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SD Transform Your Life Through Creativity: w/ Tania Kelvin, Creativity Coach

April 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

• What we’ll do
Join us for this interactive workshop for inspiring, exploring, discovering and uncovering creativity. Coach Tania Kelvin provides a fun, safe, friendly environment to encourage your inner creative child to come out. This workshop will also be an introduction to the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which has been around over 25 years and has changed countless lives globally, to living joyfully in creative fulfillment. Tania goes beyond the book, complimenting it, by sharing other personal development tools to make the workshop even more valuable for your personal transformation.

This is not about skill level, being an artist, writer, performer of any sort or “creative” type. It applies to everyone, since we are all born creative and some may have dormant creativity, blocked creativity or untapped creativity. You never know until you explore and can always open up to tap in for more. Get ready to have fun, aha moments, connect and co-create with others. You’ll leave with a completely new perspective that’s uplifting, applicable, fruitful and liberating.*

You will learn:
~ How creativity applies to all areas of life
~ Why creativity is vital to nurture and deserves your attention
~ Tools to connect with your inner self
~ Ways to discover blocks holding you back from being more creative
~ Ways to recover from blocks and have breakthroughs
~ How to have childlike fun, freedom and joy
~ Best practices for tapping into a higher path of creativity

*You’ll need to bring paper/notebook and a pen for notes

Coach Tania Kelvin has lived her life applying creativity in many ways, including the arts or other jobs in various industries. Tania believes in the game-changing power of self expression, the freedom to prosper creatively and the many empowering benefits that overflow into all areas of life. Having had blocks for many years and breakthroughs of her own, including creatively, in personal development, and emotional intelligence, she has made guiding others to their creative breakthroughs a mission. One way she is doing that is by Founding/Organizing the rapidly growing Meetup group, The Artist’s Way San Diego Meetup**. She also leads a multi-week workshop using The Artist’s Way, among other workshops and events she curates for the community. Her vision is to promote and encourage inspiration, fun, and exploration of creativity, to be joyful and live life fully. Fabulous Fridays are a dontaion based event
Presented by iSOHArts.com

• What to bring
Health investment contribution____ ? Some donate $10 or $20. any amount given with the dedication to heal -even loose “change” is a symbol of your valuable commitment to health and healing and the ” change” you truly desire.




April 13, 2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Sherri Morrissey
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