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February 18, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Emotions are the only source of energy that lives within our bodies. Use this powerful fuel for soul evolution and for creating peacefully passionate relationships.
Based on several models including :
~ Calm Passionate Communication=Feel and Express your E-motions in a way that brings people closer.
~Change reactive/de-energizing and dysfunctional behavior into conflict resolutions that create win/win effects for all our relationships.
~The Work /Byron Katie,
~Non-Violent Communication/ Marshall Rosenberg,.
~NLP -Neuro-linguistic programming,
~Sub-conscious transformation of our limiting beliefs and actions into positive outcomes
~Integration of Seymour’s perspective of Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements,
~Seymour will guide participants through the subconscious healing journeys of the 5 Basic E-Motions.

This HOLISTIC approach to Emotions and Communication is an innovative and inspiring experience.
This is the first time the 5 Journeys have been presented in Europe.

Use  ALL of these practical tools to change your relationships for the better.



The quick energy boost of reactive behavior eventually erodes our health and our Relationships


Is it possible we like or are even addicted to these emotional bursts?














Could the charge of repeated frustration be more fulfilling and more reliably assuring than the fear of intimacy(innermost) that would result from breaking the habit of reactive behavior.


Frustration is but one door to Passionate Joy where the light shines through us. Courage is the key that transcends the fear of vulnerability and transforms reactive behavior into surrender…love


I have often been puzzled about “emotions”and it has taken me almost fifty years of attending our Earth Planet School to begin understanding them. Following are some of my conclusions:

I define emotions as sensations in the body that are designed to both guide our awareness and fuel our journey towards a healthier expression of our life path. Feeling emotions is an important step in maintaining health and preventing dis-ease. The circumstances that show up in our lives are, for me, like food and drink- elements that nourish our bodies. We choose which to consume and then experience their effects on our body mind spirit. Similar to the energy fluctuations caused by excess sugar or
alcohol consumption, certain circumstances/relationships we participate in, may create extreme highs and lows that compromise one’s health condition. Have you ever felt an emotional “hangover” that left you feeling drained of energy? The conscious or unconscious memory of such painful experiences may moti-vate us to avoid “feeling.” In contrast to food or oxygen that come from outside the body, e-motions are the only fuel that is contained within the body. E(nergy) Motion.


I had in the past, often heard comments from others about how “unemotional” I seemed. This puzzled me because my experience of stressful circumstances was very profound. When confronted with conflict, physical sensations like body, heat, constriction, or shivers radiated through my body. I tended to
“internalize” my feelings. I have come to realize that many people consider an emotional person to be someone who verbalizes and/or shows emotions through a display of animated facial expressions or body gestures- a form of “externalizing” feelings. The latter response, externalizing, includes the “other” in an effort to communicate and “connect” while internalizing may appear as detachment or dis – connection. Ideally, if one who internalizes is given the time to feel, it is likely that he/she will eventually return to the relationship with important feedback which results from the experience of going within. On the other hand, the person who externalizes immediately, may, in fact, be avoiding the awareness of the deeper sensations she is experiencing while possibly pushing the “other” away by displaying aggressive reactions like yelling or even physical violence. My contention is that the balance of e-motion comes when we 1) momentarily go within to feel the internal sensations, 2) getting/feeling the resulting vitality achieved by allowing those sensations to circulate, 3) perhaps learning an important pearl of wisdom that only arises after the altered energized state of body-mind is experienced. and 4) verbally, visually or through touch, communicate the experience to an other. This efficient balance of internal listening and external expression may bring two people closer through the sharing of deeper heart-based understanding and communication.


As emotions may very well be our most motivating life force, we would benefit from some sort of education on how to experience them. Nutri-Journey™ is one of several methods that
encourages us to both experience feelings as physical sensations and to become nourished from this very important source of internally held energy. These sensations when used appropriately, fuel the evolution of deeper consciousness and vital health. The Heart Chakra, lying at the center between our more physically oriented energy centers and our higher consciousness chakras, acts as a bridge and testing place for the evolution of the soul that ascends from the root to the crown center. Whether we need to be more physical(lower 3 Chakras) or more spiritual(upper 3 Chakras), the heart reaches out through our arms in relationship to mediate emotional energy that can manifest anywhere in the body.

Emotions -wikipedia


February 18, 2018
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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iSOHA San Diego
4445 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92122 United States
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