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Fabulous-Fridays- April Corbitt Breath & Emotions

September 29, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Healing Hands School Fabulous Fridays

Healing Hands School of Holistic Health 9025 Balboa Ave SD CA 92123



April Dawn- Group Breath Emotional Transformation Experience

45-minute discussion on the emotional body and how to move it with Breath.
1 hour and 2 minutes of Breath Release session
Please wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your breathing.

Fabulous-Fridays-Sept. 29th

Emotional Transformation Breath Experience

World-renowned empathic teacher, reader, and healer April Dawn, has worked with doctors to read and understand energetic DNA.

“I’ve been empathic my whole life, seen impressions, felt everything in my body, and talked to energetic beings. Over the years I have developed my intuition by working through any blocks or fears I had. Now I just feel one with all that is.”

2008 – Present: Research as a Medical Intuitive with world-renown doctor Karen Van Hoesen

2009 – Present: Teach Medical Intuition and Developing Intuition

2014 – Present: Research on PTSD

2015 – Present: Reader on Keen.com

2014: Published “Write Your Own Story”

2012 – Present: Breath Master and Healer

2014 – Present: Teaches Solace Breath Release Practitioner Certification


Future Classes with April:

Intuition 101

Duration: 6 ½ Classroom Hours Class Prerequisite: None

Cost: $289.00

  • Tools to develop your intuition.
  • What stands in the way of intuition and how to break it down?
  • Different types of intuition to develop.
  • Different dimensions of a BEING that can be read.
  • Reading layers.
  • Practice

Intuition 102

Duration: 7 1/2 Classroom Hours Class Prerequisite: Intuition 101 Cost: $329.00

  • Time versus now and Intuition
  • What does it feel like?
  • What do you see?
  • What do you hear?
  • How to clear.
  • What is fear and what is real?
  • Meeting your guides.
  • In the pause.
  • Practice

Intuition 103

Duration: 6 1/2 Classroom Hours

Class Prerequisite: Intuition 101 and 102

Cost: $289.00

  • Meditation and reading – LISTEN
  • Validation and Approval
  • What is for you versus others?
  • Symbolic Impressions and Meanings
  • Your relationship with energies.
  • Talking with an energetic being in form or not.
  • Practice

Intuition 104

Duration: 8 Classroom Hours

Class Prerequisite: Intuition 101, 102, 103 (see *)

Cost: $375.00

*Class without Prerequisite Cost: $425.00

  • Mediumship/Telepathic
  • Quiet mind/Listen
  • Guides and instruction
  • Commanding Energy
  • Fear versus Respect
  • Protection and healing with gold energy.
  • Doing readings with integrity and honor.
    Medical Intuition 101Duration: 15 Classroom HoursClass Prerequisite: Intuition 101, 102, 103,104Cost: $875.00

    • Basics – The physical location of health issues and emotional or energetic cause.
    • What do they feel like?
    • What do you see?
    • What do you hear?
    • What do you smell?
    • Dissecting the body psychically.
    • Reading all parts of the body.
    • Treatments
    • Clearing your energy.
    • Practice

    Medical Intuition 102 Psychic Healer

    Duration: 16 Classroom Hours

    Class Prerequisite: Intuition 101, 102, 103,

    104 and Medical Intuition 101

    Cost: $950.00

    • Letting go of the ego and pausing.
    • Present, clear and powerful
    • Tools of a psychic healer
    • Moving energy
    • Moving the emotional body
    • Working with physical matter.
    • Sealing the client.
    • Pre and post treatment instructions
    • Clearing your energy and space.
    • Legally what can you say and do
    • Practice

      Fabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION

    Working with the Mind 101 Duration: 8 Classroom Hours Class Prerequisite: None

    Cost: $380.00

    • What creates the story and identity?
    • Fragmentation versus Now.
    • Revising your inner world
    • Polar Opposites and Healing
    • Re-write the story
    • Talking to your child
    • How is the story serving you?
    • Let go, forgiving & creating new.
    • Healing a PTSD Loop
    • PracticeFabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION

    Breath Release Practitioner 101


    • 24 Classroom Hours
    • 8 Complete personal Breath Release sessions (within 6 months).
    • 60 Clinic Hours (within 6 months) Once you start working with clients 30/70 split with clinic.

    Class Prerequisite: None

    Cost: $2,990.00 (cash or check) Credit card fee $100.00

    • Different types of Breath Work
    • What creates the Emotional Body?
    • Where are different emotions stored within the body?
    • What is experienced during Breath Release and why?
    • Rhythms of breath
    • What is sound releasing?
    • What to look for during a session
    • What is your relationship with all emotions?Fabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION

    Breath Release Practitioner 102

    Duration: 5 Classroom Hours

    Class Prerequisite: Intuition 101, 102, 103, Medical Intuition 101, Working with the Mind 101, Breath Release Practitioner 101. Cost: $299.00

    • How to let Breath do the work.
    • How to hold a space for healing.
    • How to step back and when.
    • Environment for Group Sessions
    • What to charge?
    • What cannot be said legally?
    • Post treatment instructions.
    • Graduation and Certificate DinnerFabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION

    Breath Master Program 101

    Duration: 24 Classroom Hours

    Class Prerequisite: Breath Release 102, Intuition 104, Medical Intuition 102, and complete 250 hours as a Breath Release Practitioner.

    Cost $1920.00 (cash or check) Credit Card fee $65.00

    • Using Breath as anesthesia.
    • Having an assistant.
    • The power is in the pause.
    • Creating a focus for long procedures through medication.
    • Using tones to clear, call in light and heal.
    • Training other practitioners
    • Supervising Breath Practitioners
    • Keeping a clean, clear and honorable center.
    • What is allowed from clients and what is not allowed?
    • Post treatment instructions
    • Ordering Text Books
    • Healing long distance
    • Conference Calls and Breath Work
    • Practice
    • Graduate and Certificate DinnerFabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION

    To book April for lectures, teach at your center or class schedule call:

    (760) 317-6614

    Courses and Lectures taught by

    April Dawn Corbitt


    The power of Breath Release in Medicine

    A 2 ½ hour discussion and demonstration on how to use breath in trauma, for pain, to heal faster and calm the patient. Perfect for Medical Doctors, EMT’s, Firemen, Search and Rescue, and Rangers.

    Healing the Mind and Emotional Body

    A 2 ½ hour discussion on how to heal the mental story created in trauma and how to release the sensations (emotional body) created from trauma. Rewriting the Story and Breath Release demonstration.

    To book April for lecture or for class schedule call:

    (760) 317-6614

  • Fabulous-Fridays-Sept-29th BREATH & EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION


September 29, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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