Massage-Therapist: This program satisfies the requirements of Czech State licensing only.
This program is not for a license in the State of CA or most other  USA  states. Please check your city, state or country’s requirements for massage.

In San Diego, Seymour Koblin’s official recommendation for an approved and accredited Holistic Health and  Massage Certification school is HEALING HANDS SCHOOL OF HOLISTIC HEALTH  


Check this link for CA BPPE approved Schools

iSOHA does NOT directly certify students for CA massage certification. Our instructors teach at many State-Approved  Schools. Our organization provides teachers for such respected  state approved massage schools like Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, California Holistic Institute, Institute of Beauty and Wellness and others.
iSOHA provides Continuing Education Classes for general  Wellness and  for those who are already licensed massage or Holistic Health Practitioners.

 Seymour Koblin, our Founding Director was  also the Founder of School of Healing Arts in San Diego now called ICOHS. Seymour no longer teaches at this school although Seymour’s Zen-Touch ™ Shiatsu bodywork form  with it’s  principles and practices is still  taught there. iSOHA also provides  Holistic Health services to clients internationally through  many affiliate Holistic centers.



Helena Hlavackova Instr.

Number of hours: 150 
Completion: 2-6 months
Price: 6500 Kc (CZK)

Masseur for sports and fitness massage, Ministry of Education accreditation-fitness and sports massage outside the health field.

This 150-hour program, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Sports, is the basic sports massage course, necessary for issuing a trade certificate in massage services outside the health field. It is the basis for many of our other programs. The course content is designed for beginners in massage. This program provides an excellent foundation and knowledge needed for a successful entry into the massage and Holistic Health Field field. Also welcome are advanced students who can renew their skills and explore iSOHA possibilities.

Practical Training – Teaching massage (100 hours):

5 h – Basic massage touches

2 h – Procedure for overall massage


massage-therapist neck-cervical rock

15 h – Neck massage

25 h – Back massage

5 h – Massage the gluteal muscles

25 h – Lower limbs massage

5 h – Abdominal Massage

5 h – chest compressions

10 h – massage of the upper limbs

3 h – automassage

Theoretical training (50 hours):

10 h – Anatomy

10 h – Physiology

10 h – Theory massage

5 h – Massage equipment and supplies

5 h – Occupational Hygiene masseur and environment

5 h – Psychology masseur contact with the client

5 h – First Aid

To obtain a diploma authorizing him to obtain a trade license must successfully complete the final exam:

Final exam (3h)

General Education – written tests in the fields of anatomy, physiology, massage theory, psychology and first aid

Practical requirement – oral exam, practice

The many benefits of massage include:

  • Soothes anxiety and depression
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Helps you feel better and eases pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Boosts immunity
  • Curbs headaches
  • Increases blood flow
  • Benefits PTSD, cancer patients and numerous illness’s


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