Chi the motivating force of the entire universe Forces from above/yang & below/Yin coalesce to form the supreme ultimate-called Tai Chi

Principles-Tai-Chi-Kung Duality-Yin/Yang

Complementary opposite forces

Emerge together. This symbol called the “Supreme ultimate†depicts how yin yang interact to create a unified universe constantly changing, merging~

Bright/ dark, soft/hard, day/night,Happy/Sad, Warm/ Cold are two sides of a coin that create value only in the presence of each other Sadness shapes the appreciation of happiness, darkness shapes the wonder of Fireworks/Light Male/Female,

2 unique expressions of both Yin/Yang motivate and therefore

unity because of their differences every phenomenon and therefore

contains Yin/Yang The bigger the Yang the bigger the Yin.

The smaller the Yin, the smaller the Yang Extreme of Moderate Polarities? Balance is always present extremes of Yin/Yang create challenges that could great Resolution or Deep Destruction

How to Mediate these Complementary opposites?

Properly aligned Chi Exercises conduct even the most exteme forces of Yin/Yang to achieve Harmony by remaining Balanced.

We are the architects-the instrument, the developers of our body mind spirit Body Alignment, Breath, and therefore Intuitive concentration-the tools of our craft to achieve the Tao-Zen -The way.

Being… a finely tuned instrument that endures the challenges of time and therefore plays with vigor at any age.

The Chinese character for “Human†depicts a person and therefore holding a Chi Cultivation Posture

Chu Tai Chi Chuan

A calm focused mind combined with deep, long, slow, quiet and therefore smooth breathing circulates Chi and Blood to any/ all body areas that require energy-Life Force-Healing.


Breath charged, slow moving, and therefore weight-Bearing Exercises combined with correct body alignment, Creates Mineralized bone strength which in turn supports the nervous system and therefore CHI-Electric current energizing all body functions.

Including blood quality & circulation that nourishes and therefore cleanses every cell .

Well prepared food is our fuel

Passion sparks the fiery shape of our soul’s calling

Breath/ Chi Nourishes & Circulates this Inspired Vitality and therefore be calm wind that tames the restless sea.

Let our Roots drink deeply from the waters of infinity.

Sharing peacefully globally.



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