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SEYMOUR KOBLIN: Prague, C.R. San Diego, Los Angeles,  Central Coast, Bay Area CA, Milwaukee, WI, Kansas Cy, MO, UK, Israel Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, and various International locations. Personal and Distance Education  Read More



Hi! I’m Adrianne Butler and I’ve been practicing Zen-Touch™ for 20 years now!  Although my work has evolved and morphed into my unique expression my foundation as a Zen-Touch™ Practitioner lays the groundwork for every session I walk into.  My work at this time is done on a table, but luckily it’s hydraulic for easy climbing!  I also love and have been including Reiki for years.  I feel like this work has given more power to my intention, and tends to enhance flow upon finding my most empty and full areas during a session. Most recently I have been going through the Upledger program and learning CranioSacral Therapy as well as Shamanic Journeying.  These have both opened my mind in ways I could have never imagined. And yet, it still comes back to keeping it empty. Thanks, Seymour for putting this together, I hope to connect with some other ZT practitioners out there!
Adrianne International-Zen-Touch-Holistic-Practitioners


My path into Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, massage and holistic health began in 1992. I was privileged joining Seymour in his apprenticeship program and my life changed immensely.

Many years of being a massage therapist, I’m often asked what’s your base, it always comes back to Zen-Touch™International-Zen-Touch-Holistic-Practitioners.
From working in table massage to being on the mat, my foundation goes back to Seymour and his way of bodywork.
I always keep a beginners mind knowing there is room for growth in each and every client I’m in contact with.  This is my fuel, my passion learning, sharing and exploring something new within the presence of being here.
I’m a Zen Touch Practitioner,  Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist.


At 28 Hugo was totally physically disabled with Fibromyalgia. He found himself facing a life of pain, medications, disability and a condition that, according to his doctors, would only worsen. After learning Zen-Touch™ at the School of Healing Arts, he found that the more bodywork he was giving, or receiving, the better he felt. Hugo offers a creative approach to cultivating life force through bodywork by integrating profound Eastern principles of balance with a sense of humor.



MONIKA KLEMENTOVA: Prague Practitioner and teacher of holistic healing methods: Zen-Touch Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Chi Kung, Bowen, Baby Massage, Nutrition.

 +420 602,695,929  See More


MARIEM BEY: Prague, C.R. and UK

Hello, my name is Mariem, I’m originally from England and Tunisia now living in Prague. I arrived here to work on a film project, fell in love with the city and stayed. International-Zen-Touch-Holistic-Practitioners I’m very interested in self-development and taking care of each other.  I recently started learning Zen Touch Shiatsu method at ISOHA and love it’s gentle and very rewarding benefits both as a practitioner and receiving a session.  I have a business as a Style Coach offering Home Revive
Wardrobe Sessions, using my 10 years experience in the TV & Film industry as a Costume Design Assistant, I help you to realize what works for you with ease, learn to create more outfits with what you already have and become a wiser and thriftier shopper.  I created this service to encourage sustainability, fun and service your lifestyle better.  I also love dancing, beachball tennis, and practice yoga often.  If either of my services sounds interesting please get in touch, I would love to hear from you and take it from there.


SONIA KAUFMAN-San Diego, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Spain 1 619 277 8914

*National Board Certified Massage Therapist  ( NCBTMB)No. 440267-00
*California Certified Massage  Therapist  ( CAMTC) No. 23658
* Certified Yoga Instructor (RYI)200/500
* Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)No.2003017860
* Certified Watsu and Tansu Practitioner
* Deepfeet Ashiatsu Bar Therapy Practitioner
*Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Practitioner.
*Zen Touch Practitioner(Since 2004)
My Goal:
I offer Integral Holistic Health Services, including Massage Therapy with a diversity of modalities, Yoga instruction, and Nutritional Counseling.
My intention is to provide my clients with enhanced mobility, more flexibility, improving circulation and a fresh and healthy perspective of life, manifesting and projecting clarity and strength in professional, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.


STANISLAVA PAPOUSKOVA-Chrudim, Pardubice-stapap13@gmail.comInternational-Zen-Touch-Holistic-PractitionersMassage, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Chi Kung Instructor


EVA POLAKOVA- Czech Republic

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Chi Kung Tai Chi. Eva is a living example of Health and Longevity and inspires her clients to embody these principles through Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu, Chi Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling


Dr. TOMAS MOUCKA-Prague, Czech Republic,
Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu



LEAH CRUMP- Bend, Oregon

Leah has 15+ years of certified experience in the healing arts.  We bring a practical and calming spirit to every single session. Leah helped over 14,000 clients with wellness integration, pain relief,  and emotional healing since 2004. An Oregon native, Leah moved home to Bend after living in coastal San Diego for fifteen years. She studied at the International College of Holistic Studies where she earned an elite advanced degree in Holistic Health,

earning multiple specialized certifications. Leah has taught many and continued her deep study and application of body-mind modalities internationally in Hawaii, Thailand, Burma, Mexico, and India – such as yoga nidra, hypnotherapy, and Ayurveda.  Leah develops customized integrative wellness plans for clients, getting to the root of issues, encouraging accountability,  and most importantly, “do-able” lifestyle recommendations that generate massive transformation. Clients gain a life reaffirming sense of vitality, balance, and peace. While Leah moves away from bodywork and wholly into coaching over the next few months,  her associate Shasta Green, LMT, and Jennifer Howie, LMT will be taking on new massage therapy clients in 2019.




Energy healing sessions, nutritional guidance, herbal recommendations, space clearing and Feng shui.
Reiki 1 and 2 class in September


CORINNA JAKOBI- Germany, Calw (near Stutgart)International-Zen-Touch-Holistic-Practitioners

In the Beautiful surroundings of Germany’s northern Black Forest you will enjoy Zen-Touch™ Chair Massage, day retreats in Yoga and Meditation, wellness massages and more with “Yoga and mehr”  Me and my partner will spoil you and make sure your visit remains an unforgettable day.

ANDREA KOLESOVA-iSOHA-Pardubice Classes Private Sessions

Andrea Kolesova is the Administrative, Marketing and Creative Director at iSOHA-Pardubice

Enjoy “BARS” head massage



Andrea Kolesová

+420 702 104 122

Pardubice, Staré Čívice

Corinna Jakobi
Tel.: 07051-96 71 74
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