Centering Mind Body Spirit Discipline Yields Soul Evolution

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Centering Mind Body Spirit Discipline Yields Soul Evolution

People ask me, how do I stay centered and grounded amongst the incessant mental atmosphere of today’s fast-paced lifestyle?

 I know that without my daily practices, I would be a  mental monster. I am a disciple of spiritual/soul evolution. To be this way requires discipline in practicing my Chi exercises. They both charge and keep me in my body so my mind is clear and receptive to wisdom.
Others use Yoga- Dance, running, hiking, swimming, the gym, meditation, chanting. walking, hiking and stretching in nature, etc… a daily practice that uses breath, movement and focussed concentration to center/ align the body mind spirit. Eventually, our practices become a healthy habit/addiction. NOTE: The correct alignment of the body is essential in the physical exercise to benefit from one’s practice.
Without such practices, the brain becomes like a  herd of wild horses, kicking up dust and making a pounding noise that shakes the earth below their feet(hooves).Centering Mind Body Spirit Discipline Yields Soul Evolution
Centering Mind Body Spirit Discipline Yields Soul Evolution
 Those without a daily practice/ habit/addiction eventually resort to the temporary and dangerous solution of alcohol and drug addiction to numb the incessant rambling mind. Without a daily body mind spirit practice dis-ease eventually sets in and the drugs become prescription -legal medical addictions.
Consider Finding… Using your body to temper your brain -Be, Live your practice daily when you don’t need it so, in times of stress when you do need it, it is already yours and keeps you centered.
 I send you the power to use your healthy body mind spirit lest it uses you.

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