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                       Our best teachers show us where to look and leave the seeing to us.

Seymour Koblin -Founder, Practitioner/Instructor Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Macrobiotics, Nutrition, Herbs, Holistic Health Education. iSOHA
+1 858 926 5845    +420 601 333 149 
School Instructors


Sherri Morrissey

Candus Woods-Garcia, NC, Herb Complete Intuitive Life Coach (619) 517-4160

School Instructors

Certified Nutritional Counselor
Certified East / West Herbalist
Feng Shui / Space Clearing – Master
Usui / Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master
Reiki-Art Master Teacher
Member of Int’l Center for Reiki Training
Educator for Int’l School of Healing Arts
Certified Angel Intuitive & Assertiveness Life Coach
Meditation * Crystals * Vibrational Healing
Founder “PREP-FOR-IT” Foster Teen & Battered Women Organization.
Tools for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Transformation

Thank you for reading about me. I consider myself a passionate person and Love what I do.
I follow my heart, do what brings me the highest level of Joy and have fallen in Love with the Healing Arts and Contributing to my Community.
I began my studies in Healing Arts over thirteen years ago at SOHA, this was due to my children experiencing symptoms of ADHD.

I felt traditional medications were NOT a match for our family, and rather than using medications as a “quick-fix” or a “bandage”, I began the journey of finding the root cause of the imbalance.  What I discovered was that vital health is created by more than diet, activity level, or the balance of inner and outer energies (stressors)…  Achieving vibrant health comes from completely realigning the body’s systems – Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually.
I originally used my own body as “The Ultimate Learning Vessel” when I was diagnosed with Vaginal Cancer and HPV in 2015.  I shifted my thoughts to understanding Cancer is part of my life journey rather than feeling like a fragile victim. I was then able to see this seemingly unfortunate scenario as an opportunity to develop, learn and grow more deeply than ever and share this learning in my growing community.
This lesson in perspective gave way to release that which no longer served me and completely heal myself (even to my doctor’s astonishment).

During this incredible Journey, I have used my education to assist family, friends, and clients with their own Imbalances – such as bladder cancer, chronic IBS, candida, parasites, Hypo/ Hyper Thyroid, MAC bacterial infection, vaginal cancer – HPV, ADHD, to name a few. I have repeatedly witnessed, countless of recovery and relief stories from people who applied the Complete Re-Alignment method. I am continually humbled by the success of the complete re- alignment process?/method?/ work? and look forward to sharing it with you.

For any questions, classes, or private consultations, Contact Candus-(619) 517-4160

School Instructors and Facilitators

Nina Mercie

Nina has invested wholeheartedly and has benefited significantly from her endeavors in the field of Personal Transformation. With thousands of hours of post-graduate and Masters level education worldwide (in holistic health, gestalt psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral science, meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP, and yoga) Nina brings a dynamic contribution to the field of Personal Growth. Her work is conducted internationally and personalized to connect with audiences from diverse backgrounds and to create lasting shifts.

She is Founder of the Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Relationship Wellness, Transformation Haven

 Elizabeth Jacobowitz


Elizabeth Jacobwitz Sensory repatterning at Fabulous Fridays September 8th

Elizabeth is fascinated by the mind-body connection and the awakening of self that happens through the arts and bodywork.  She facilitates change and transformation by guiding her clients in remembering, reconnecting, and rediscovering their body, mind, and soul.

Elizabeth holds a Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School and a certificate from the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego.  Her Bachelor’s in Health and Exercise Science was earned at Syracuse University, while Elizabeth studied massage and bodywork at IPSB College (the International Professional School of Bodywork), specializing in Sensory Repatterning, Somato-Emotional Integration, Relational Somatics, and Sports Massage.

Elizabeth was on the faculty at IPSB College in San Diego and the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, California. She teaches introductory bodywork, integrative Somatics, and self-care for helping professionals.

The outdoors and movement are two of Elizabeth’s passions.  She is an active hiker, swimmer, and dancer.

 Experience Sensory Repatterning  with Elizabeth Friday, September 8th at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health 9025 Balboa Ave  San Diego CA 92123

For private sessions with Elizabeth:

Expressive Arts with Elizabeth


Expressive Arts with Elizabeth Jacobowitz

The Expressive Arts use visual arts, movement/dance, theater, poetry, and music to tap into our imagination.  Not only is art-making intrinsically therapeutic, it allows us to explore our past, our present, and our future directions in a multi-sensory way.  Because each art form connects us to different sensory experiences, a different perspective or a new way of knowing can be discovered through the arts.

We move, we dance.  We paint, we sculpt.  We listen to and play music. We embody and act.  We write and become poets.  We dance the painting, paint the poem, and tell the sorrows and the joys of the symphony.

By working in multiple art media, we deepen and amplify the process of self-discovery and personal healing.  The arts are a safe container that can hold both our light and our dark.  They let us see not only what is lost, broken, and missing from our lives, but also what is strong, vital, and working.  Expressive Arts reconnect and help us to live meaningful, rich, and soulful lives.

Curious for a taste of expressive arts? Check out our upcoming classes!


Healing has to be understood as the restoration of a person’s imaginative capacity.  Only the restoration of the imagination will heal our souls.
~ Stephen Levine

Just as a musician needs to keep the strings of the violin properly tuned in order to create resonating music, so our body, mind and spirit need to be tuned to keep the channels of our senses, emotions, and imagination fully open.
~ Daria Halprin

You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget that errand.
~ Woodrow Wilson

Movement has the capacity to take us to the home of the soul, the world for which we have no names.  Movement reaches our deepest nature, and dance creatively expresses it.  Through dance, we can gain new insights into the mystery of our inner lives.  When brought forth from inside and forged by the desire to create personal change, dance has the profound power to heal the body, psyche and soul.
~ Anna Halprin

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.
~ Picasso



Expressive arts at Fabulous Fridays coming soon

Mario Mayorga

Cell #619-312-7980

School Instructors and Facilitators

Mario Mayorga Sensory Patterning, Martial Artist

Mario Mayorga, HHP, Sifu, and owner of 5 Elements Martial Arts & Wellness Center, has trained in various forms of martial arts since 1993, including Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Aikido, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong. He earned his black belt in Kung Fu in 1999 and has specialized in teaching Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Zhaobao and Yang Tai Chi Chuan ever since. He has taught kung fu at martial arts studios and public schools throughout San Diego County and has extensive experience at teaching children’s martial arts.

In 2005 he graduated Grossmont College with an AS degree in Liberal Arts and Science and was accepted to SDSU to continue his BA in traditional arts and graphic design. In that same year Sifu Mario had the pleasure of meeting many talented healers in various forms of bodywork, such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and physical therapy. After seeing the benefits that massage had on an old injury from gymnastics he decided to expand his knowledge of the body by enrolling at the Internal Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in 2007. Sifu Mario has practiced many styles of massage but specializes in Thai Medical Massage and Sensory Re-patterning.

In 2010, Sifu Mario became certified as a Massage Therapist and opened 5 Elements Martial Arts and Wellness Center with Senior Instructor Keith Jacobson. His focus was to combine the Northern Shaolin and Wing Chun Kung Fu styles and to continue his healing bodywork practices like yoga tai chi, chi gong and massage.

In 2012, Sifu Mario finished his Holistic Health Practitioner’s training at IPSB with over 1200 hours. In 2014, he completed a special teacher-training course at IPSB and continued his mentorship with one of his Master teachers, James Stewart. Sifu Mario feels that continued self-development leads to becoming a better practitioner of your craft. He is currently spending much of his time refining his martial arts skills and exploring different martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and training with ICE Urban Combat Martial Arts. In addition to his martial arts training he has spent extra time exploring activities such as yoga, gymnastics, ballroom dancing, hiking and bike riding.

Favorite Quote: “The only wrong time to start training is tomorrow” – Anonymous


Christiana Donovan

“Christiana’s technique of tirelessly repeating full verbal cues to establish the optimum asana enables me to close my eyes, go within and still follow along seamlessly. Even after many classes, Christiana still manages to change up the routine to keep it interesting, offering new twists and variations.  Even in a Gentle class, she sneaks in some challenging poses offering growth if one is ready for it.  Every level is challenged a little bit each day.”  Karen Whitney

I came to yoga in 1996 out of necessity.  At the time, my husband and I owned a very stressful Ice Sculpting Business.  Taking yoga classes seemed to be the only way I could manage my chronic back pain and successfully decompress at the end of a long day.  The calming effects of yoga and increased sense of well being were immediately palpable and kept me coming back week after week.

I soon became pregnant with our first child and felt so good doing yoga, I continued through my entire pregnancy, even striking several yoga asanas (poses) during the early stages of labor.

After my son was born, I wanted to return to yoga as soon as possible. Yet the demands of being a business owner and a new mom with very little sleep, made it difficult to attend class on a regular basis. When I did make it to class, however, I noticed that yoga had become my steadfast foundation. For that one hour in class, no matter what else was going on in my world, this was my time to focus completely on my own well being.  Yoga had become my sanctuary and a place to rediscover the bliss and sweetness of my own being.

Out of gratitude for my personal practice, I felt inspired to become a yoga teacher, so that I could share the profound blessing of yoga with others. In 2002 I took the Svaroopa Foundations Training with Swami Nirmalananda (then, Rama Berch) at Master Yoga Academy. Shortly thereafter, I began teaching Svaroopa Foundation Poses and Magic 4 Poses to others.  The positive feedback I received was significant and inspired me to continue teaching.

In 2008, I was offered a yoga teaching position at the Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, and have continued teaching there ever since.  Today, my students are my inspiration.  It gives me such great pleasure to witness their dedication and  personal progress.  Many of my students have overcome unimaginable physical challenges and personal life traumas, yet they keep coming back to class. Their personal testimonies and heartwarming stories have touched my heart in ways I cannot even describe. I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be in their presence.

As I stated on the welcome page, I honestly believe that there is presence and power within each and everyone of us that is greater than we can imagine and one of the ways to access that personal power is through yoga.

Without my personal practice and my spiritual beliefs, I would not have been able to overcome my own personal tragedies…In the span of 3 short years, beginning in 2009, I experienced the ending of my 23 year marriage, the loss of my second child, followed by the passing of my best friend and partner due to cancer.

My life experiences have taught me that life is our greatest blessing. It is how we respond to life that matters, and yoga teaches us a way of being present in the world with Love and Peace as our foundation, no matter what our life experience brings.

With Profound Gratitude and Reverence for my Students…..Namaste,
Christiana Donovan


April Dawn Corbitt
World-renowned empathic teacher, reader, and healer April Dawn Corbitt has worked with doctors to read and understand energetic DNA.

“I’ve been empathic my whole life, seen impressions, felt everything in my body, and talked to energetic beings. Over the years I have developed my intuition by working through any blocks or fears I had. Now I just feel one with all that is.”

2008 – Present: Research as a Medical Intuitive with world-renown doctor Karen Van Hoesen

2009 – Present: Teach Medical Intuition and Developing Intuition

2014 – Present: Research on PTSD

2015 – Present: Reader on

2014: Published “Write Your Own Story”

2012 – Present: Breath Master and Healer

2014 – Present: Teaches Solace Breath Release Practitioner Certification


Namrata Sakya (402) 800 0728
Ayurveda Panchakarma


Patricia Pace: Yoga

Patricia Pace has studied and taught yoga for over four decades.
Her path began as a teenager in the early 1970’s when she was initiated and certified through Integral Yoga Institute under the guidance of Sri Swami Satchidananda (meaning Truth, Knowledge, Bliss).
Growing up close to Satchidananda Ashram, she was fortunate to immerse herself in the essence and principles of yoga, including Hatha, pranayama, meditation, devotion and philosophy.
Her keen insight and awareness in health awareness inspired her to become certified in the healing arts as a massage therapist and ultimately led her to the alignment based study and practice of Iyengar Yoga for over 30 years.
She has also studied and practiced a variety of movement inspired practices including Ashtanga, Anusara and Wisdom Flow Yoga.She has taught in many schools and institutions in the United States before moving to Maui, Hawaii over 20 years ago.  She currently teaches and leads retreats in Hawaii along with a thriving therapeutic massage practice.
Patricia’s classes and retreats offer a rich blend of alignment based practices, freedom of movement with breath awareness and spiritual inquiry.
She will be guest teaching workshops at the ISOHA in Prague during the month of August.

Classes will be both therapeutic as well as spiritually focused.


School Instructors and Facilitators

Helena Hlavackova: Massage Shiatsu, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Meditation

Helena brings over 20 years of experience to the Embodiment of Health and Transformation through her inspiring classes.

School Instructors and Facilitators

Michaela Pleyerova: Yoga


Yoga- Love Devotion Surrender

Yoga is a way of life for me. A way of communicating with my surroundings, a way to approach everyday activities, and the way to resolve problems.

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than eight years since my stay in the USA. Since then, yoga has helped me many times on both the physical and the mental level. It has been an irreplaceable part of my life.

200 hours  Hatha yoga teacher (KARMA JOGA)

Workshop Hormonal yoga therapy  (Centrum Hormonální jógy)


Jóga je pro mne cesta, způsob jak komunikovat se svým okolím, jak přistupovat ke každodenním činnostem, cesta jak nenásilně řešit vzniklé problémy.

Jóga se stala mou součástí před vice jak  8 lety, při mém pobytu v USA. Od té doby mi jóga na mé cestě mnohokrát pomohla, jak na fyzické, tak na duševní úrovni.

Stala se neoddělitelnou součástí mého života.

200 hodin Instruktor Hatha jógy (KARMA JOGA)

Kurz Hormonalní jógy  (Centrum hormonální jógy)


School Instructors and Facilitators

Barbora Pečová-

Barbora completed the teachers training program at the power yoga academy in Prague (Vašek Krejčík). After that, she opened her own yoga studio in Chrudim and facilitated many yoga courses over several years.

“I was fascinated by Shiva Rea and her approach to body movement. It took my breath completely! In Munich, I attended a vinyasa yoga training course that I often include in my lessons.
Life brought me back to Prague to learn to practice yoga outside the mat. My attitude to yoga evolved. Now I see yoga as a part of me, whether I can practice it or not. While calling m call positions in Sanskrit is fascinating,  I am more interested in passing them on in a clear, understandable and secure way. The body is a very sensitive and wise materialization of our being. Paying reverence, respect, and esteem to the body has become my way of practicing and teaching. And what do I like most about my yoga lessons? To bring joy and relaxation for the evolution of body mind spirit.

School Instructors and Facilitators

Soft Yoga Class for all levels
This yoga lesson contains the elements of pranic flow yoga – the system from the American yogi Shiva Rea. Expect more dynamic exercises, but in fine design. In conducting lessons I emphasize functionality and energy balance. I describe the exercises simply so that the beginner can get deeply involved.
In the lesson, I emphasize the fluency of breath and movement. The important focus is not only on the asanas but also what is happening between them.
This soft yoga vinyasa is suitable for strengthening anyone’s health condition, relieving the body of tension and preventing back pain.

OBJECTIVE: To deliver optimum health to society through Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga, and Pranayama.


School Instructors and Facilitators

Dr. Ton Camaco, HHP, RH (AHG) is a Holist Health Practitioner (HHP) and Registered Herbalist (RH) in San Diego, California. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology, an Herbalist Certificate, and an HHP certification. In private practice as an HHP for over 12 years, she has been influenced by a variety of clinical modalities and orientations, and by the diverse life experiences of her clients. Toni’s approach to healing is holistic and transpersonal. She integrates the principles of Eastern and Western nutrition, herbology, energy medicine, Buddhist mindfulness and personal counseling to assist others in working through their physical and emotional blocks to attain optimal health.

In addition to her practice, Toni founded Moongazing Herbal Apothecary in 2013, with the vision of making accessible and affordable organic herbal health and skin care products, that can be used as *alternatives to the toxic medications and skin care products that exist today. Moongazing’s goal is to create the finest products free of synthetic materials from ethically-grown and harvested ingredients, as well as to improve the overall lifestyles of its clients by education and example.Check out Toni’s products at To learn more about medicinal herbs, Like us on Facebook at: Moongazing Herbal Apothecary

Richard Spasoff 

School Instructors                                                Psychic-Medium and Stand Up Comedian; Richard Spasoff


Richard Spasoff is a Comedy Show Headliner who also happens to be a Professional Psychic Medium! ~~ With a punch line!

In his one-of-a-kind take on Comedy, Richard incorporates both punchlines into Psychic readings while drawing on unique real-life experiences in venues large and small! Some of these unusual experiences include: a marriage that didn’t last 30 days because the Bride woke up, being hired as a Masseuse and Psychic Medium in a Red-Light District, a local Police Academy that was never quite the same after Cadet Spasoff nearly shot an instructor accidentally, the first apartment without a door, and being hired to give Massages to “wise guys” or “Goodfellas”!!

Richard Spasoff is an internationally renowned modern day psychic, medium, and Stand Up Comedian, motivational speaker, and radio/television personality for over 25 years. He has given accurate and insightful psychic readings to clients ranging from everyday citizens to celebrities, people in law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and business CEOs.

Richard has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows, as well as being a popular radio host. He uses his God-given gifts in the spiritual world, warm personality, and ability to see things from a different perspective to bring answers to the forefront.

Richard is more than just a psychic. He also has the unique ability to communicate with loved ones that have passed on. He shares his gift of spirit communication by providing answers and closure, which allows the healing process to begin.

Richard amazes his audience and personal clients with the astounding detail and accuracy of the information he provides during his sessions, leaving even the most skeptical individual a believer. Richard Spasoff is bringing the world of the Metaphysical and paranormal to the mainstream.

School Instructors and Facilitators


Jana Burešová

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