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September 14, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



Cultivate and Circulate the life force that directs all body mind spirit actions-CHI. Learn to perfectly align your body, breathe correctly and quiet the mind. Establish a relaxed and alert state of being that will enhance all body functions, be pain-free, live longer in a state of vital health.

chi-kung-instructor The Chi Kung Instructor mentorship training includes approximately(depending on student proficiency) 50 hrs of public classes and private apprenticeship classes with Seymour Koblin. Students learn:

Eternal Spring Chi Kung,                                             40 Hrs
Chu Nei Kung,                                                                  7 Hrs
Taoist meditation                                                            3 Hrs
Tai Chi Chuan shortened form                                     20 Hrs
Body Reading                                                                   15 Hrs
Communication                                                               15 Hrs

Internship( private and teaching experience lessons- varies with the proficiency of student)


A) Meditation and B) Chi Kung, Nei Kung, and TaiChi represent the traditional 1st and 4th Branches of Taoist practices used to achieve Life Longevity and at their highest levels of practice-immortality. Seymour Koblin teaches these exercises for the benefit of all who are sincere about improving their lives by achieving vital health of Body Mind Spirit.
You can join a  class at any time. Single hour group classes are 200 Kc. The complete program with Group Classes, Private Lessons, and Teacher Training Classes is 20,000 Kc – 1200 USD

Body Alignment, Breath and focussing the mind are the three essential principles that when practiced, increase energy, alleviate pains yielding complete body freedom and strengthen immunity,

Since 1978, I have seen 100% results for people who practice these exercises. Increased energy, flexibility, heightened core strength and freedom from pain bring people to a higher level of consciousness by opening the doorway to the next level of training-harmonizing emotions in relationships and developing intuition. How effective can we be in resolving emotional 
duress/stress when the physical body is in pain or tired? How can we listen to our inner intuitive voice when the body is stressed? Many people, on a subconscious level, choose not to practice- to keep their pains thus limiting one’s ability to achieve a more challenging but once resolved, deeper level of human awareness and BEING.  When in doubt, choose health and practice.
S. Koblin



September 14, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Helena Hlavackova


ISOHA Thamova 7
Thamova 7
Prague, Karlin 18600 Czech Republic
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