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Dragon claws Lean Back

Inhale going back and exhale coming up. Repeat 10-15 times (slowly)


Tai-Chi-Kung-series Frog

Mouth is closed breathing through the nose Hold 1-5 minutes,Knees are Deeply under the navel, Knees out toes in weight on the outside of your feet-pelvis tucked under your spine


Tai-Chi-Kung-series Embrace Horse

Keep the hands through the nose mouth closed deeply below the navel and eyes closedhold 5,10,15,20 minutes or longer for deep internal health benefits


What of the Breath?


We  always told to breathe Long, Deep Small and Smooth into the Tan Tien below the navel.

How does our breath regulate the Chi?

How does our breath help us to navigate the Tao leading us to oneness with the universe?

Each inhale provides the potential to receive the entire universe within our consciousness housed in the body.

Each exhale provides the potential to empty ourselves of any residue that obscures the vitality of body mind and spirit.


Which easier for you in this moment~ Inhale /receiving or exhale/letting go?


Gently Focus  within every  cell on the one that and requiring harmony


Achieving this ever-changing balance between inhale and exhale is a reflection of the Tao moving through us and The journey of appropriate breathing in each moment, circumstance and life event, like a magnet attracts the Tao to live within us.

Of good and evil

Master, does darkness in the world shun our inner light?

As a passive observer sitting quietly, content with a slight smile witnesses and the passage of a river, so too, and we witness the breath …continuously enters at the nose, up to the brow and then journeys down through the body below the navel and the breath now circles back and up the spine to the top of the head and gently exits down through the nose. An elliptical repetitious flow.

Our breath can influence us to be like the river that connects, merges flows with all obstacles, transforms, empowers and cleanses.



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