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  • *Completion of ZT Moves/ ZT I), and ZT II/ Advanced /(Improvisation) and ZTIII/Body Reading) as a “Repeat Student/Teaching Assistant aprox. 90hrs
  • Zen-Touch™ Moves Advanced: includes: Point Impressions, Energy Currents, Articulations, and Advanced Flow techniques. Advanced Back and Hara assessment/recommendations, Time Layers, and Life Challenge Transformation Technique/LCTT
  • Traditional Home Remedies
  • Body ReadingVIdeo
  •  Advanced 5 Elements
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Comparative Nutrition
  • Herbology Introduction
  • Compassionate/ Client Communication
  • Chinese Astrology Feng Shui
  • Water Zen-Touch
    essay by ralph waldo emerson Approxiamate Total= 500 hrs

les dangers du faux viagra All of the above classes can be taken as part of an HHP program and are required before interns are eligible for paid teaching positions.

Zen-Touch Teaching Considerations

follow The ability to teach involves different skills and aptitudes than those required of practitioners. The following are intended to shape one’s skills with the eventual outcome of attaining Instructor Certification. Proficiency in all of the above courses through consistent practical experience obtained through each intern’s private practice, “sitting in” on classes taught by different ZT instructors, repeating classes, and experience with clients at Holistic Therapies Clinic –
  • Participation in Zen-Touch™ intern meetings : theoretical and hands- on advanced training with Seymour Koblin*Private/small group lessons with Seymour in various aspects of Zen-Touch™ (technique, communication skills, assessment, recommendations etc.)
  • enter site Thesis: Completion of a 5-10 page written thesis that summarizes how you integrate a particular interest of yours into your Zen-Touch™ E.G. ZT and…. Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, 5 Transformations, Yu Point therapy….etc. The thesis includes an introduction/intent statement, case studies (assessment recommendations, follow up, summary/conclusion with each of your 3-5 clients.) The thesis ends with a synopsis of your research, what you have learned, and where you are now with the direction of your work.

go to site The thesis requirement can be waived if someone has successfully facilitated ZT at the teacher intern level for 5 years. After completion of ZT Technician, the intern pays in full for her/his first time as a TA in ZT I, II, or III. If intern is in the HHP program these “first time repeat” hours will be counted towards the 1000hr cetification and added to the official transcript. Subsequent credit/class fees as a TA are waived unless the TA chooses them to be counted towards a program. Note: Sign in on the attendance roster if 1) it is your here first repeat or 2) you would like the hours to count towards your HHP or 3) you are paying for the course as an “individual class.”

see url cheap pills without a prescription Zen-Touch  internship fee = $1500. This non-refundable fee is over and beyond all class tuition fees. It is assessed to cover individual and group time spent with Seymour outside of regularly scheduled classes (** listed above. These hours vary for each intern and are not included in any transcript). The internship fee can be financed through the school for an additional finance charge of $105 and can also be added to an existing agreement/contract.

here Successful completion of all the above is required to receive Zen-Touch™ Practitioner/Instructor Certification. This title may be listed in promotional materials, cards flyers, etc. Upon approval by Seymour, interns may receive a Zen-TouchÔ Practitioner certification before they are awarded an instructor title. [Note: Instructor interns receive a lesser teaching fee than certified instructors.]

follow site Graduates are accepted as members into AOBTA and may test for AOBTA instructor certifications.

The Zen-Touch Practitioner/Instructor course of studies is one of the rare apprenticeship trainings anywhere. It is based on proficiency instead of hours and encourages the individuality of each intern. It is a journey and the lessons learned on this path take precedence over certification and credentials. My commitment to facilitate in this style will reap different results for each of you. You will likely benefit most by avoiding expectations around when and if you will graduate, teach or “finish”. Zen-Touch™ is always changing and as long as you are enjoying the journey, I welcome
your participation.