Feng Shui Consultant Certification


Feng Shui Consultant Certification

Graduates will attain expertise in doing consultations for home or office. Seymour’s approach integrates clients’ heath tendencies and life lessons according to Chinese astrology, with the traditional true compass directions of the Feng Shui “Ba Gua “. This personalized approach to creating a sacred space is rarely included in most modern Feng Shui courses. Honoring personal health tendencies while orienting one’s home or work environment according to the daily cycles of nature initiates. profound changes for the individual or family who follows these recommendations.

This course contains 3 classes and a Thesis:
– Chinese Astrology Feng Shui classes – 50 hrs
– Body Reading – 15 hrs
– Traditional Chinese Medicine – 15 hrs
– Thesis Internship – 20 hrs

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