Intuitive Body Reading Certification

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Intuitive Body Reading

Students will learn body reading skills for face, back, hara (abdomen), body structure, birth dates, mannerisms, attitudes, and hands based on Yin/Yang and 5 element models. These body reading skills will be applied to both understanding and deepening our vitality in health, relationships, and life path. Using these various body reading maps guides us in taking the necessary steps to fulfill our greatest Potential/Destiny.

Intuitive Body Reading Certification

Private Classes w/ Seymour – $540

Physical (food and Chi breathing exercises), Emotional (using feelings for healing) and Spiritual (subconscious healing) methods are all integrated into the course.
Intuitive applications are developed with the various maps presented in this inspiring course as Seymour personally guides participants to read people compassionately thus assisting them in full filling their Dreams and Life Purpose.


Dear Seymour,

Thank you gratefully for your marvelous workshop in Prague. I am absolutely excited by your style of body reading interpretation, your work with people. I am fascinated with the great facility, which you transmitted to us your deep knowledge and experiences clearly with, your great wisdom, finesse and kindness.

Thank you also for a new point of view on yin – yang, work with chakras and diagnostics of 5 elements. I am enriched a lot because of that. But it was not only words and information which I was interested in. It was your (spirit) energy mainly, voice intonation, body talk. It was energy under your words mainly, which has taught me a lot of new experiences and connections, which you had not even said many times. Thank you, thank you for the education hidden “behind words”.

I have to say THANK YOU for all your attention during the day course. I was the woman you “read” as a demonstration. You impressed me with your intuitive knowledge of all my health issues.

I went into your body reading course with total disbelief- .only being there to see if I could understand the oriental way of thinking better… The courses I have taken so far have confused me beyond belief… But you made it sink in for me… Seeing it thru your eyes made me understand it, realize it..and again thank-you

With a smile,

Interntional School of Healing Arts

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