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September 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



 $10 (suggested) donation to support the facility, staff and workshop facilitator
(anyone is accepted regardless of ability to donate)

WIN prizes: Guests can enter into a drawing for raffle prizes including Music and meditation downloads by our talented facilitators.
Cost: Donation based ($10 enters you into a drawing for downloads of Holistic books and music; $20 enters you into a spin on our wheel of fortune to win: Bodywork and /or Private sessions in subjects like Chinese Astrology, Nutritional, and lifestyle counseling Yoga, Chi Kung, Breathwork, Yin/Yang- 5 Element lifestyle assessment and recommendations, Intuitive readings with:
Seymour Koblin Christiana Donovan Preston Ching Nina Mercie April Dawn Corbitt and others. All donations are graciously welcomed! Drawing to take place after the bodywork session before the drumming.




Healing Hands School of Holistic Health
9025 Balboa Ave. SD CA 92123

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San Diego Yogini
Christiana Donovan, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Master

Laughter Yoga with Christiana Donovan

“When you laugh, your whole heart smiles!”

When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

I mean the kind of laugh that makes you shake with joy from the inside out and causes you to smile so deeply your face feels like it got a workout?

Whether it has been a while, or you are a regular laughter, you won’t want to miss this fun-filled Laughter Yoga Playshop!

Take a spin on the Fabulous Fridays Wheel of Fortune and win from a selection of 18 prizes


Also Zen-Touch™ Shiatsu and Drum circle

What Students at the YMCA in San Diego are saying about Christiana:   “I love Christiana’s energy–very loving and helpful”…….“She offers a lot of variety from week to week”…….“Great instructor, very involved with students”…….“She has a very calming effect in class”…….“Very knowledgeable instructor”……“Christiana is wonderful, love her!”

Other Student Testimonies: “Christiana is one of the most qualified teachers. Her personal attention and teaching us new asanas every time is very interesting and enjoyable.” Hamid Daudani

“This class exceeds my expectations and has truly helped me embark on a journey to better health and awareness.” J.D.

“I enjoy Christiana’s positive attitude and the way she always says to listen to your body…that this is your yoga practice.” J.R.

“Very clear instruction gained a better understanding of the alignment process. Christiana has a healthy disposition on life, giving her the proper mindset for a professional yoga teacher.  I incorporate a new hip pose that I learned from Christiana’s class into my daily practice. What is so nice about  this pose it is simple but effective in stretching out the hip region, giving me another level of flexibility.” Alan Fine.


“This yoga class has helped me look at life in a more positive, patient and calm way.  As I’m aging, I’m now learning to just appreciate every moment, every day and not worry about how I’ll be physical as the years go on.  Also, if I have an ache or pain, I turn to yoga exercises I know will help.”  Lynnae Jaykell.

“I have enjoyed reconnecting with yoga through Christiana’s adaptive yoga class for the past 2 years. I took this class because I kept hurting myself when I took a regular class. Not only have I regained more flexibility and reduction of pain in my hips, but I have regained most of my range of motion in my right shoulder through this class. Christiana’s class is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Her inner light and wisdom shine through her teaching. I look  forward to her class 3 times a week.”  Rhonda Mason LCSW

“It is my belief that Christiana Donovan could teach a class of blind people yoga and they could follow her instructions perfectly because she is descriptive.  She describes each yoga position in detail and then checks to make sure each student is in the correct posture.  I feel that my body is more flexible and I feel calm after each yoga session.”  Chuck Carter

“Since entering Christiana’s class nine months ago, no more lower back or shoulder pain.  In fact, the pain stopped one to two months into the class.  And, my doctor has taken me off blood pressure meds which I attribute to taking Yoga. Thoroughly enjoy her yoga class! ” B.O.

“I started going to Christiana’s class 3 years ago in the hopes it would help me with my headaches. The wonderful stretches I have learned have helped me a great deal in decreasing the frequency and duration of my headaches.  I have also seen improvement in my strength and balance.” Dominique Chavez

“I started this class with a pinched nerve in my neck that affected two fingers in my right hand and 4 months later it has improved by at least 80%.  Christiana gives us the (tools), know-how to deal with these problems.”  L. Jay

“I adore Christiana’s Gentle Yoga class that I attend.  I suffer from scoliosis and the occasional flare up of sciatica. The sequence of asanas she takes us through are invaluable help to me, in alleviating pain.  Aside from her well-trained skills as a yoga instructor….it is Christiana’s lovely, gentle and caring spirit that I truly admire and enjoy being in the presence of, twice weekly. I really believe she is a healer.”  Nora K-J


“Christiana’s technique of tirelessly repeating full verbal cues to establish the optimum asana enables me to close my eyes, go within and still follow along seamlessly. Even after many classes, Christiana still manages to change up the routine to keep it interesting, offering new twists and variations.  Even in a Gentle class, she sneaks in some challenging poses offering growth if one is ready for it.  Every level is challenged a little bit each day.”  Karen Whitney

“What I enjoy most about this class:  It is a fantastic relaxation class; a stress reliever.  The class is great because an individual is able to participate regardless of any limitations that they may have.  The class has energized and motivated me to follow through with a physical fitness program.” G.C.


“Chair Yoga has helped me to control the pain of osteoarthritis. I feel if I did not do the yoga I would suffer a great deal more!” J.H.

” I feel that the deep breathing and slow stretching are very beneficial to my mobility. The quiet calmness helps me adjust to inner tensions.” Gloria Walton

“For years I have had severe cramps in my legs. Since going to yoga the cramps only come occasionally and when they occur, they are very mild.” Ed Magee

“Since I care for my young grandson twice a week, lifting and bending are hard on my back, shoulders, etc.  After attending Christiana’s class my body feels rejuvenated, ready for another day.  Even after two weeks of vacation without yoga, no backaches.” Joanne Quinn


Laughter Yoga with Christiana  Rocks!

“For a 75-year-old who has never done any structured exercise, your class has been very rewarding. I never feel pressured or self-conscious during your class. Your instructions are understandable and very informative.” Corky DeVerell


“I have been dealing with cancer for some years and have found the class a place of peace and wellness.  I believe that my present state of remission is partly due to the benefits of yoga class.  Yoga makes me feel happy and content.” B.


“For the past two years, I have had a ‘misalignment’ from lower back to hip. It was ‘liveable’. I’d ‘Ow!’ just bending my head to get in the car. Just a few weeks of Christiana’s yoga class and I no longer ‘Ow!’ In addition, there’s a genuine sense of ‘I haven’t felt this good in years.’ She is a wonderful instructor.” James Whitney


“I have been taking yoga lessons with Christiana for about one year and she has inspired me to practice yoga for my physical well being but she has also taught me to do it as a spiritual practice to strengthen myself.  I feel like I have gained balance in my life and I hope she will continue to by my teacher for a long, long time.”     Elsa I.West

“I have greatly benefited from the classes–excellent balance, stronger and healthier, positive and more relaxed.  I’ve also noticed that my breathing is slower, providing more oxygen to my body. Yea!” RS


“Chair Yoga has added great things to my life.  It has increased my body strength and improved my pain tolerance level. It has taught me options to choose from to relax outside of class.” D.M.R.


September 15, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Seymour Koblin USA
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