Quick, Simple, and Smart Strategies for Improved Overall Health

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Do you feel like being healthy is too complicated? Or, maybe you’re always on the go and it seems like good health is a time-consuming prospect. You can actually be healthier by plugging some quick, simple strategies into your lifestyle. Here are a few to help you begin.

Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is absolutely necessary for your well-being. Psychology Today points out that many important reasons sleep is a health essential. When we sleep, our memories are consolidated so we can tap into the information and learn from it. Your brain enjoys restorative processes while you sleep, and your mind evaluates events to learn right and wrong ways to perform activities. With too little sleep, hormone levels can fluctuate in an unhealthy manner, potentially leading to overeating, weight gain, and compounded health issues associated with obesity.  

Improving Sleep Quality

There are many reasons we might not sleep well, such as sleep disorders. Some sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and narcolepsy, should be addressed by a physician. There also are excellent natural remedies for getting better sleep. Deep-breathing exercises, for example, can help calm the body and mind to help fall asleep. A white noise machine, meanwhile, can provide soothing sounds for better sleep quality. A mattress that promotes spine alignment can also help; when your spine is properly aligned, your muscles can rest, which will help you wake up feeling refreshed and less achy.  Finally, supplements like cannabinoid oil (CBD) can also improve sleep. Just be sure to do your research — reputable brands will be straightforward and transparent about their sources, ingredients, and test results. You should also talk to your doctor before you add any supplement to your regimen.

Good Food

Most people know improving eating habits can help with weight loss, but did you know it can greatly impact your mental health as well? Some studies indicate modifying diet to focus on nutrient-dense, plant-based foods and lean sources of protein can help treat people suffering from depression. A nutritious diet can lower your risk of becoming depressed, as well.  

Better Nutrition

For many people, the idea of eating a healthy diet is easy to grasp, but the execution is the hard part. We live in a world of convenient (but unhealthy) foods and full schedules, so taking the time to hit the produce section can seem like a time-consuming prospect. However, there are many ways to make healthy eating habits quick and easy. You can divvy up your foods into snack-sized portions at the beginning of the day — or even every couple of days. Sandwich bags containing nuts, granola, and fruit slices are healthier than snacks like chips. Also, consider revamping your refrigerator. Put your foods like yogurt, fruits, and vegetables in an easily reached, highly visible area. When you open the refrigerator door, make sure they are the first thing you see so you don’t have to even think about making healthy choices.    

Enjoy Exercise

Let’s face it: Many people avoid exercising because they don’t enjoy it. However, the Mayo Clinic explains that exercise provides several important health benefits, such as weight control, better sleep, and enhanced energy levels. Exercise can also give you a more positive outlook and boost your self-esteem, along with combating numerous health conditions.   

Work in Your Workout

Finding the time to improve your fitness levels is easier than you might think. You don’t need to dedicate an hour to the gym every day. In fact, just going for a brisk walk during your break can help. Tied to a desk all day? One idea is to bring some hand weights to work and do some light exercises at your desk. Park at the far end of the parking lot, or a block away from your workplace, so you can stretch your legs going to and from your office, and take the stairs every chance you get. You can seamlessly make fitness part of your overall lifestyle without adding substantial time or effort to your busy schedule.

Being healthy isn’t complicated, so ensure you get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise. Quick, simple, and smart strategies can mean improved overall health.  

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