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January 29 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Learn and EXPERIENCE powerful and practical home remedies made from everyday food items- Drinks, Compresses, Auriculotherapy (application to ears that affect the whole body) Also Ear Candling, Cupping, Magnets, Moxibustion,

Learn a basic ENERGETIC understanding of Western and Eastern Herbology to make SAFE and highly Therapeutic Herbal Recommendations according to 5 Elements in Chinese Medicine, which includes
5 Element/Movement /Seasons Aromatherapy applications.


AFFECT the root of a person’s health challenges and Life Lessons to harmonize the source of any symptom according to Seymour’s newly created iSOHA 5 element essential blends.


 Aromatherapy can be used to  add or subtract energy of the various movements/elements or even change the quality of a person’s experience of the any of the natural movements. These properties will be described later in the text.
Be aware that treating/enforcing a change can be risky as any kind of manipulation affects and shifts the other movements as well possibly causing side effects and responses that could harm someone. The i SO HA blends were created to remind the body of the natural tuning of each movement. Similarly to a guitar player listening to the correct pitch of each string, the musician makes the change as to how closely he/she chooses to correct the tuning of his/her instrument- Physical Emotional Soul

                    5 TONES/Chords, 3 DYNAMICS/Notes =   INFINITE POSSIBILITIES

 Which Relationship quality are you missing or already have?

1) Do you share a Destiny/Dream with your partner?
2)Do you have common lifestyle activities that you share?

3) Does your Passion motivate you to beyond reason, magnetize your Radiantattraction?
4) Do you re-solve your differences with win/win scenarios (instead of merely compromise) 

5) Do you know your self better and feel the evolution of your soul through your devoted union?

USE the corresponding iSOHA blends to tune the movements that require shifting  in your relationship




January 29
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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