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  Tuition is based on a 200 Kc/hr(Czech) $15/ hr (USA) fee.
Tuition may vary according to location.
Ask about our early registration discounts,
payment plans and work-study scholarships. 

iSOHA Classes

Graduation class Zen-Touch Shiatsu San Luis Obispo California Holistic Institute


Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology                                                               4 -15 hours or Certified Consultant 100 hrs

Feng Shui: learn the fundamentals of this ancient art form which uses our environment to consciously nurture and support us.  Students will learn practical techniques to immediately begin creating changes in their homes and lives.

Chinese Astrology: teaches how people can integrate physical, emotional and spiritual tendencies according to the natural forces by the constellations on the day of your birth.
 iSOHA Classes

Ayurveda: Principles & Practice with Whole Foods                          12 hours

Ayurvedic healing is a way of living and thinking in balance with nature.  It is essential to examine its foundations to receive benefits from its principles.  This course will delve into constitutional differentiation, nutrition, yoga, therapies and cooking to link the ancient Vedic culture into modern living.

Body Cleansing & Detoxification                                                                  4 hours

Looking for more energy, radiant skin, clarity of mind, better digestion and freedom from disease?  This class will teach you how to detoxify the body, herbs and foods that aid cleansing, healthy ways to fast, enzymes and how to detoxify vital inner organs.

Comparative Nutrition                                                                                   20 hours

Explore the wide variety of philosophies behind natural, healthy approaches to diet and nutrition.  Each week features a guest expert presenting his/her own perspectives on nutrition.

 iSOHA Classes

  iSOHA Classes

  Tuition is based on a 200 Kc/hr fee. Tuition may vary according to location.
Ask about our early registration discounts,
payment plans and work-study scholarships.

Five Elements    12 hours

This in-depth study of the Five Elements model reveals how it may be applied practically in our modern world, enhancing our ability to assess clients and provide them with energetic, nutritional, and behavioral recommendations for better health. Includes Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of meridians, organs, and vital substances.

Food and Mood                                                                                                   4 hours
Understand how body chemistry of the organs can affect one’s mental and emotional health.  Learn what and how to feed the body correctly to balance one’s energy, throughout the day, the seasons, and one’s genetic background.  Also included are discussions on digestion and toxicity as contributors to stress and health.

Healing with Whole Foods                                                                                20 hours

 Students may sign up for individual classes or the entire series.  10.00 material fee per class.  Each class will cover a different topic.  Discover the healing power of food, how food can increase your energy, and how to prepare healthy macrobiotic meals.  Class includes theory as well as food preparation, cooking, menu planning and shopping.


  • Cooking for different climates.
  • Quick work style cooking.
  • Tempura varieties
  • The art of different pickles
  • Vegetables: cutting and cooking styles
  • Travel Lunch box
  • Overcome your sugar cravingswhole-foods-1 iSOHA Classes


Nutri-Journey                                                                                                9 hours

Nutri-Journey teaches participants to heal themselves by accessing the power of their emotions.  Classes provide the necessary knowledge base to draw from.  The series of guided “journeys” with their accompanying music affirmation CD’s, empower participants to transform their health condition and to continually deepen/reinforce their path to radiant health.

Traditional Home Remedies                                                                     15 hours

Please bring 2 towels to class.Teas, compresses, ear candling and various traditional methods give the student new tools to complement their healing therapies.
 iSOHA Classes

  iSOHA Classes
Tuition is based on a 200 Kc/hr fee. Tuition may vary according to location.
Ask about our early registration discounts,
payment plans and work-study scholarships.



  iSOHA Classes

Destiny & Intuition                                                                                      6 hours

 Required for Zen-Touch program. Continuation of the Bodyreading theme to further explore intuitional understanding of the energetic body.  Intuitive skills are developed to better forecast tendencies in health, relationships and life path.

Healing The Hara                                                                                          8 hours
Explore the map of our life as revealed by this vital body center.  Hands on methods for assessing and initiating change through abdominal palpations. 


Palm Healing & the 7 Chakras                                                                    4 hours
All bodywork techniques originated with the laying on of hands.  Off the body and/or very light contact accompanied by the inward attention to create healing, is the basis for this ancient traditional healing style.  Experience the body’s main energy centers called “chakras”.  Includes one hour of practicum on the public.

Chakra spirals FLT iSOHA Classes iSOHA Classes








Zen-Stone Therapy                                                                                               12 hours
 Bring 2 sets of sheets (any size), 4 medium towels & bathing suit.  If you wish to expand your massage resources and learn to save your hands from unnecessary fatigue, then Stone Therapy is for you.  During this course you will learn the history of Stone Therapy, how to ceremonially cleanse the stones, contraindications for therapy, hyperemia, the Chakra Energy System, and a complete treatment protocol.  “Hands-on Course”.

  iSOHA Classes

Eternal Spring                                                                                               6 hours
Specially tailored for beginners and senior adults by Master C.K. Chu, the Eternal Spring program integrates two essential energy cultivation exercises, Tai Chi Chauan and Nei Kung into a system of exercise that enhances vitality of body/mind/spirit while promoting life longevity.

Kinesiology                                                                                                    24 hours
Kinesiology is the study of the principals of biomechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement.  Emphasis will be on interactive exploration of personal movement patterns to better understand patterns in others.

Tai Chi                                                                                                           Ongoing

This ancient martial art form which cultivates energy and concentration follows the Yang family style as taught by Master C.K. Chu of New York.  Each class includes Nei Kung (internal energy training) exercises, and self-defense applications.
Chi /Nei Kung USA iSOHA Classes
Yoga                                                                                                               Ongoing
Awaken your body, mind and spirit.  Proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet.  Positive thinking and meditation.

  iSOHA Classes

Chair Massage                                                                                              16 hours
Learn a lucrative and therapeutic style of bodywork dedicated to the rapidly growing field of chair massage.  Please bring 1 pillowcase.

Cranio-sacral therapy                                                                                  16 hours
The cranio-sacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.  Through gentle palpation and by monitoring movement in the cranio-sacral rhythm, students will learn evaluation techniques allowing the body to self-correct restrictions.

Deep Tissue Massage                                                                                    24 hours
Deep work can be one of the most effective techniques in bodywork.  Traditional and modern methods of this slow, penetrating work will be taught.

Health Massage iSOHA Classes

Therapeutic Massage

Energy Channels & Acupoints                                                                   40 hours
May accrue as credit towards Anatomy & Physiology Electives.  Learn how to find the exact location of the acupoints and what to do with them once you find them.  Students learn how to apply many different techniques to treat the body, including Meridian Style Acupuncture theory and practice.  Learn how to locate and open the Four Gate Points and how to use the command Points to focus and enhance your treatments.  Students will study the Twelve Regular Internal-Exterior Paired Meridians, the Eight Extra Meridians and the Six Hand-Foot Pairs of Meridians making a total of 26 Meridians studied.  The class will conclude with Discovering the Thirty Main Acupoints and using them to perform a one hour full-body Jin Shin Do treatment on the last day of class.  Students will also learn hot to incorporate all techniques learned into their lotion style of massage.  So, whether you practice acupressure or a lotion style of bodywork THIS CLASS IS A MUST!

Passive Joint Massage                                                                                  24 hours
Passive Joint Massage is the practice of undulation, slow cycling’s, and mobilization techniques that integrate neuro-muscular functions with everyday movement and behavior.  This therapeutic approach is gentle and non-invasive.

  iSOHA Classes

Pregnancy Massage                                                                                                  20 hours
This course offers basic information on positioning, posturing, body mechanics, and massage techniques for massaging pregnant women.  It will provide an overview of what is happening with the pregnant body emotionally, structurally, and physically, and the unique sensitivity needed by the body-worker to accommodate this special time.  Contraindications, complications, and precautions will also be covered.  Please bring 4-6 pillows and a top and bottom sheet.

Russian Sports Massage I & II                                                                   20 hours
Learn to apply the basics of sports massage.  This class will cover pre & post event massage, sports injury assessment and treatment, stretching technique and applied anatomy and physiology.  The skills learned in this class will enable you to benefit athletes of all levels.


Tui Na Hand & structural techniques                                                    
15 hours
Hand- Learn the history and applications of this unique style of Chinese massage.  Considered the eastern equivalent to Physical therapy, Tui Na uses over the clothing techniques on muscles, joints, and acupoints to increase the flow of Qi through the energy channels.

Structural: Learn how to use the hand techniques in protocols that facilitate the release of tension caused by stress or injury.  Designed to increase the flow of Qi and blood through problem areas of the body, thus relieving the stagnation that causes pain.

Zen-Touch™ Moves                                                                                        30 hours
Class will focus on: 1) advanced Zen-Touch moves, 2) lumbar, thoracic, and cervical articulations, 3) personal improvisation, and 4) communication.



  iSOHA Classes
Children’s Health                                                                                 8 hours
From infancy to puberty.  Illness is a normal process in childhood as  children develop their immune systems.  Learn hot to prevent and treat common childhood illnesses with herbs and other holistic therapies, hot to improve the health habits of children and hot to distinguish when the child needs professional intervention.

Healing Ourselves with Plants                                                                              24 hours
Strongly recommend Herbology Intro as a pre-requisite.the body’s systems as a mode for selecting herbal remedies.  Imbalances and disease affect the body’s organs and systems such as the nervous system, musculo-skeletal, respiratory, skin and reproductive systems.  Specific actions and herbs which can balance and restore the body’s systems, as well as safety and contraindication of specific plants in specific conditions will be explored.  Wholism-caring for the whole person on all levels-will be a constant thread throughout this class.

Herbology Introduction                                                                                              8 hours
Explore the roots of plants as medicine from the ancient traditions of indigenous peoples of the world to the present.  We’ll illuminate the age-old systems of Chinese, Ayurveda, European, Native American and American Herbalism.  Explore the science and art of plants through discussion and theory, visual (slides of plants in their habitat) and practical applications including making herbal teas for the best medicine results.SOHA LABELS - ON BOTTLE - april 7


  iSOHA Classes

Herbal Medicine Making                                                                                        7 hours
Strongly recommended pre-requisite: Herbology Introduction.  Learn to make herbal remedies such as tinctures, salves, suppositories, therapeutic massage oils and teas-for yourself or for gifts.  We hope to schedule this class during the ideal moon phase for medicine making.

  iSOHA Classes

Materia Medica: The Materials of Medicine                                                        24 hours
An in-depth study of 80 commonly used herbs from Astragalus to Kava Kava to Yohimbe.  Learn about the medicinal parts of each plant, hot to use it, where it grows, its actions on the body, its energetic essence and any toxicities or contraindications.  Experience the full essence of the plant through seeing, smelling, tasting and experiencing the effects of the herbs as well as viewing color slides in their habitat.  We’ll celebrate the completion of the class with a Kava Cocktail Party!

  iSOHA Classes

 iSOHA Classes

Men’s Health                                                                                                         8 hours
Strongly recommended pre-requisite: Herbology Intro.  Ancient medicine for the modern male.  Learn how to revitalize the libido, reverse erectile dysfunction, reduce hair loss, stay heart-healthy and attain wholeness the natural way.

Women’s Wellness & Health                                                                          15 hours
 Creating wholeness and harmony with herbs.  An in-depth exploration of a woman’s physiology, anatomy, normal processes and cycles, as well as chronic imbalances, both acute and chronic.  Learn about the treasure of herbs and holistic therapies specially suited for women’s health issues such as childbirth, lactation, fertility/infertility, PMS, peri-menopause and more.  Both men and women are welcome.

  iSOHA Classes

Compassionate Communication                                                                 15 hours

These powerful, yet simple and effective skills are designed to enhance your view of the world and your relationships.  This healing method of communication is used world-wide as a powerful tool for negotiating peace.  Learn to stick your neck out by incorporating the non-violent skills of “Giraffe speak” into your own life, to work on life issues and to support others with empathy and understanding.

Communication for Couples & Intimacy                                                   6 hours
Presentation on skills most used for couples to get their deepest level of feeling and harmony.  How to clear old resentments, and dance with natural differences as a form of growth.  Tools for dealing with the inevitable “impasse” which arises in all relationships. Discover the three ways to achieve a co-creative relationship.  Now soar together!

yin yang WO MAN Bl
Mastering Your Destiny                                                                               8 hours
This is a course on Conscious Creating.  Our mind believes every word we speak.  Language and imagination program 90 percent of our mental and subconscious mind.  Our language is filled with common words that impair our ability to change – “I CAN’T”, “I WON’T”, “I’M TRYING”.  By replacing such self-sabotaging vocabulary with Transformational Language, we engage our will, empower our thoughts, CHOOSE our outcome, and live our heart’s desire.

Shamanic Counseling                                                                                   16 Hours
Class Materials: Bring eyeshade, drum or rattle, pillow & blanket (tape recorder is optional) to class.  Enhance your ability to obtain extraordinary, practical, spiritual wisdom to answer important personal questions using traditional methods of insight and exploration.  Learn to act in the role of the shaman to spiritually facilitate soul unification on others.

  iSOHA Classes

Soul Retrieval                                                                                                16 Hours
Class Materials: Bring eyeshade, drum or rattle, pillow & blanket (tape recorder is optional) to class.  For thousands of years, shamans all over the world have worked with people to return lost parts of their souls so that vitality and well being are restored.  To do this, they make the spirit journey into non-ordinary reality to search out and retrieve lost soul parts.
  iSOHA Classes

Body Reading                                                                                                12 Hours
Required for all programs.  Skills in understanding body language, birth dates, facial, palm and behavioral characteristics will be revealed as practical clues to forecast personal, health and lifestyle tendencies.

Holistic Business Building                                                                                         8 Hours
Satisfies Business Practices requirement for programs.  You’ve got talent, skills and training.  The only thing you need now are clients.  Where do you go to find them – especially in an area where there is strong competition?  This class takes your existing talent and adds the skills and training required to create a strong and successful practice.

  iSOHA Classes

Comparative Nutrition                                                                                                15 Hours
Explores the wide variety of philosophies behind natural, healthy approaches to diet and nutrition.  Each week features a guest expert presenting his/her own perspective on nutrition.

  iSOHA Classes

 iSOHA Classes

pumpkin-soup for regulation blood sugar levels

  iSOHA Classes

Ethics                                                                                                                      6 Hours
Required for all programs.  Explores ethical and moral situations presented to professionals in a touch-based healthcare field.  We will examine attitudes, learn communication skills, develop practical tools, and open a dialogue that integrates mind, body, and spirit.

Marketing Your Holistic Business                                                              8 Hours

Satisfies Business Practices requirement for programs.  Learn to overcome the self promotion taboo, eliminate performance anxiety, develop presentation skills, negotiate fees without selling out, use compassionate self motivation to make the leap to full time, overcome the fear of hearing “no”/rejection, learn the mechanics of marketing and how to network.  You’ll receive tools to overcome psychological barriers and practical knowledge needed to make money in the healing arts. Flyer, Website creation and social marketing are included.

  iSOHA Classes

Whole Food Nutrition                                                                                  20 Hours
Review on Carbohydrates, fats and proteins and different philosophies of nutrition.  Discussion on minerals, vitamins, and the pro’s and con’s of diet vs. supplementation.  Wheat are whole foods and review of the principles of basic digestion, assimilation, and cleansing diet, building diet and pH.  Interviewing skills for addressing ones diet and nutrition and how to define one’s self or clients nutritional goal and program.
Carrots hugging
Other iSOHA  classes: Meditation, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu I II III, Yoga
Anatomy & Physiology, Western Massage Methods, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda Nutrition, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Whole Foods Nutrition, Comparative Nutrition (includes Vegan, Raw, Food Combining), East West Herbology, Aromatherapy, Home Remedies, Hypnotherapy, NLP Neuro Linguistic programming, Organic Sustainable Gardening, Reiki, Pathology, Sports Massage (Russian  & Western), Water Zen-Touch™,  Zen-Tone Sound Healing, Chair Massage, Energy Channels  & Accupoints, Pregnancy Massage, Movement Therapy, Art Therapy (includes Sacred Geometry) and Vision Training.
Relaxed girl isolated iSOHA Classes
Tuition is based on a 200 Kc/hr fee. Tuition may vary according to location.
Ask about our early registration discounts,
payment plans and work-study scholarships. 

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