Distance Correspondence Learning

Distance Correspondence Learning

Distance Correspondence Learning-Holistic Health comes to you

Most of the Classes and programs at iSOHA can be done at home. Personalized coaching with Seymour Koblin and iSOHA Certified Health Practitioners and Coaches assure your learning is complete. Individual classes like Anatomy & Physiology, Comparative Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Calm Passionate Communication-Emotional Healing, Intuitive Body Reading and more,  can be done in distance/correspondence format. If the student is interested in Program Certification, tuition includes a person-to-person visit with Seymour Koblin or iSOHA Certified Health Practitioners and Coaches to ensure the student has achieved the proficiency necessary to create a successful career in  Holistic Health. Students enrolled in any certification program are welcome to audit classes in any location Seymour or a Certified Instructor is teaching. In the Czech Republic, students may stay at iSOHA while studying.

This mentorship style of learning was the traditional standard before mass learning institutions were formed. iSOHA under Seymour’s direction is retaining this one to one experience within the modern necessity for distance/correspondence learning. Students will either come to one of ISOHA ‘s affiliate partners (center, school, and/or Certified Instructor) in your locality or we will come to you to assure your training is complete.

Upon completion, graduates can also apply to the Instructor Training program and become an iSOHA Certified Instructor.

Distance Correspondence Learning

Xerlan Geiser-Deery I have done Shiatsu and Thai and Traditional Floor work for many years. My lovely older Shiatsu Mat has served me quite well for many years. Thank you Seymour Koblin for inspiring me and teaching me so many years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t do something I learned from you!

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I have to say THANK YOU for all your attention during the day course.  I was the woman you “read” as a demonstration.. You impressed me with your intuitive knowledge of all my health issues.

I went into your course with total disbelief- .only being there to see if I could understand the oriental way of thinking better…  The courses I have taken so far have confused me beyond belief… But you made it sink in for me… Seeing it thru your eyes made me understand it, realize it..and again thank-you

With a smile,-Kim Hartzel

Dear Seymour,

Thank you gratefully for your marvelous workshop in Prague. I am absolutely excited by your style of interpretation, your work with people. I am fascinated by great facility, which you had transmitted us your deep knowledge and experiences clearly with, your great wisdom, fineness and kindness.

Thank you also for a new point of view on yin – yang, work with chakras and diagnostics of elements. I am enriched a lot because of that. But it was not only words and information which I was interested in. It was your (spirit) energy mainly, voice intonation, body talk. It was energy under your words mainly, which has taught me a lot of new experiences and connections, which you had not even said many times. Thank you, thank you for the education hidden “behind words”.

I have now seen a Great Master – You, during the work (by peripheral vision) ) in Plzeň (Pilsen), where I was brought by intuition. And a short example of Zen-Touch massage had only confirmed my feelings. This “feeling of connections” and intuition had brought me also onto your workshop in Prague. But your work surpassed all of my inner feeling – expectation. I was deeply influenced that you have the same style of interpretation and mainly the same energy as my spiritual Guru Jára who gave me the desire to live and fulfill my original life journey by means of Artantra® Feng shui 13 years ago. 

Your workshop, which picks up threads of magic zen-touch therapy, released stagnating energy in me. Many new inspirations, intuitive inspirations, have come to me since Monday. I have missed them for long weeks, months.

After 31 years, since your first zen-touch therapy. I no longer have  pain in the small of the back.  During the second zen-touch therapy I experienced the mystical touch of Shiva.

With the wishes of all good and even better for you. With Love- Dáša

P.S. Zuzka translated this letter.

Distance Correspondence Learning

 A friend called me this morning all in a stew about her relationship with a fairly new significant other.  it seems there are some communication issues . . ., anyway, I mostly listened but did offer a few thoughts that could be helpful, including some ideas from your class last night and previous classes regarding differences between the sexes.  By the end of our conversation she had settled down and was in a much more positive mindspace.  I don’t think I could have been as helpful to her had I not learned a thing or two from your classes!  Anyway, I thought you would like to know how you and your communication classes helped me. Connie R.I graduated from the School Of Healing Arts with a Holistic Health Practitioner education and Zen-Touch™-Shiatsu practitioner certification in 1999. My total accumulated hours exceeded 1000, which included a Zen-Touch™ -Shiatsu education internship with the founder of this method and director of the school, Seymour Koblin.  I had previously began my education at IPSB (International Professional School of Bodywork) with 200 hours of education with the basic requirements for a Massage Therapist license. My goal was to reach a Holistic Health Practitioner certification, which to include the body-mind-spirit concept of the Chinese Five Element System,  which after  extensive research, in it’s authentic method,  only to be taught at that school.  After graduation I founded in 1999 Networkers Holistic Health Home Service, which was joined by certified and licensed Holistic Health Practitioners, including some of my teachers from the School of Healing Arts, to provide this unique service to people who due to their lifestyle and unique wellness needs were not able to find a qualified practitioner, and prefer to enjoy these services in the privacy of their own home. For twelve years we also serviced Hotel Parisi in La Jolla which was built according to the Chinese Five Element System. Hotel Parisi is popular among guests and clients from all over the nation and even overseas, as a destination spot to come for healing and rejuvenation. All of our Networkers practitioners have their own practices where they share the love of their work with many who seek alternative healing, and  provide complementary assistance that may support their individual medical healing process. I want to thank Seymour and all his teachers that have helped me from early on, to realize my intentions to ‘help others heal’, thus assisting  thousands of  clients in the past,  to achieve a greater sense of well-being. And I am, we are, still continuing our important work.

Love and Light,

Renate Nishio  hhp, nctmb

Distance Correspondence Learning

“My training prepared me to be a highly successful massage therapist. I work in one of San Diego’s longest-running and most popular destination hotel spas as well as being in private practice for myself. I was hired because of both the wide variety of techniques in Eastern and Western massage I knew and the incredible reputation of this school. I have maintained my rewarding career here for so long because my clients returned again and again. I am proud to say that many of these clients said they returned to this specific hotel because of the massage services they received from me. 10 years later I feel blessed to be in this field and I thank- ISOHA and my instructors for this valuable foundation in Massage Therapy and Holistic Health.”             S. Gines 

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