Israeli Inspiration

The Israeli Inspiration-following is a description of Seymour Koblin’s Education  tour to Israel                         It is [...]


Li cheng yuen 250 yrs old

Li-cheng-yuen-250-yrs-old: BE the architect of your body- the temple that houses your soul BE the Tree of Life- both flexible and persevering that  weathers the contrasts inherent to  all seasons [...]


Chi Love Sexuality Creative Force

Chi-Love-Sexuality-Creative-Force This article is the 3rd in a series that discusses physical practices to enhance health. The first was on Breath, then Body Alignment. This article will [...]


Anger- use it, lest it uses us-transform problems to peace

Anger-  Seymour, you told us once that being angry for a longer than a minute is also not good for the body, why? Can you explain it to me, please? thank you Holding on to Anger is like someone [...]

Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы о Дзен-Тач-Шиацу

Дзен-Тач-Шиацу Дзен-Тач™ – это метод телесной терапии, в котором сочетается: Дзен-Тач-Шиацу Дзен – состояние гармонии с окружающим миром (силами природы). Каждому из нас знакомо ощущение [...]