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June 14 @ 6:00 pm - June 16 @ 4:00 pm



Eternal Spring Chi Kung, Nei Kung, Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist meditation led by Seymour Koblin -International School of Healing Arts. ENGLISH w. CZECH TRANSLATION

The Tao:

There are but two primal forces

They generate infinite qualities

described as many names they are the source of the 10,000 things:

Expansion / Contraction, Passive /Active, Hot / Cold, Soft / Hard, Pain/ Pleasure, Bright /Dark, Inspiration / Fear.

Can words ever truly depict how the  feeling they echo within each of us?

In any moment we may be aware of one or the other as we respond to the different colors of the rainbow that emerge from the dance of these

complementary opposites

Some think that following Tao is a gentle path


Despite its beauty, when autumn comes not one leaf is spared

Nor one flower despite its unsurpassed fragrance



When one finds  and embodies the Tao of each moment, her experience of Heaven and Earth is gentle
Even the strongest storm with its destructive power pales to the surrendered man or woman who feels the Tao within

The Tao is like the river, lake or ocean between these opposite shores.

The Tao, like the river embraces both sides of the shore through all time, weather and seasons.

The river both feeds and cleanses all that it touches and embraces all with gratitude- the most intense storm and the calmest of days.


Tao emerges with every raindrop, every rock, every scent, ray of sunshine and both sings and hears the song of all nature’s creatures
in their infinite experiences.

The Tao is both receiver and provider and as such is inexhaustible…eternal

The Tao is in this way is pure Love. The Tao accepts all with inspired awareness~ as we all can-

Could that who is one with the Breath of Eternity be anything but pure love?

Thus, remember that we too are both the receiver and messenger of the breath of eternity

Remember…. Say:

I breathe the breath of eternity

feeding from and expressing the Tao that runs through my veins

Carried in my blood

Nourishing, Connecting and Cleansing the shore of my every cell

I am the embodiment of eternity breathing, living, experiencing

now and forever


Shall I go to the city today where I will be reminded of my inner darkness or will my connection with others reminds me of the Unity that I deeply crave?
CHOOSE …today, tomorrow? There is only time when we discover unity……. Now ..and one  place Her

Master, we are taught to be one with the Universe

What is the universe?

It is better to ask what is not the Universe?

Everything, including what was, what is and the potential of all that will be.


How are we to be one with such an unfathomable force?

The Tao is our best guide in navigating the Infinite Universe

Between the forces of Heaven and Earth, Sky and Sea, Yang and Yin

An almost silent melody is being played, an almost invisible path is being shown

When the spirit within is calm, we sense it

Be wise…follow it


Tao means the True Path or Way. The Way is revealed by listening and following the ever changing forces of nature. Nature invites each person to feel his/her own Tao. May we all experience our Tao and join together in the Ultimate way-Where Problems, Peace and Passion are one.


The Tao is the silent Rhythm Harmony and Melody of the peaceful universe;

Without any flavor, following it is the sweetest experience

Without sound it silently echoes the most appealing of all music

Without sight, we see deeply into and exactly what is necessary

Without texture, we feel the Tao everywhere inside and out

Without scent the Tao breathes vitality into all who follow i

The Tao is like an open vessel, seemingly hollow, yet filled with the answer to every question.

 Always giving to those who listen and follow it, yet never exhausted

 Full and empty at the same time-such a paradox…

being what is necessary

 Doing nothing yet nothing left undone



We talk of Chi….How can I understand this force?

The original symbol for Chi is the image of rice boiling-

letting off its essence for all to sense and be nourished by.

The image suggests that chi exists in the most solid of forms or the most spacious as iron or as vapor

Chi condenses to form matter and expands to form vibration …sound, light

All life is composed of Chi

and even in death

Chi is changing to create new life

Chi has a quantity and quality that resides in differently in different places

Can you sense the Chi of a butterfly?

How is it different than the Chi of an elephant?

For it is the contrasting forces of Yin and Yang that shape the forms and actions of Ch

BE the architect of your body-

the temple that houses your soul

BE the Tree of Life-

both flexible and persevering

that weathers the contrasts inherent to all seasons

BE a finely tuned instrument –

echoing your unique vibrant melody

through all ages

Chi permeates and directs All

 Cooperate with, Cultivate, Circulate and Share it


Simple controlled movements

Aligned perfectly with heaven and earth-

the  forces of Yin Yang converse with the Infinite universe

Thus we begin the harmonious journey of mind-body heart soul and spirit

Grace, beauty, and serenity decorates the outer body

While strength, agility, and  benevolence cultivates within


What of the Breath?

We are always told to breathe Long, Deep Small, and Smooth into the Tan Tien below the navel.

How does our breath regulate the Chi?

How does our breath help us to navigate the Tao leading us to oneness with the universe?

Each inhale provides the potential to receive the entire universe within our consciousness housed in the body.

Each exhale provides the potential to empty ourselves of any residue that obscures the vitality of body mind and spirit.

When stress pervades, there is a distortion in the balance between inhale/receiving and exhale/letting go…..

When the Tao pervades, our breath is without logic-automatically operating our every action like a finely tuned instrument played by a master musician

Which is easier for you in this moment~ Feel, SLOWLY Inhale /receiving completely or SLOWLY exhale/letting go completely?

Gently Focus  within every  cell on the one that is requiring harmony

And so it is

Achieving this ever-changing balance between inhale and exhale is a reflection of the Tao moving through us. The journey of appropriate breathing in each moment, circumstance and life event, like a magnet attracts the Tao to live within us.

The breath activates the Jing-our material essence that provides the root of our life and longevity

The breath moves the Chi– our active circulation that both nourishes and cleanses every cell beginning with our internal ocean~ the blood

The breath sparks the Shen-our shining flame-like spirit that glitters in our eyes

These 3, Jing, Chi and Shen are known as the 3 treasures


Of good and evil

Master, does darkness in the world shun our inner light?

Reply: The fabric that represents human nature and the nature of life itself is held together by double ended threads

Our capacity to feel fear is but one side of a river shore

connected to our capacity to feel courage

Our anger is but one eye viewing our capacity to see and be benevolent

Our anxiety but a flicker of two sides in the fire’s ability

to generate warm passion

Sadness is but one side of a scale that also measures…touches caring and deep bonding with others

Pride and self-accomplishment are revered because we also know…and breath through the grief of shame and  guilt


To fear evil? Shall we fear our own humanity?

 Shall we fight evil in the name of good?

As such we fight and defeat ourselves and humanity

Instead, face the shadows and the light

Feel…use them -the dark and bright, loose or tight

each person chooses for her or him alone… wrong or right?

Make sense of them and CHOOSE



June 14 @ 6:00 pm
June 16 @ 4:00 pm


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