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August 25, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm



WIN  prizes: Healing sessions with Seymour Koblin, Nina Mercie Preston Ching, meditation/ambient music, classes, and many other holistic healing tools……

( Seymour’s Workshop 7 PM is followed by Healing Sessions supervised by Seymour Koblin 8 PM, followed by 9 pm Drum Circle) music and dance- B+ there or B- Square


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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, why then do so many people have difficulty seeing? We didn’t come here to be happy-we came to transform- to join with missing parts of our soul’s constantly evolving journey.  Learn the theme of your life lesson- your soul’s correction and the necessary tools to improve your sight- physically, emotionally and spiritually. From visual acuity to see the decisions that bring you closer to your life purpose, Seymour will present methods to achieve health happiness and spiritual evolution.


Zen-Touch™ 5 Movements-5 senses-5 e-motions to transfrom our life vision.

Ok-so it all started in 1953 when I was born to the Koblin Family. Elliot (an optometrist), Peggy, wife and loving mother who pushed my dad to become a Doctor of Optometry and my older sister- Sandra (who needed glasses from an early age. I maintained excellent vision until I reached age 52 when a slight presbyopia developed.)

Well, much to my parent’s original disappointment, I chose music/drummer as a career and then subsequently focussed on Holistic Health, Tai Chi and Oriental Diagnosis which allows one to see future health tendencies before they actually occur as challenges. I also created a form of Shiatsu (finger pressure) called Zen-Touch ™ that also helps people to “feel” and improve their health. Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda and other energy based systems were also incorporated into my work as a Holistic Educator/Practitioner


At a certain point about 2 years ago, through my Zen-Touch™ clients and my own recent presbyopia condition, I also started seeing/ witnessing the benefits of eye exercises. I found the connection of vision to our nervous system, brain hemispheres and emotional as well as the spiritual journey to be fascinating. While most people began the vision training program because of sight challenges, more and more people have been changing other physical, emotional and spiritual health conditions- from pains, depression, to heart dis-ease, multiple sclerosis etc. by doing eye exercises.
Another essential piece of the puzzle is the creation of vital health by connecting/integrating our lives with nature. This “natural” link is a foundational belief inherent to almost all traditional cultures. The most obvious correlations of the connection of the body to nature come from Chinese medicine that connects the five seasons of the year with the 5 senses as well as to all the internal organs and body systems. Transformational changes that include all 5 senses and life’s natural movements create a Holistic approach to health and healing that each person discovers and embodies according to the unique journey of each soul’s inherent life path. Integrating our lives with these seasonal movements and their inherent senses,  and personality / behavioral tendencies will change any dis-ease.

~music, sound therapy and language/communication (hearing), through
~vision exercises sacred geometry (sight)

~nutrition, herbs (taste)
~massage/bodywork/energy (touch)
~breathing exercises, aromatherapy (scent),  integrating all our senses into a unified life experience creates peace on planet Earth and beyond.

From a Kabbalistic perspective, our life purpose is to transform/evolve the journey of the soul by correcting, joining with, and fulfilling a missing part of our self (called our “Tikkun” ).
Vision or any other health symptoms are clues as to a missing part of our soul that is signaling us to transform and evolve.
This transformational work creates energy for the self as well as everyone else we come in contact with and even to those who consciously or subconsciously are also on this evolutionary path- everyone.

This book will begin the journey of finding our correction and certainly provide some very helpful exercise to help us “see” our “WAY/TAO”

Excerpt from Seymour’s Book:   Vision Training – the Journey of  Sight and Soul



August 25, 2017
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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