Holistic Health Practitioner Online Schools

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTITIONER- In Class and/or Distance learning 1000 Hours HHP $15,000.00 $10,000.00 before August 15th/2017 Payment plan, add 10%= 11,0000 Czech Republic-150,000 Kc Payment [...]

Herbs And Aromatherapy Classes Online Training

East-West-aromatherapist-herbalist- 350 hrs $5250 USD, 60,000 Kc Ask about our flexible monthly payment plans. Ancient health systems including Ayurveda assert that the sound of the breath is [...]


Whole-foods-nutritional-coach is divided into 3 sections that can be started in any order and a final section consisting of the 50 hr thesis where students typically take private lessons in a [...]

Feng Shui/Chinese Astrology

Feng-shui-chinese-astrology-consultant: Graduates will attain expertise in doing consultations for home or office. Seymour’s approach integrates clients’ heath tendencies and life [...]

Massage Therapy Training School San Diego

Massage-Therapist: This program satisfies the requirements of Czech State licensing only. This program is not for a license in the State of CA or most other  USA  states. Please check your city, [...]

Tai Chi Classes San Diego

Tai Chi Chuan in the Czech Republic and San Diego CA the USA tai-chi-form-practitioner-instructor  250 hrs: The Chinese Classics on Tai Chi Chuan form say that: “doing the form repeatedly [...]


Chi-Kung-Classes-San-Diego-Prague chi-kung-instructor The Chi Kung Instructor mentorship training includes approximately(depending on student proficiency) 50 hrs of public classes and private [...]

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