iSOHA-Central-Coast-CA: Spring Classes May 2018

All  Cambria Classes 6:30 – 9:30 PM
Fitness For Life
4210 Bridge St. #4
Contact Seymour 858 926-5845 or
Mary ONeill (Local) 1 805 458-6481

CHI SLO classes 9 AM -6 PM
CHI 1- 805-786 4808

ZEN-THAI-TOUCH-SHIATSU- May 7th, 9th, and 11th

VISION TRAINING Class- Tuesday, May 8th: A complete health perspective with practices for the whole body health, and specifically targeted to improve your vision, emotionally, and spiritually. Open to Everyone wanting to improve their vision-pdf file text is included in the class fee.

Feel and express your E-motions in a way that brings people closer. Change reactive/De- energizing and dysfunctional behavior into conflict resolutions. Create overall better communications, with calm, passionate communication.

Body Reading Basics- at CHI in SLO – Saturday & Sunday, May 12th 13th

Body Reading Practicum Tues/Thurs- May 15th and 17th.
Learn to read clients and yourself according to Seymour’s modernized approach to Yin/Yang, Chakras, and the 5 elements- The skills learned are highly appropriate for the western, or eastern bodyworker.Meridian location and energetics are applied to physical/emotional/spiritual based pains along various muscles, and body areas, Expand your scope of practice, relating to client complaints, concerns and the associated behavior, lifestyle contributions of anyone’s health challenge. This course will teach participants the fundamental skills necessary to assess the health foundation of our dreams and life purpose. These skills will create proficient client assessment skills in order to better apply therapy with clients.



ETERNAL SPRING, CHI KUNG, NEI KUNG & TAOIST MEDITATION- Monday and Wednesday, May 14th & 16th
A Holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, balance, and meditation—-used with conviction, these exercises promotes health, spirituality, and longevity. Originally created to develop IMMORTALITY.
Open to Everyone!! A low impact, exercise, benefitting the mind-body- spirit- for those who want to improve their overall health condition. Open to ALL.iSOHA-Central-Coast-CA

ESSENTIAL OILS- according to Chinese Medicine-Friday May 18th
International School of Healing Arts under the guidance of Seymour Koblin has created 5 /Season/Movement/Element essential oil blends. We call them iSOHA 5 element essential oils.
The 5 Movements represent the life-essential dynamics of the 5 seasons that are uniquely embodied by each of us. Learn how to enhance your Health and unique Life Purpose through the powerful Medium of essential oils.