Calm Steady Passion Hyper/ Scattered Anxiety.

Blaming and bonding.

Self evolution or guilt shame blame self .

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

Learn to use the Energetics of Chinese Medicine to apply Essential oils:

Learn to Customize Blends for different People according to Hot/ Cold signs, Excess/ Deficiency, Empty/Full, External/ Internal, Constitution/ Condition Body type / language, Birthdates, Face, Back, Tongue and however the Hara(abdomen) Reading.

A woman in black shirt with hands together.

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