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Seymour Koblin -Founder, Practitioner/Instructor Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Macrobiotics, Nutrition, Herbs, Holistic Health Education +1 858 926 5845    +420 601 333 149 
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Candus Woods-Garcia, NC, Herb Complete Intuitive Life Coach (619) 517-4160

School Instructors

Certified Nutritional Counselor
Certified East / West Herbalist
Feng Shui / Space Clearing – Master
Usui / Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master
Reiki-Art Master Teacher
Member of Int’l Center for Reiki Training
Educator for Int’l School of Healing Arts
Certified Angel Intuitive & Assertiveness Life Coach
Meditation * Crystals * Vibrational Healing
Founder “PREP-FOR-IT” Foster Teen & Battered Women Organization.
Tools for Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Transformation

Thank you for reading about me. I consider myself a passionate person and Love what I do.
I follow my heart, do what brings me the highest level of Joy and have fallen in Love with the Healing Arts and Contributing to my Community.
I began my studies in Healing Arts over thirteen years ago at SOHA, this was due to my children experiencing symptoms of ADHD.

I felt traditional medications were NOT a match for our family, and rather than using medications as a “quick-fix” or a “bandage”, I began the journey of finding the root cause of the imbalance.  What I discovered was that vital health is created by more than diet, activity level, or the balance of inner and outer energies (stressors)…  Achieving vibrant health comes from completely re-aligning the body’s systems – Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually.
I originally used my own body as “The Ultimate Learning Vessel” when I was diagnosed with Vaginal Cancer and HPV in 2015.  I shifted my thoughts to understanding Cancer is part of my life journey rather than feeling like a fragile victim. I was then able to see this seemingly unfortunate scenario as an opportunity to develop, learn and grow more deeply than ever and share this learning in my growing community.
This lesson in perspective gave way to releasing that which no longer served me and completely heal myself (even to my doctor’s astonishment).

During this incredible Journey, I have used my education to assist family, friends and clients with their own Imbalances – such as bladder cancer, chronic IBS, candida, parasites, Hypo/ Hyper Thyroid, MAC bacterial infection, vaginal cancer – HPV, ADHD, to name a few. I have repeatedly witnessed, countless of recovery and relief stories from people who applied the Complete Re-Alignment method. I am continually humbled by the success of the complete re- alignment process?/method?/ work? and look forward to sharing it with you.

For any questions, classes, or private consultations, Contact Candus-(619) 517-4160

School Instructors

Namrata Sakya (402) 800 0728

OBJECTIVE: To deliver an optimum health to the society through Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Yoga and Pranayama.