Offered at Zenergy Clinics in San Diego and Prague
Zenergy Clinic offers services under the supervision of Seymour Koblin with experienced holistic massage and alternative healing practitioners.
Seymour’s perspective empowers people to help themselves by recognizing and embodying the unique balance of nature that exists within each of us.

This ever-evolving balance guides our journey through the fulfillment of our dreams (literally) and life purpose.



Seymour makes sure practitioners are qualified before working on the public in the Zenergy clinic

Zenergy Clinic practitioners provide clients with more than just a simple message or therapy. We educate each person to be aware of their unique expression of body, emotions, and spirit- guiding them to heal themselves.
Zenergy Clinic Practitioners show clients how to blend the practices and wisdom of ancient healing traditions-nutrition, exercise, herbs aromatherapy, home remedies, e-motional resolution and more into the everyday lifestyle of modern western society.


1) Intro Session-The Catalyst:
Best for people who are already improving their health condition and want to experience  Seymour’s unique perspective.
Approx. 30-50 minute includes 1)  Source/Root Assessment of all person’s symptoms or concerns (Physical, Emotional, Lifestyle) and whatever  Recommendations (Physical Emotional Lifestyle)  are the most important ) to regenerate Health of Body Mind Spirit.
$75/1000 Kc


Zen-Touch Shiatsu-the Bow

 Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Nutrition recommendations with recipes

2) The Empowerment:
Best for people who already are on  a successful healing path and are ready to take the next step for developing a deeper level of Health Vitality.  Approx 60- 80 minutes. Time is divided between Zen-Touch Shiatsu for Assessment and Healing, and Specific Food Recommendations, CHI Exercises and Lifestyle practices. Time spent varies, depending on which practices are most important for each person.Included is .pdf file of recipes or exercises
$150 /2000

3) Zen-Touch™  – The Healing
Best for people who want to tune their body mind spirit through the relaxing effect of Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu. approx. 1 hr Full Body healing session with assessment and some lifestyle recommendations.
$100/1200 Kc
Series rate:  5 sessions for $400/500o Kc


2) CHI Training/ The Activation
Best for people who want to learn a set of exercises specific to his/her needs. approx 1 hr- Time is divided between Chi Exercise training and ends with Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu. Comes with.pdf of Chi Cultivation and Circulation, by Seymour Koblin.
$100/1200 Kc

Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Push Hands Chi Training

 Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Riding the wild Horse Eternal Spring Chi Kung


5) Relationship  Counseling: The Resolution
Relationships are the single most important tool on the path to evolving one’s soul. Be guided in how to use the challenges of your most intimate/innermost relationships as transformative fuel to fulfill your Life Dreams. Drop the compromise and instead fully resolve conflicts creating win/ win deeply intimate relationships.  Instead of changing someone, learn to change your response to another, while expressing your innermost feelings, desires, and requests. Learn how your vulnerability is the single most important factor in creating the necessary courage to initiate closeness. Learn to use e-motions (instead of them using you) for empowerment of body mind spirit. Cool that Reaction- Be Compassion-RESOLUTION
$200/3600 Kc


Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Creating heart full Unity

Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Growth of one’s soul through relationship










6) The Ultimate
A) A healing  Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu full body session. This hands-on experience is essential for returning one’s  natural healing abilities and  for assessing the health condition-body mind spirit
 B) Lifestyle recommendations(e.g. attitudes and emotional regulating methods-can include interpersonal psychological counseling for individuals, couples or families)

Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Full Detailed Session- Food, Herbs, Exercise Lifestyle and follow-up

 C)  One year of Weekly-Monthly follow-ups to monitor, add or change any of the recommendations. Unlimited Skype or E-mail Follow-up (ad infinitum) at any time after Consultation.
$400/8000 Kc per Individual, Couple or Family.(not per person.-Time is divided amongst the participant(s) (Can be paid in monthly payments $100- $200/ 2000 Kc in person at the time of consultation.)


Private Lessons: Learn privately with Seymour and experience hands-on learning in every facet of East/ West Holistic Education in a private lesson environment with Seymour. Zen-Touch Shiatsu on a mat, Table or Chair,  Macrobiotic Nutrition, Herbs and Aromatherapy, Dream work, Communication Skills, Intuition Development, Public Speaking and more…… Price depends on time commitment/length of study

Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Seymour teaching Hara abdominal assessment and Recommendations

International Education Tours

Seymour's Sessions-Zenergize

Seymour explaining Yin/Yang in Ukraine

Experience  Seymour’s captivating teaching style where ancient energetic principles and practices are demystified for everyday use in our modern world.


Graduates in Prague


Create an International School of Healing Arts in YOUR City, Town or Area

iSOHA sets you up with all the necessary materials to create YOUR own school.
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Dreams are a big focus in Seymour’s work.  The sleep state is responsible for (metaphorically) 99% of health and healing. AND A holistic approach to dreams requires conscious awareness of more than just one’s dreams. The body mind spirit health condition of one’s waking state is absolutely necessary to understand why a person would have different/specific dreams.
“I work with people who as well as understand, are willing to actually affect the balance of both Wakeful and Dream states. This past week I worked with 5 people and their dreams. The purpose of my practice is to help people evolve their souls sand Dreams are a huge piece of this work. While the dream work of Carl Jung and Freud were an influence, I find the more Holistic approach of Asian and Native American (South and North) background are more poignant in dream work.”

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