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June 21, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

prague-oriental-diagnosis-body-readingfor Health, Love and Life Path

See and Feel the messages our bodies are asking us to follow. For 1000’s of years these body mapping skills have been used to navigate peoples’ life path lessons and soul evolving assignments. Seymour provides simple, practical methods to integrate these ancient skills into modern day living.
** iSOHA is a registered Non- Profit organization based in both Czech Republic and USA. This activity is non-profit based. Activity hosts and group consuls are not getting a commission or any other financial benefits for organizing this event. Participants may make a donation if they would like to support the cause of Holistic Healing at iSOHA.


Seymour integrates ancient healing in today’s modern world

Deeply rooted in the consciousness of every person lies a destiny -a unique direction, a reason for being, a dream to fulfill. How many times have we asked the question: What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? What is my destiny? My path? My part in the big picture of life?
Many traditional philosophies describe the body as a container that houses the life spirit-a constantly evolving vessel that is molded by every experience with the ultimate purpose of protecting and carrying our soul on it’s journey to heightened consciousness. By paying close attention to the condition of our body/vessel we can successfully navigate the way to our ultimate destination…Unity, God-like Nature, Pure Love, Peace, Freedom and more simply…a rewarding life experience.


Our lives are charged, motivated, and molded by every breath, each morsel of food we ingest, every action, thought, each relationship and feeling we participate in- every nuance of life we experience. Ancient cultures viewed the body as a living map that contains recordings of past experiences and a blueprint outlining hints or possible choices to take on the journey ahead.


Chaktas and 5 Elements

Markers and clues to a person’s natural direction, personal tendencies to efficiently embrace one’s life’s potential, are revealed in body structures, shapes, marks, and movements, birth date and even the sound resonance generated by a name. This book offers methods for us to 1) sense (listen, see, feel, interpret) the body map(s) and 2) make recommendations to direct our destiny for the attainment of personal and planetary well-being. The body map markers and lifestyle recommendations we present are directly linked to our state of health.


The model of health portrayed in this text depicts the body as a microcosm of the entire universe where the condition of our body/mind/spirit is intimately connected to the forces of nature: contraction/expansion, hot/cold, ascending/descending, gravity/electro-magnetism, day/night, seasonal cycles, etc. These environmental forces influence all activity, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Similarly, our personal choices have an equally significant impact on our surroundings.


Every personal action creates a complementary reaction in our immediate environment and beyond. The qualities, virtues and feelings, (positive or negative) we embody act like a stone dropped in water – rippling influence everywhere. Personal action is like a thread, weaving its way through the interconnected tapestry of life. Directing ourselves to con-tribute uniquely to this shared path creates an extraordinary world where people’s lives intertwine, grow, develop, and adapt within a united destiny. This depth of health and consciousness we generate within ourselves is a reflection of our ability to affect others.


June 21, 2018
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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