ISOHA 5 Seasons/Elements Aromatherapist Consultant

International School of Healing Arts 5 Seasons/Elements Aromatherapist Outline

ISOHA 5 Seasons/Elements Aromatherapist Consultant


Includes Body Reading- Calm Passionate Communication and SOHA 5 Seasons/Elements Essential Oil training.-. Seymour personally trains participants to be proficient in both applying and teaching these Life Transforming Skills. Essential Oils Knowledge is applied to an individual’s Constitution and Condition instead of the usual symptomatic dis-eases. The principles and practices of Chinese Medicine Energetics are integrated into Essential oils blends and separate oils. The 5 SO HA seasonal blends TUNE a person’s physical emotional and spiritual state of being to better follow one’s ever-changing/adapting Tao-Destiny. Deepen and create harmony in all your relationships while Developing Intuition as well as applying practical tools for assessing people’s needs according to essential oils. Make customized recommendations integrating Essential Oils, Relationship Dynamics, and Lifestyle.

Participants are personally guided and coached through Seymour’s Shaping our Destiny Book until proficient in all the outlined material of this very complete text on Evolution of the Soul. The SOHA essential oil blends are focussed on in a thesis created by the future consultant to hone their skills with the application of essential oils. Create vital health for self and serve others teaching them to do the same. Graduates receive additional Certifications as Shaping Our Destiny Consultant and Calm Passionate communication Unity Coach. Included are Shaping Our Destiny and So HA 5 Season/Element Essential Oils Books.

Interntional School of Healing Arts

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 Tai Chi Kung Instructor Certification

These ancient martial art derived forms that cultivate body alignment,  CHI energy development, and mental concentration follow the Yang family style as taught by Master C.K. Chu of New York. Each class includes the ancient immortality training through Nei Kung, Chi Kung exercises, and self-defense applications. Learn to teach others to heal themselves through this powerful system of Chi Cultivation and Circulation.

Wholefoods Nutrition & Herbology Consultant

Explore the wide variety of philosophies and practices behind natural, healthy approaches to diet and nutrition. Energetic, Traditional, and Modern approaches to Foods & Herbs are learned so graduates can skillfully create individualized nutritional plans and herbology recommendations for the versatile needs of each person's health condition.

Feng Shui Consultant

Looking for more energy, prosperity, and soul-evolving relationships? Graduates will attain expertise in doing consultations for home or office. Seymour’s approach integrates clients’ health tendencies and life lessons according to Chinese astrology, with the traditional true compass directions of the Feng Shui “Ba Gua “. This personalized approach to creating a sacred space is rarely included in most modern Feng Shui courses. Honoring personal health tendencies while orienting one’s home or work environment according to the daily cycles of nature initiates. profound changes for the individual or family who follows these recommendations.

Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu / Thai

Zen-Touch Shiatsu massage is a trademarked™ innovative hybrid of shiatsu, acupressure, and Asian/Eastern bodywork created by Seymour Koblin.

Emotional Healing- Calm Passionate Communication Unity Coach

Communicating with clients, colleagues, friends, family and all our relations is a key factor that will determine the success of any life endeavor. Be it for career or personal interactions through speaking, body language, and subconscious messages, we will learn to communicate while maintaining personal ethics and boundaries. Learn to use feelings for healing. Express your innermost desires while becoming closer to others. COACH OTHERS (Family, Intimate Partners, Businesses) to use Calm Passionate Communication for vital health personally, professionally, and globally.            LEARN "TIME LAYERS" - How to assess and transform blocks from a specific age(s) clients are holding on to- based on Chakras and 5 movements/seasons/elements.
"SUBCONSCIOUS COOPERATION TECHNIQUE"- Help clients to assess whether their subconscious is cooperating with Conscious desires and how to retune their subconscious to get on board in all Relation Ships.

Intuitive Body Reading

Ancient body reading maps(face, back, Chakras, Hara/abdomen, and Body language are combined with intuition development giving practitioners the ability to read clients' most influencing health and lifestyle patterns Recommendations are explained in a way that inspires clients to embrace life with new eyes. Assess years from a person's past that are still inhibiting CHI flow. Assess and affect your subconscious to align with conscious desires.

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