Conscious Couples

Deepening Intimacy

Conscious couples deepening intimacy

is also a main feature of our work at Soul-Date. Ongoing classes, seminars, interactive coaching and counseling for couples are included in our services. Meeting someone on a soul level is one step. The journey gets to go much further when conscious couples are deepening intimacy through communication skills and other activities that enhance the health of the individual in a devoted relationship. People perpetuate inspiration in a conscious relationship when in each other’s presence each participant is growing-body mind spirit. Intimacy comes from the Latin: “Inner Most”.

Group Courses

Soul Date – Soul Mate offers group courses and private counseling/coaching for conscious couples in deepening their level of intimacy. Ultimately these classes all support our ability to be in our bodies, to feel that place of vulnerability and use those frightened fragments of fear within instead of them using us.

Authentic Power: Compassion

(from Gary Zukav): The ability to experience- seeing, feeling and appreciating the frightened behavior of the self or an other. Integrity: the harmonious quality we feel when we embody and steadfastly adhere (through words, thoughts feelings, actions) to compassionate and spiritually authentic standards (often requires action, such as speaking when frightened parts of my personality don’t want to speak and not speaking when they feel compelled to speak).
Soul Date Conscious Couples Deepening Intimacy


INSPIRATION                                                                FEAR

Being Happy                                                                  Being right

 Intimacy=unity                                                            Power struggle=separation

Vulnerable Calm Passionate                                      Defensive, Walled-off

Open heart                                                                    Emotionally closed

Co-operative                                                                 Competitive, Right, righteous

Win-win                                                                         Winner/loser Win at all costs

Shares                                                                            Territorial

Self-response able                                                       Blames others

Open to intuition                                                         Closed or detached  intuition

Harmony                                                                       Discord

Co-creation                                                                   Competition

Wants to heal                                                                Avoids challenges/vulnerability

Faces fear                                                                       Resists or runs from fear

Creates authentic power                                            Seeks external power

Integrity Self-aware                                                    Lack of integrity, Self-concerned

Open to flexible outcome                                          Attached to outcome

Changes inner world                                                  Rearranges outer world

Spiritually growing                                                      Spiritually stagnant

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