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Soul Date -Where Conscious Singles find a Soul Mate 

and Conscious couples, friends, and family deepen the evolution of their souls through relationship.
Are YOU interested in participating as a:
Co-CREATOR/Organizer/worker, Matchmaker or Client? Location can be anywhere.
write: [email protected] [email protected]
The actual website is Dedicated to serving people who are committed to evolving their souls through relationship

A reason? A season? or into Eternity- Soul Date

About Soul Date

Soul Date-a branch of International Soul of Healing Arts is non-profit 501c3 spiritually based interfaith organization founded by a team of holistic centered individuals who devote their lives to helping people fulfill their dreams of Love in a Peaceful and Passionate relationship.  We believe that Physical, Emotional and Soulful intimacy is the key to genuine and long-lasting happiness.
Our clients value Health of Body Mind Spirit as a fundamental practice in their lives and by practicing health conscious ideals with our help, attract a life partner that supports and inspires each partners’ evolution of consciousness.  Such relationships persevere because the sum total and quality-chemistry of their relationship exceed the sum of their individual contribution.

Our trained unity coaches/matchmakers assist each client to become aware of who with and how to create and nourish a mutually fulfilling relationship.

Both our experienced staff and clients are educated in consciousness-raising practices like effective communication skills and intuition development.

Potential Soul Dates are created through the following compatibility assessment steps

1) Personal Meeting with unity coach/matchmaker          (Link to detailed description)

2) Personality “ character typing” Questionnaires

3) Optional (recommended) Birth date tendencies according to 5 Element Energy System

4) Video Interview -questions created by both Client and Soul Date unity coach/matchmaker

5) Communication, E-Motions, Body Reading and Intuition Seminar

6) Personal Compatibility Encounter    (Meet Your Soul Date)

The membership fee will be waived for the first 100 accepted applicants, ages 18- 39 yrs. and the first 100 accepted applicants 40 +.  Accepted applicants are welcome to make a tax-deductible donation if they please.  To Apply, scroll  the home page to APPLICATION FORM

There are no wrong answers on the soul-date-questionnaire     Scroll down the home page to the application form/soul-date questionnaire.
Your comments are more important than any perception of right or wrong.  Be Truthful and explain your answers where applicable.
After filling out the application  form,  go to file and either save, export and/ or share by email to [email protected] or  [email protected]
Notification of Acceptance to Soul Date will occur  1 -2 weeks after we receive your completed form. You can also send a profile picture (.jpg or.png 300 dpi -we will adjust photo if necessary) for the website -All accepted photos will be anonymously posted to age groups and geographical location. No applicant/client will contact you nor will you be able to contact any applicant/client. All meetings will be arranged through one of  Soul Date’s Unity Coaches/Matchmakers. Thank-YOU for participating in our unique approach to creating fulfilling relationships.
Blessings, from the Soul Date Team

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