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What Is Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu ?

go Zen-Touch Shiatsu is a trademarked / ™ innovative hybrid of shiatsu, acupressure, and Asian/Eastern bodywork created by Seymour Koblin.

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follow link Practitioners apply pressure while stretching limbs gradually. The attitude of compassion, respect and “energetic empathy” that accompanies the work, serves to stimulate “chi” flow, circulation and vitality. Every touch combines health assessment and therapy as the practitioner sensitively responds to the unique condition of each client…… A dual journey in healing for both client and practitioner.
The versatility of light energy balancing, deep holding, stretching, elbow, foot and knee techniques or stimulating hand movements provide the practitioner with a vast repertoire of methods to affect profound changes with clients.

get link “Seymour’s modernized insight into the behavioral associations of the traditional energy meridians combined with his improvisational approach breathes new life into bodywork”
-Jeff St. Onge HHP, Instructor

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See Zen-Touch In Action: Zen-Touch™ Chair Massage   Zen-Touch™ Supine  Zen-Touch™ Neck
Zen-Touch™ Back  Zen-Touch™ Assessment and Recommendations

Why Do People Enjoy Practicing Zen-Touch™?


research paper designThis bodywork style is a pleasure to do. I feel tremendous health benefits from practicing it and my clients get profound results.”
K. R. Ridge-Practitioner

sample art history essay Zen-Touch™ demystifies the traditional eastern philosophical models of yin/yang, five elements, body reading, and lifestyle recommendations by incorporating them into an easy to understand modern-day perspective.

go While the philosophies and techniques of Zen-Touch™ provide the student with an abundant source of motivating studies, Seymour emphasizes that compassion, reverence and the expression of one’s innate natural wisdom lie at the heart of healing.
Zen-Touch™ has introduced me to my most valuable ally… Intuition
F. Yousry – Student

Learn Zen-Touch™ One-Day Workshops (call for schedule)

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110-hr. Zen-Touch Technician Certification:
(2 week, 3 weekends, or 9 week part-time format) Zen-Touch™ I (Beginning /Intermediate, Zen-Touch™ II/advanced with improvisation and Zen-Touch™ III/ Body Reading, (can all be taken concurrently or at the students own pace.)
Students will learn to apply a full body Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu session including basic through advanced techniques, applications of Yin/Yang, Empty/Full, Chakras, 5 Movements Elements, Oriental Diagnosis, Body reading, and Client recommendations.

source url Zen-Touch™ Moves  I Beginning Intermediate

source link Zen-Touch™ Moves  II  Advanced Techniques and Improvisation

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go to link Zen-Touch™ III/  Body Reading

click here 500- hr. Zen-Touch Practitioner/Instructor Internship Program:
In-depth studies in a traditional apprenticeship environment. Seymour’s supervision of advanced studies in technique, health assessment, intuition, recommendations and communication skills shapes the individual style of each intern.

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