Our unity coaches help YOU to CHOOSE a Soul Date.
Trained in communication skills,, body reading and intuition, y our detailed, objective and dedicated coaches help you to make a wise choice when selecting a soul date.

Are you feeling frustration around some  of your relationship choices? Let one of our unity coaches help you with an obective opinion.

unity coachesunity coaches

All unity coaches are certified through International School of Healing Arts as  facilitators in the art of personality assessment.  While the client assumes complete responsibility for choosing a Soul Date, our coaches objectively help clients to make a sound decision. All clients have been screened through questionnaires, personal interview and by each client watching a video before  choosing someone to actually go out with. Clients may choose to have different coaches interview potential soul dates to  make a more informed decision of who might be

a more ideal match. Coaches help you to make decisions based on some of the various personality discovery tools we use at Soul Date.


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