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By Jane Wick

The well-known American company Disney implemented feng shui for good luck in their Shanghai park, showing that the benefits of the ancient practice flourish in even modern business. However, feng shui isn’t just for good luck in the business industry. In fact, many people use it in their homes for the many healing benefits it brings to several aspects of their lives – with some benefits more surprising than others.


The benefits of clean air

While feng shui isn’t a substitution for medication, it can help to improve your physical health and wellbeing in other manners. One of the most common ways of bringing good feng shui into the house is to incorporate clean, fresh air into it, which can act as a foundation for a healthy living space. Adding plants is another way that feng shui can improve your health, as plants are a natural way of freshening the air, as well as eliminating harmful toxins.


A healthier mental state

While feng shui is primarily used to harmonize one with their surroundings, many don’t realize how helpful the ancient practice can be regarding mental health. In modern feng shui, the art of organizing and decluttering to allow the proper flow of chi can possibly lower stress levels and promote clear thinking. In fact, one study found that clutter can be linked to procrastination, frustration, and even life dissatisfaction among adults. Overall, the positive energy brought into your life through proper feng shui has the potential to possibly increase self-esteem and lower stress levels, as well as a healthier mental state overall in doing so.

 4 Surprising Health Benefits of Feng Shui -

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Feng Shui

A connection with nature 

With nature being an integral element of feng shui, it’s important to realize just how beneficial a connection with nature can be in regards to our health. For example, nature can reduce blood pressure, and muscle tension. In fact, research suggests that nature can even have therapeutic effects. Nature is an important part of attracting wealth chi in feng shui, especially through elements like flowing water. For that reason, water fountains can be a great way to achieve such benefits, especially when placed outdoors in a garden. Doing activities like meditation in a garden or space that has proper feng shui is yet another way to reap the health benefits of nature – proving that the ancient practice can be the ultimate way to connect with nature through wealth and health.


Feng shui in the bedroom

Another one of the benefits of feng shui is that it can help enhance and support a healthy love life for both married couples and single people. This is done by achieving equal balances of feng shui through a comfortable space for two people. For example, having a neat bed that has a good placement in the room is said to support a healthy relationship. This can have an impact on your health, as healthy relationships are said to strengthen your immune system. In fact, one study found that women in healthy marriages had a lower risk for cardiovascular diseases than those in unhealthy marriages. Feng shui can also be used in your bedroom to promote healthy sleeping, by rearranging the bed and using heavy light-blocking curtains. This can further become a benefit in warding off unhealthy sleep patterns, which are known to be associated with mental health issues like depression.

Feng shui has been known for bringing good luck and fortune to many for thousands of years. However, the practice can do much more than that by bringing benefits of love, wealth, and especially health into your life.

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Feng Shui

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Feng Shui 

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