Fabulous Fridays Healing Hands

Fabulous-Fridays-Healing-Hands School of Holistic Health – SAN DIEGO:
Join us every Friday, 7-10 pm for a uniquely different blend of:
1) Holistic Workshops- 3/4 hour
2) Energy Healing, Massage, Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu 3/4 hr. followed by
3) a drawing for prizes and
4) a social event featuring movement, dance drumming, music, art, cinema, or various consciousness-raising experiences.
Held at: Healing Hands School of Holistic Health 9025 Balboa Ave. #130 SD CA 92123

This DONATION based event

(Tax-deductible contributions gratefully accepted –
suggested $10 enters you into a raffle for book and audio files-see prizes below)
$20 + donations provide eligibility for private holistic sessions with our presenters or other prizes by taking 2 spins on the wheel of fortune- (see prizes below)
$50 + donation assures a private session with one of our presenters and a spin on the Wheel of fortune
(see prizes below)

Prizes include:

BOOKS- Art of Zen-Touch™, Art of Zen-Touch™ Instructor’s Manual, Food For Life, Shaping Our Destiny, Vision Training,

MUSIC FILES: Discovering Space, Zen-Touch Moods, Destination Zen, Body Moves


Deep Sleep, Deep Relaxation, Nutri- Journey

Fabulous Fridays Healing Hands

Herbs and Aromatherapy at Healing Hands School

International Soul of Healing Arts is a spiritually based 501c3 interfaith organization dedicated to Inspiring the Path of Holistic Health and Living. Hosted by Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, the two organizations are dedicated to creating a health-conscious community in San Diego. Holistic living based on vital health is supported by a balance of Eastern and Western traditions.


We present and integrate a wide variety of body mind spirit transformative tools that honor each person’s unique Life Path.
iSOHA provides wellness and continuing education classes and Healing Hands provides accredited massage and holistic health careers. Both organizations help people to help themselves as well as to share their unique gifts with the community.

Fabulous Fridays Healing Hands

iSOHA Wellness Workshops

Relationship Healing, Communication, Sound Healing, African dance, Chi/Kung, Hands on Healing, Nutrition, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Holistic Business Practices, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, Meditation, Home Remedies, Constellation Influences, Sustainable Agriculture, Home and Community Gardening, Developing Intuition, New Science and the Power of Choosing our Reality, Ayurveda, Chinese, Native American and various traditional culture models, E-Motional transformation, Communication with animals, Yoga, Hypnotherapy, Energy Therapies…. and more. If you would like more info or would like to be a presenter, contact [email protected].

Fabulous Fridays Healing Hands
It’s all about community. In today’s fast-paced phone -social media lifestyle iSOHA is here to bring back the much-needed touch of personal connections- face to face body to body-soul to soul

Leave your phone alone – Dare to leave it at home?
You’ll be surprised at how much fun you will have on your own
Dance, Trance, Laugh- feel the Zone

Fabulous Fridays Healing Hands

Sail Your Soul

Reflect, Connect in the presence of others
to watch yourself in the eyes of another
to sail your soul upon his/her sea
to share the sweet possibilities
Connect your dance with me

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