iSOHA Holistic Wellness  Events. We will co-create, plan, and organize your one time, occasional  or ongoing events in a way that sparks, expands and focuses the essence of wellness at your organization. We provide or coordinate Speakers, Instructors,  Holistic & Wellness Practitioners who will facilitate your company’s event  complete with Music, Healthy food, and an ambiance that suits your needs.

For 30 years we facilitated the Thursday Night Holistic  Wellness Clinic at The School healing Arts in Pacific Beach-San Diego, CA.  Holistic Thursdays  became the schools  most effective marketing tool while more importantly provided a highly successful  venue for affecting the health consciousness of a wide variety of people from the San Diego community.

iSOHA Holistic Wellness Events

School of Healing Arts has handed the baton of Inspiring Holistic Health in San Diego to  the Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. iSOHA  will be facilitating their Fabulous Fridays as both a Healing education event that includes a different workshop each week 7 PM, followed by hands on healing sessions 8PM and  for those who feel like partying, a celebration activity- dance jam, drumming, chanting and on mellower nights, consciousness – rasing movies 9:30 pm on… 9025 Balboa  Balboa Suite #130, SD CA 92123

iSOHA Holistic Wellness Events


It’s all about community. In todays fast paced phone -social media life style iSOHA is here to  bring back the much needed touch of personal connections- face to face-body to body-soul to soul

Leave your phone alone – Dare to leave it at home?
You’ll be surprised at how much fun you will have on your own
Dance, Trance, Laugh- feel the Zone

iSOHA Holistic Wellness Events

 Reflect , Connect in the presence of others
to watch yourself in the eyes of another
to sail your soul upon his/her sea
to share the sweet possibilities
Connect your dance with me

iSOHA Holistic Wellness Events

energy circle

Chi Kung and Tai Chi at Peninsula YMCA– Join Seymour Koblin and his trained students for one of the best systems for health regeneration and life Longevity. The seniors in this class are absolutely inspiring. From ages  67- 90 years young, their body’s are becoming well aligned, balance is improving, pains are being relieved, breath-Lungs and Heart health are becoming stronger and more resilient. Come to join them or iSOHA can start a Chi Kung/Tai Chi program in your organization.

iSOHA Holistic Wellness Events

Holistic Thursdays in Prague Czech Republic; Wellness Workshops+ Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu.  Free every Thursday Night 7-9 pm.
Chi Kung Tai Chi- every 6-7 pm Wednesday nights

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