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September 1, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Fabulous-Fridays- is a community building event–all are welcome and any donation amount is gratefully accepted. Your donations directly support the presenters, the facility and support staff that make this event a rewarding experience.
WIN  prizes: All guests will be entered into a drawing for raffle prizes including Music and meditation downloads by our talented facilitators.
For donations, $20 or more guests will be entered into the wheel of fortune spin to win: Bodywork and /or Private sessions in subjects like Chinese Astrology, Nutritional, and lifestyle counseling Yoga, Chi Kung, Breathwork, Yin/Yang- 5 Element lifestyle assessment and recommendations, Intuitive readings with:

Seymour Koblin  Christiana Donovan  Preston Ching  Nina Mercie   April  Dawn Corbitt and others



Take a spin on the Fabulous Fridays Wheel of Fortune and win from a selection of 18 prizes


( Nina’s Workshop 7 PM is followed by Healing Sessions supervised by Seymour Koblin 8 PM, followed by  THE MUSIC of DONNA LARSEN Band and Drum Circle) music and dance- B+ there or B- Square

  • STRESS REDUCTION-Learn simple techniques to cope with stress at your workplace or home
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE-Uncover any blocks standing between you and your success

    Niona Mercie-Freedom from Stressful Thoughts

    The adventure continues. ? train your brain out of stressful thoughts by committing to a practice that cultivates compassion, inner peace, and personal responsibility. for added fun, practice with like-minded friends who will call you (and themselves!) out on their assumptions, judgments, and projections. Steer your way into an abundance and prosperity mindset. Help each other!!!

    Nina helped me have a breakthrough in record time! When I was stuck and felt the heaviness of  a situation, Nina used her intuition and life-changing questions to help lift the weight and clear the path to my dreams. So thankful for her coaching. She uses emotion, humor, space and powerful questions to create breakthroughs. Unlike other coaches who tell you what to do, Nina gave me the power to use http://transformationhaven.com/blog-video/my creativity and inner-knowing. She believed in me enough to know I had the powerful answers. All I needed to do was trust myself. Thank you, Nina, for helping me fly!


    Dr. George


    Dr. George-Michael Jordan’s and Kobie’s meditation coach

    The workshop exceeded my expectations. Often I do not know a lot about what my staff is thinking and feeling because we are so busy working and in the business mode. Finding out what makes them tick during the workshop gave me a greater understanding of how to work better as a team. The camaraderie I feel now has made it a more pleasant place to work.


    I learned how to deal with pent up stress I was holding onto every day that was affecting our coworkers. I realize that I was having negative self-talk and there are ways to eliminate it so that I have a better attitude at work.

    Rick Wipf
    In October 2014, I had a break-up and was going through a tough time.  I started working with Nina soon after.  Nina took an unconventional approach while working with me.  She took me on hikes and it was during this time that we talked about some issues that I was having.  I found that exercising while undergoing my counseling sessions was a wonderful way to get ideas flowing.  Nina helped me work on some of my limiting beliefs and recover from that breakup.  Nina also supported me as I was getting ready for my first physique contest in May of 2015.  Working with Nina helped me to keep a focus on why I was competing and helped me visualize the outcome that I wanted.  I am in a new relationship now and still seek guidance from Nina as I am always striving to improve. Oh, and In May of 2015, I took first place in that physique contest.  Nina,  Thank you for opening up my mind.  I appreciate the support and guidance.

    It was a total thrill! Nina Mercié is a serious teacher of The Work. She truly embodies Byron Katie’s wonderful system and teaches it with compassion. She skillfully delves deeply into the situation being careful to move step by step so that her student can see the truth along the way. Nina’s workshop is a ‘must attend‘.

    I always leave feeling

    – Laurie, Ramona, CA

    Change has arrived and I could not be more comfortable or okay with that. My awareness is on high alert and my mind is taking notice of all the colors and textures around me. I’ve never been so willing and ready to take myself and my loved ones to the next level. Thank you, Nina Mercié for giving me the tools and confidence to fully understand my self-worth and sense of well being. I am inspired by you to be the best version of myself, therefore, giving the world the best I have to offer.

    It’s helping me to build my confidence so that I’m not so shy. I’m learning how to communicate better with staff and patients. I may not say a lot, but I’m listening. It’s opening up a lot of doors for me, I love it!


    Merry Trentadue
    Nina brought my awareness to my language choice, and how that creates my reality. I have shifted away from poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness. She leads by example of generosity and is one of the most motivating and motivated people I’ve ever met. Her commitment to her soul’s evolution is consistently inspiring. She’s a gift to all she knows.

    It was such a THRILL!

    – Magdelena, Hollywood, CA

    Hello, Nina, I wanted to take this time to thank you for all your help and great relationship advice. Words can’t explain how I feel. Thank you for everything!!!You have really made a BIG difference in Ann and my relationship. Ann & I are on the same page now and doing awesome!!! We are communicating so well!!! I feel like she respects and loves me in the true way I need to be treated!!! “The five love languages are so key to know.” I truly LOVE Ann and we are going forward with the right contract in place for the both of us!!! Ann & I are so excited to be getting married!!! We are so grateful to have you in our life!!! Thank you!!!


    Carri Barish
    I began to call Nina Ms. Vibrant because whenever I met with her I was infused with energy and insight. Coupled with this is her innate ability get to the bottom of what I am working on and spark a shift with grace and ease. I always and only ever feel her support and love. I highly recommend her transformative juices!!!

    Corinn Giuntoli
    Nina Mercié has helped me so much! She helped me raise my vibration, eat healthier, heal my relationship issues with my mom and nephew, exercise, helped my creativity blossom and most of all she helped me to feel sexy and alive. I receive blessings each time I see her and look forward to many more sessions!!! Thank you from the fullness of my heart!!! You are a luminary for our planet.

    We should do these more often! I have learned to set aside things in my mind that were stressful so that I could be more in the present moment and focus my attention on our patients.

    Nina is a very effective teacher because she comes across as a fellow learner. Disarming, kind and gentle with the people. Some really don’t want the truth, they like their story! Anyway, a big thank you to her. She has turned me on to a new way of thinking.

    I always leave feeling SO inspired!She explains things in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Nina is doing amazing work.


    Fernando Vossa
    What inspires me about Nina is her inner peace and the fun that she brings to the moment.  I was in a difficult time in my life and being part of a group of people who practiced Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, eating vegetarian, and open to esoteric concepts; all of this became an accelerator to a larger part of what I am.  The magic that Nina brings is being a planetary being that sees no borders and is connected to an elegant joy.  The Fairy Ninja who knows how to be stealthy in darkness while being pure light.   Meeting her I felt her ability to see through the surface and connect with the divine angelic self that is in everyone.  In Nina’s consultations, it is amazing to share how others can have that expansive point of view that encompasses the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual envelope in an instant. to remind clients that they had a pre-life and that they are equipped with the tools and wisdom to transform themselves into a physical version of their infinite selves.


    I wanted to mention that she also exudes a sensuality that is part of honoring her divine feminine so that it alchemizes the masculine to seek a more divine state.  That is ninja fairy magic! Thank you, Nina, for your smiles!

    Nina has invested wholeheartedly and has benefited significantly from her endeavors in the field of Personal Transformation. With thousands of hours of post-graduate and Masters level education worldwide (in holistic health, gestalt psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral science, meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP, and yoga) Nina brings a dynamic contribution to the field of Personal Growth. Her work is conducted internationally and personalized to connect with audiences from diverse backgrounds and to create lasting shifts. 

    She is Founder of the Cognitive-Behavioral Center for Relationship Wellness, Transformation Haven.



September 1, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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