Prague-Tai Chi -Kung

ISOHA Thamova 7 Thamova 7, Prague

Tai Chi -Self Defense-Prague with Seymour Koblin. Learn the beautiful health promoting movements of Tai Chi Chuan. You will also learn the self-defense applications of the form that will help […]


Transformation-Tools-5-Element Essential-Oils-Kansas-City

Seymour-Kansas City, MI MO

Transformation-Tools-5-Element Essential-Oils-Kansas-City 5 Element Essential Oils – Apply Chinese Medicine Energetics to Essential oils  Description: Practical application using the 5 Elements to determine the best SOHA 5 Element Oil Blends […]



prague-holistic-Thursdays-community-wellness Education Topics  to be announced with  Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu demonstrations and Health Assessment and Recommendations Seymour Koblin Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu lift What is Zen-Touch Shiatsu Massage? Zen-Touch Shiatsu massage […]


Z-T-Shiatsu-Body-Reading- Health Topics

ISOHA Thamova 7 Thamova 7, Prague

z-t-shiatsu-body-reading-health-topics From Aromatherapy to Zen, learn the magic of Holistic Health and feel Zen-Touch™ Bodywork with personal readings and Health Recommendations.

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